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35 Easy Ways of How To Draw a Flower

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Flowers are one of the most beautiful parts of nature, so it makes sense that humans are always wanting to draw them! Fortunately, learning how to draw a flower is simple, since flowers happen to be one of the easiest things that you can draw.

flower drawing easy

If you don’t think that’s the case, you just haven’t found the right tutorials. In this list, we will share the best how to draw a flower tutorials that we have found across the internet.

Whether you are looking to draw flowers to fill your bullet journal or just for general doodling purposes, we hope that these tutorials on how to easily draw a flower will serve you well.

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Tips For How to Draw a Flower

Before we dive in on our list of easy flowers to draw, it’s important to go over a few tips. These tips will help you to be more successful as you attempt your drawing.

1. Know the Basics

Although your favorite flower might be a carnation, it’s best that you don’t just dive right in on one of the harder designs to draw. Instead, you should start with a more basic design. This will help you to get familiar with drawing flowers and save you some frustration in the long run.

2. Look at Flowers as You Draw

Many times when people are first learning to draw, they think that they should only look at the tutorial. This isn’t true at all. Rather, you should have the tutorial pulled up and a fresh flower to look at as you work. This will help you to make your drawing more realistic and make small changes to make it your own.

3. Have the Right Supplies for How to Draw a Flower

Drawing is very difficult if you don’t have the correct supplies with you. Be sure you have everything you need to draw flowers before you begin. And this goes far beyond having just a pencil and paper, you should also have a flat surface with enough space to set up your computer and the live version of the flower you drawing.

4. Draw the Outline First

If a flower has a lot of small details, don’t be discouraged, start with just the outline. This will help you get warmed up and see the big picture before you tackle the details. Make sure you use a pencil so you can erase and redraw as needed.

5. Use Basic Shapes

Using basic shapes when you draw a flower can help you to break a flower’s unique form down into parts you should have no problem drawing. For example, the center of a flower is a circle, and the petals are ovals. When you use a pencil, you can go back later and erase any erroneous lines.

Supplies You Need for How to Draw a Flower

As mentioned above, before you begin drawing, you need to gather the supplies you need to draw. But if this is your first time drawing flowers, you may not know what it is that you need. Below is a list of all the supplies you should gather before you begin drawing flowers.

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Pen/Marker
  • Space to work
  • Example flower to copy
  • Colors to fill in the flower
  • Your instructions to follow

When Would You Draw a Flower?

Maybe you are reading this and wondering just when you would use all of these flower drawing ideas. The truth is, there are several reasons you may want to draw flowers.

You might just want to learn, or you could just be bored. Either is a perfectly good reason to learn how to draw flowers.

Another reason you may want to learn how to draw flowers however is for a particular art project, or if you want to improve your skills for art class, both of which can be accomplished with a little practice drawing the flowers below. Flower drawings are also the perfect addition to cards or gift bags that you can give to brighten someone’s day.

The point is, there never has to be a specific reason to draw a flower, but when you learn how to draw a flower, it will be very easy to use this skill in many aspects of your life.

Best Uses for a Flower Drawing

Still struggling to use all the flowers you are drawing? Below is a list of the best uses for a flower drawing.

  • A personalized gift
  • The front of a greeting card
  • Framed as wall décor
  • As art for a photo album
  • Use as wrapping paper for a small gift
  • Create custom stickers
  • Wallpaper

Easy Steps on How to Draw a Flower

Although the process for drawing a flower will vary a bit based on the type of flower you are drawing, there are a few easy steps you should follow to get you started. In general, these steps are the same regardless of the type of flower you want to end up with. If you can master these few steps, then drawing a specific flower will be no problem for you!

Step 1: Start with a Circle

When you are trying to draw a flower from above, the final product will most likely be circular in shape. Therefore why not begin with a circle? This will make it easier to make your design the size you want it right from the beginning.

Step 2: Add the Stem (If There is One)

Planning to have a stem on your flower? Add this after you draw the circle. This will give you the general shape and size of your final design. This also gives you the chance to enlarge or shrink the circle you designed above after you take a look at the two combined.

