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How To Draw a Penguin: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

By Emily Medlock


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When you learn how to draw a penguin, you open up a new world of artistry. Penguins may be unique, but things like beaks, feathers, and smooth sides are useful things to learn how to draw. 

How To Draw a Penguin

Types Of Penguins To Draw

There are more than a few types of penguins you can learn how to draw, but most of them fall under specific categories.

Emperor Penguin

  • Largest penguins 
  • Adults are sleek and have yellow necks
  • Babies are fuzzy and are white and black only

The emperor penguin is the most common type of penguin to draw. They are the type of penguins that Mumble and his family were on Happy Feet.

Little Penguin

  • Blue
  • Small
  • Crouch often
  • Stout beak

The little penguin is a real species of penguin, often called the fairy penguin. They are fun to draw because they are tiny and blue.

Crested Penguin

  • Wire crests, usually yellow
  • Orange beak
  • Red eyes
  • Short 

The crested penguin is a type of penguin that falls under a genus of penguins with crests. The macaroni penguin is one of these, with a bright orange beak and yellow crest.

Adelie Penguin

  • Crazy eyes
  • Short neck
  • Muted beak

Adelie penguins have bright eyes but are fully black and white. The only exception is their bright orange feet. 

Chinstrap Penguin

  • Thin chin line
  • Flat head
  • Black beak

Chinstrap penguins are named for the strap of black on their chin. They are easy to spot, which makes them a good choice to draw.

Banded Penguin

  • Unique pattern
  • Various sizes
  • Even feet are black

The banded penguin comes in many sizes and patterns. They all have a black and white pattern with an eclectic tuxedo aesthetic. 

Yellow-Eyed Penguin

  • Yellow eye stripes
  • Orange-yellow eyes
  • Pink-feet

The yellow-eyed penguin doesn’t have a stark contrast. They have yellow details and neither a sleek nor fuzzy body. 

Tips For Drawing A Penguin

  • Choose the type wisely
  • Remember to add color
  • One color for most eyes
  • Get creative
  • Make a family

How To Draw A Penguin: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

1. How to Draw a Penguin for Kids

How to Draw a Penguin for Kids

Penguins are easy for kids to draw if you keep them simple. Cartooning Club How to Draw has a tutorial that anyone can follow.

2. How to Draw a Cute Penguin

How to Draw a Cute Penguin

Cute penguins are sure to make anyone smile. Draw So Cute shows how to draw two different types of cute penguins. 

3. How to Draw a Cartoon Penguin


Cartoon penguins must tell a story. Art for Kids Hub has a tutorial on how to draw a cartoon penguin that is hard to beat.

4. How to Draw an Emperor Penguin

How to Draw an Emperor Penguin


An emperor penguin is the most common type of penguin to draw. Art for Kids Hub has a tutorial for emperor penguins that is simple yet sophisticated. 

5. How to Draw a Realistic Penguin

How to Draw a Realistic Penguin

Realistic penguins are tough to draw, but if you take it slow, you can learn to draw them. How2DrawAnimals has a good tutorial on how to draw a realistic-looking penguin. 

6. How to Draw a Baby Penguin

How to Draw a Baby Penguin

The best way to draw a baby penguin is with his mommy penguin. Art for Kids Hub strikes again with his penguin family. 

7. How to Draw a Little Penguin

How to Draw a Little Penguin

A little penguin is a specific type of penguin. Learn to draw one with Art For Kids Hub’s amazing tutorial.

8. How to Draw Mumble From Happy Feet

How to Draw Mumble From Happy Feet

Mumble is an adorable baby emperor penguin from the movie Happy Feet. Draw one with Drawing Now’s tutorial. 

9. How to Draw a Christmas Penguin

How to Draw a Christmas Penguin

A Christmas penguin is sure to spread holiday cheer. Draw one with Learn step by step’s cute tutorial video.

10. How to Draw a Rockhopper Penguin

How to Draw a Rockhopper Penguin

Rockhopper penguins have a lot of personality to share. Art Land shares how they draw a rockhopper, and it’s so useful. 

How To Draw A Realistic Penguin Step-By-Step 

When you’re learning how to draw a realistic penguin, take it slow and walk through the steps of a tutorial. 


  • Paper
  • 2B pencils
  • 4B pencil
  • 6B pencil
  • Blending stump

Step 1: Draw an Oval

Start with a simple vertical oval. This is the penguin’s body, so make sure it is centered on the paper.

Step 2: Draw Four More Ovals

Draw one oval at the bottom of the penguin and then three more on top, stacked like a cairn. The top two should be small (head-sized), while the third one should be about a third the size of the large oval. 

Step 3: Shape The Form

Using the ovals you have on your paper, shape the penguin. The top is where the neck begins, while the bottom is where the feet begin. Don’t draw the head or the feet yet.

Step 4: Draw Head and Beak Form

Now draw the small head shape with the beak coming out of it. Don’t get into the details, but ensure you get the proportion right.

Step 5: Draw Eye

Draw the eye patch, followed by the iris, then the pupil. Then you can copy a real penguin picture for the details. 

Step 6: Add Beak Detail

Depending on the type of penguin you draw, you should add details to the penguin’s beak. Some will have curved ends and arrow-shaped ridges.

Step 7: Add Feet and Tail

Draw the simple feet lines and then add thighs followed by toes. After that, you can start adding the details slowly. It’s a good time to draw the tail now that you have the tiny thighs to use for proportions.

Step 8: Draw Wings

Just like with drawing any bird, the wings are one of the hardest parts to get right. The medium-sized oval is where the arms should begin. They will end around three-quarters of the way through the big oval.

Step 9: Shape Remaining Form

You can see the missing details from here—the lines for the different colors, the fringes, and the toenails, to name a few. 

Step 10: Shade and Blend

Finally, time to shade and blend. Use 2B for most of the shading. The 4B pencil is good for semi-dark shading, while the 6B should be reserved for pupils inside the mouth and toenails. 

How To Draw A Penguin FAQ

Are Penguins Hard To Draw? 

Penguins are hard to draw only if you haven’t drawn any other animals. Once you learn how to draw a couple of animals, the rest will be much easier, even if the penguin is your first. 

What Does A Penguin Symbolize In Art? 

Penguins symbolize healthy contrast, family, and dreams. The animal knows how to endure tough times and always stay close to its loved ones.

Why Would You Need To Know How To Draw A Penguin?

Penguins are a common animal that art teachers use to teach animal anatomy. You may need to know how to draw one for that class. Otherwise, it’s all fun and games. 


You must practice if you want to learn how to draw a penguin. Don’t expect a perfect outcome the first time. Once you learn how to draw one type of penguin, the rest of the penguins come easily. 

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