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Home Decorating Tips and Trends that will Enhance Your Lifestyle in 2020

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Your home is an essential place for your day to day life, and the interior design of your home should give you a warm, inviting feel. Even with a limited budget, you can still have an eye-catching home to give you a magnificent lifestyle. Doing this does not require any interior design degree; you only need to have the right eye for fashion and detail. Although the outcome looks like it takes a lot of time to pull off, the entire process doesn’t take much time. These home decorating tips will help change your house from a blanket state to a beautiful home.

Steps to Change Your House from a Blanket State to a Beautiful Home

The following tips will help you change your home from a boring house to a warm haven for your family.

  1. Selection of a Color Theme

Whether it is a new home or an old house, your color choice will profoundly influence the final result. You may already have a favorite color in mind, but that does not mean that it will make your house look beautiful. You need to choose a color that compliments other household items.

If you do not know how to choose colors for your home, you can visit the nearest paint store. They always have booklets at the store that will guide you through color selection. Remember to choose a color palette that is either cool-toned or neutral. Shouting colors may not be ideal.

Paint color choices in your home

The factors to consider when choosing the right color include;

  • Monotone colors
  • Cool tonic colors
  • Warm tonic colors
  • Vibrant but not shouting
  • Eye-catchy colors

Aim to create a coherent base and style for your home. Keep it simple, and do not go overboard with color choice. 

  1. Incorporate a Gallery Wall

A gallery wall adds a unique personality to your home, and also serves as a wonderful accent area. It is also a conversation starter. Use a collection of art photographs and wall hangings to create a stunning, bold look that is not too flashy. Opt for cohesive and simple home décor frames to create an array of embellished variations. You can also paint it with bright and bold colors for an outstanding glance.

  1. The Pattern and Texture

Choosing the right texture and pattern makes your home customized to specific needs. You can create and break anything to give your home décor finishes an elegant house setting. Choose a good surface that will give you comfort, as well.  Style and comfort should go hand in hand.  The pattern and texture of your clothing and pillows could either be hard or soft, depending on your preferences. 

  1. Finishes

House finishing may range from natural to artificial. It could be metal or wood. Other creative ways to approach finishes are the use of frames, plants, clay paintings, and jewelry. Candles strategically placed in your house, whether or not they are lit, give an excellent final touch and finish.

  1. Decorating Rooms in Your House

The Living Room

The living room is the most sensitive part of your house, not only for you but also for your visitors. It determines what your visitors say about your lifestyle and living standards. You can make it simple and less costly, yet give it a classic look with;

  • Well ventilated and striking colors
  • Striking colored walls
  •  A floor with terracotta tiles
  • Modern sofa sets
  • Translucent drapes and framed mirrors
  • Elegant high ceilings
  • Plants and a coffee table

A touch of glamour for your living room inspires your day to day activates. The sight of your living room should leave you rejuvenated after an exhausting day, giving you an instant visual connection.

Living Room Decor, Home Decorating Tips

The Dining Space

Most dining rooms get less natural light than the rest of the home. You can boost its light by placing a yellow color plant in any corner of the room to brighten the space. A wooden dining table and chairs give it an elegant look. You can also include wooden mirrors and cabinets to add richness.

The Kitchen 

Everyone loves having a beautiful kitchen. It’s that one place in your house that not only brings everyone together to eat, but it also tends to be the place where friends and family gather to talk and hang out as well. A fresh coat of paint and adding some kitchen tile backsplash would really make a huge difference, and it does not have to break the bank at all. If you’re looking for some simple ideas for a creative kitchen makeover to make it an updated gathering spot in your home, you’re going to love these DIY Kitchen ideas and projects! 

Kitchen Decor, Home Decorating Tips

The Master Bedroom

  • Use cotton blinds and wooden mirrors
  • If the sun rises in your seating room and sets in your bedroom consider painting it with a sunset orange finishing
  • Use a mat with mixed colors and ceramic tiles
  • Decorating your bedroom using simple Feng Shui bedroom principles

The Bathroom

A Jacuzzi in your bathroom gives you a unique lifestyle and enjoyable bath moments. Don’t forget to include a cabinet for storage and, of course, a patterned mirror. Remember, your bathroom tiles may be different from the rest of the house tiles. They need to be anti-skid to avoid accidents.

bathroom decor, Home Decorating Tips

Children’s Bedroom

Most children’s bedrooms are built on the side of sunset, hence, attracting natural light. Take advantage of this by decorating the rooms with bright colors. Girls are good with pink, while boys go with blue.

Create a beautiful study space for your children and make it conducive for their studies at any time. Create a shelf book, clothing, and shoe storage. A rustic mirror is also ideal.

Bottom Line

Now that you had a tour of how to make a beautiful home, you may create time to decorate your home. You can get to the nearest shop and buy the cheapest items that will turn your home into a small heaven. 

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