Step 3: Add Details

Now, you should have a circle with a stem, and this makes it very easy to add the details you need to make your specific flower. For a poppy, you’ll just draw some petals into the circle. For a rose, you will draw lines beneath the circle to make the rose bud shape.

Drawing a chrysanthemum? You’ll use the circle as a guide to make lots of little petals unfurling from the center. See how easy it is?

For those that can master the above three steps, drawing flowers will be no problem whatsoever. Keep reading to learn the details you will need to learn to draw specific flowers.

How to Draw a Flower: EASY Drawing Projects

1. Tulip

how to draw a tulip flower

Tulips are one of the most popular flowers in the world and most closely associated with the Netherlands. We often use the word “tulip” as if it refers to one individual type of flower, but there are actually more than 100 species of tulips in the world.

You can draw your very own tulips by following this quick tutorial. The best part about tulips is that they can come in just about every possible color, so you can color it in in any way you would like!

2. Daffodil

Daffodil drawing flower

Daffodils are native to both southern Europe and North Africa, but in reality, they can be found all over the world. They are common both as garden flowers and as table flowers, as they are often found in bouquets. Here is a quick way for how you can draw a quick daffodil.

3. Dandelion

how to draw Dandelion

Okay, so maybe this isn’t technically a flower, but we have always thought that dandelions were worth more than being considered weeds! Here is a dandelion tutorial for good measure. This actually shows you how to draw a dandelion that is in the seed stage, which makes it even more unique.

4. Geranium

drawing a Geranium

Geraniums are a bit less common than some of the other flowers on this list, but all the while they’re just as beautiful. When people say “geranium”, they are most likely referring to a vast number of species of plants that resemble the beautiful wide leaves of the geranium.

They are a common garden plant that can be both annual and perennial. Here’s how to draw them.

5. Mums

How to draw mums flowers

No, not that kind of mum — mums are also the name of a beautiful flower! And while they are often given as gifts on Mother’s Day, there are a lot of other uses for mums.

They are often used in floral bouquets and can even be used at weddings. Check out how you can easily draw this underrated flower here.

6. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum flower to draw

This flower’s name may be hard to say, but that doesn’t mean that it’s hard to draw. Chrysanthemums are actually members of the daisy family and are known for existing in bright, vibrant colors. You can add a touch of color to this easy chrysanthemum tutorial to make your drawing really stand out.

7. Daisy

how to draw a Daisy

Daisies might just be the easiest flower to draw of all, which is great news because they are absolutely adorable! Even though they are common, there is still something about these beautiful white flowers with the yellow centers that are so nice to look at. Here is an easy way to draw this easy flower.

8. Marigold


Marigolds are a favorite flower of gardeners and homeowners everywhere because they are beautiful and easy to care for. They are not the first flower that most people think of when they are setting out to sketch a flower, so when you’re choosing to draw a marigold you’re choosing to stray from the obvious. Here’s a great tutorial.

9. Hyacinth


Hyacinths also have a name that is not easy to say, but they are easy to look at! You can draw yourself a beautiful hyacinth by following the tutorial that can be found here.

Fun fact: hyacinths are actually a member of the lily family! They were originally found in western Asia, which is still a part of the world that they are associated with.

10. Rose

Tips to draw Roses

Roses are red, violets are blue. The author of this tutorial can draw a rose and so can you!

Roses may have thorns, but that doesn’t stop them from being what is most likely the most popular flower in the universe. Give them to your date as a bouquet or gift a beautiful drawing of a rose to someone special.

11. Easter Lily

Easter Lily drawing

Easter lilies are absolutely beautiful and are often used as houseplants. However, Easter lilies happen to be incredibly lethal to animals, so they don’t make the best choice for anyone with pets. If you are grappling with the fact that you can’t safely keep an Easter lily, you can console yourself by drawing one based off of this tutorial instead.

12. African Violet

how to draw an African Violet

African violets are another type of common houseplant and they thrive in high volumes of light. They come in a variety of colors and are relatively easy to take care of. They also happen to be pretty easy to draw — see the proof here in an easy tutorial.

