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Harry Potter™Yule Ball Dolls Where Imagination and Creativity Come Together

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Harry Potter is popular for one big reason – Children all over the world love the creativity and magic that comes to life in the books and the movies. This is why the new Harry Potter Yule Ball Dolls from Walmart.com are our latest obsession. These dolls combine the characters from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with the imagination of our daughter and are perfect for children 6 years old and up.


Truth be told, the imagination of kids is actually quite incredible if you stop and ask them their thoughts and feelings about the Harry Potter series. More than likely, they’ll start to excitedly talk about their favorite parts of the movie or recite excerpts from the books that they’ve read…and their excitement is there with every single word and action.

For my daughter, this is absolutely the truth. She has been a Harry Potter fan her whole childhood.

To say that she immersed herself in page after page in an understatement…but I can assure you that she was done with the first book in less than a week. (and the 2nd, and the 3rd….you get the picture!)

Where Imagination and Creativity Come Together

As parents, it’s our nature to wonder and think about how our child uses their imagination. What I’ve found is that when children find something that they love and are passionate about, they’ll want to spend hours upon hours exploring it even more.



This is why the new Harry Potter Yule Ball Dolls are perfect for young children and for those who love to reenact their own scenes. 

HARRY POTTER™ Yule Ball Dolls 

Once our daughter received the dolls, I could see that the wheels were already racing in her mind. She was so excited, she even wanted to dress in character.


Can you tell that she’s a true Harry Potter fan?

When it comes to creativity and imagination, there’s no wrong way to combine the two. Some kids act out movies and book scenes, while others prefer to just think about them in their heads.

Our daughter does a combination of the two and it makes my heart so happy to see how these Harry Potter Yule Ball Dolls have opened up her mind and imagination.

I’ve seen her spend several moments just looking over the dolls, admiring their true to movie details. Each doll comes dressed in their Yule Ball outfits just like in the movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.


Did I mention that the dolls have moveable joints so it’s really easy to position and move easily?

HARRY POTTER™ Yule Ball Dolls, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter

I know that she’s imagining the scenes from the Harry Potter movie right then and there.

HARRY POTTER™ Yule Ball Dolls 

When you stop and think about it, there are so many ways that your child (boy or girl) can play with these Harry Potter Yule Dolls.


How to incorporate play and imagination with the new Harry Potter Yule Ball Dolls 

  • Set up the Yule Ball Scene and reenact it. Have them recreate scenes from the books and movies.

HARRY POTTER™ Yule Ball Dolls 

  • Challenge them to imagine better and create new scenes to incorporate their new Harry Potter dolls. Part of being an author and publisher is creating content on the fly.
  • Let your kids be motivated by their new dolls to create their own spellbinding stories.
There are so many different ways that the Harry Potter Yule Ball dolls can instill creativity and imagination. Once your child has their new dolls (which can be purchased on Walmart.com – add them to your cart here, encourage them to create their own stories. 
Those simple conversations can spur a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions that can then transform into hours of creative play!
And parents, if you’re wanting to be part of the fun… you can! Why not create a fun family-night by binge-watching the Harry Potter movies as well? Cuddling up on the couch with the kids and their new Harry Potter Yule Ball Dolls sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening at home!




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