13. Orchid

Orchid drawing

Orchids are beautiful but not the easiest to take care of. Before you go out and buy a pet orchid plant at the store, try your hand at drawing one instead. This one gets a bit tricky, so following a straightforward tutorial like this one is definitely the way to go.

14. Gerbera


Gerberas are technically a type of daisy. When you really look at a gerbera, it makes sense — they kind of look like a daisy that has used some high-volume shampoo.

Coming in a variety of colors, gerberas are actually pretty easy to draw. We are big fans of this tutorial.

15. Iris

Iris steps to draw

You don’t hear about the iris flower that often, and that’s a mighty shame because it’s so beautiful. The flower got its name from the Greek word that’s used for “rainbow”, and some people think that’s because the iris flower is available in so many different colors of the rainbow. Check out how to draw one here.

16. Carnation

how to draw a carnation

Carnations are beautiful and also edible! Luckily for you, they happen to also be drawable. Here is an example of how you can easily draw a carnation, though we suggest that you also see out a real carnation and eat it in a dessert for good measure.

17. Sunflower

how to draw a sunflower

One of our favorite parts about the warm seasons is how sunflowers grow so high into the sky! They look beautiful in any garden.

Sunflowers are actually pretty easy to draw based off of appearance alone, but it’s okay if you also need a little bit of help knowing where to begin. Here’s a tutorial for you.

18. Hydrangea


Hydrangeas are perfect flowers for windowboxes! They are also perfect flowers to draw, although their large size can make drawing them a bit of a challenge. This instruction manual will show you to draw a hydrangea step by step.

19. Trillium

how to draw a trillium flower

The trillium flower is a lesser-known flower unless you live in Ontario, where it is the designated flower of the province. The trillium flower can be found in the wild around Ontario and those who do come across are sure to be awed by its beauty. Here is how you can draw one.

20. Poppy

Poppy Tutorial

Poppies have long been a favorite flower, known for their bright colors and soft-to-touch feel. It is also the ideal flower for those who are struggling with how to draw flowers because it is very easy to draw.

You can start with the basic flower drawing steps to draw the perfect poppy from above, or follow these directions on Draw Wiki to create the perfect side view poppy.

21. Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan

The black-eyed Susan is another easy flower to draw that is commonly found growing wild in fields during the summer season. The base of this flower is very similar to a daisy, but you’ll find that its petals have a more uniform look than those of the daisy.

Find the directions to draw this flower step by step on Drawing For The Young Artist.

22. Hibiscus


Hibiscus flowers are most commonly known for their prevalence on the island of Hawaii, but the truth is, they can be found in several different states across the United States. Great to look at, but also tasty when juiced, drawing these flowers is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

You can find the instructions for this easy flower drawing on Jeyram

23. Buttercup


One of the most well-known types of flowers is the buttercup, namely because it is also a popular name for pets and cartoons characters. What many people don’t know, however, is that this flower is poisonous to both animals and humans.

The good news is, it is an easy flower to draw, just follow the directions on Drawing How To, and this way you will know exactly what a buttercup looks like so you can best avoid it if you ever come across it.

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24. Petunia


Petunias are a garden staple. And why shouldn’t they be?

These lovely and colorful flowers bloom from spring to fall and can typically survive more harsh winter conditions when dormant. Learn to draw these beautiful flowers via this outline on The Philadelphia Inquirer, and they will be a great addition to any garden drawing.

25. Zinnia


Looking for a flower to teach your children how to draw? The zinnia is the perfect easy flower drawing to teach to young kids.

It includes simple shapes that come together to form this beautiful flower. Find the instructions on Art Class Ideas and your kids will soon be drawing amazing flowers at any chance they can get.

26. Aster

Aster Flower

You have likely never heard of an Aster flower. That’s because these beauties, which slightly resemble daisies, are native to Europe with only a few American strains.

Aster’s are only about an inch across, but what they lack in size they make up for in color as they come in beautiful deep shades of purple, pink, and lilac. Check out We Draw Animals to learn how to add one to your next masterpiece.

27. Azalea

Azalea how to draw a flower

Azaleas are vivid blooms that appear in late spring and early summer and are characterized by their deep pink, bright red colors.

Because they are so beautiful, it’s no surprise you want to draw one. Follow these directions on Drawing How To’s to get started, just be cautious, because real Azaleas are poisonous.

28. Crocus

how to draw a crocus flower

Need a flower to add to your winter drawing? Sketch a crocus, which is a flower that commonly is the first to sprout every spring, even through the snow if they have to.

HelloArtsy has all the instructions you will need, for those new to sketching, don’t panic, as drawing a crocus is easier than it looks.

29. Dahlias


Dahlias are a unique flower with a round shape that is covered in petals all around. In nature, they frequently come in a natural ombre—with a dark color in the center of the flower and petals that get lighter the further out they grow.

Head over to The Happy Ever Crafter to find out just how to draw a Dahlia. It’s super easy, just start with the petals in the middle, and work your way out until you have your desired Dahlia size.

30. Gardenia


Gardenias are fun to sketch, mainly because they are naturally white, so instead of filling them in with color, you can practice your shading technique.

The full guidelines for sketching this flower can be found on DragoArt, but all you have to do is start with a circle, sketch some funky shaped petals, then draw a stem to the ground and you have a gardenia.

31. Lavender

how to draw lavender flower

Lavender is a flower more known for its scent than its look, so if you’ve never seen one before, head over to Crafts on Fire to learn how to draw one.

Lavender flowers are sketched by starting with a stick, with small round flowers on each side. They are the perfect project for a beginner sketch artist, or perhaps a kid who wants to follow along and learn to draw with you.

32. Peonies


After you have mastered some of the other flowers on this list and are ready for a challenge, learn how to draw Peonies. The instructions can be found on Jeyram, and while they are a bit more complicated than most, you’ll be drawing your own amazing peonies in no time when you follow the step-by-step instructions.

33. Periwinkle

periwinkle how to draw a flower

Periwinkle is a small flower named after its color, but it can sometimes also be referred to as myrtle. You’ll start out with a circle as if drawing a daisy, but the unique shaped petals are what set this plant apart.

Find the full set of directions on We Draw Animals and be sure to have a periwinkle marker or pencil on hand for filling these flowers in.

34. Allium


For those who have seen the Lorax, you are familiar with the look of an Allium, something like a stem with a giant poof on the top.

While real Alliums aren’t quite as whimsical as they are in the movie, they can still be fun to draw and color. Learn how to do so by following these instructions by Life Imitates Doodles.

35. Amaryllis

how to draw a amaryllis flower

Amaryllis flowers are surprisingly easy to grow and even easier to draw. Follow these directions on Socially Viral to sketch your very first Amaryllis.

After you have completed your sketch, consider grabbing some watercolors or markers to fill in your flower so your Amaryllis will look just as bright and beautiful as it does in nature.

How to Draw a Flower FAQ

What is the Easiest Flower to Draw?

The easiest flower to draw is the poppy. This is because it has a very basic shape that most people are familiar with and they can learn to draw it fairly quickly.

What is the Hardest Flower to Draw?

The hardest flower to draw is the protea, this is because this unique flower has an interesting shape with small details that are difficult to recreate with a pencil.

Are Roses Hard to Draw?

While the protea is the most difficult flower to draw, roses certainly aren’t easy to draw either. But with a little practice, you can master drawing roses so you can draw the perfect one for your romantic partner whenever you need to.

How to Draw a Flower Accurately?

The best way to draw flowers accurately is by practicing, and experimenting with different materials. While a rose may look best in a simple sketch, a lily might look better sketched with a water color pencil.

Can Kids Draw Flowers Too?

Flowers are the perfect drawing project for a kid that loves to draw. It is easy to learn how to draw a flower and good practice for honing in on art skills as they develop.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to draw flowers, even if they are a common go-to. We hope that the how to draw a flower tutorials on this list have taught you a few of your new favorite doodles that you will enjoy in many drawing sessions to come!

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