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Volunteer in Atlanta – How to Get Active Easily in the Community

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Volunteering in Atlanta

There are so many great organizations to allow you the opportunity to Volunteer in Atlanta.

We have instilled in our daughters the importance of volunteering and serving others. It has really opened their eyes to see how much help is really needed right here in our local community. It has given them the opportunity to help impact and help someone else but has made a difference in their own attitudes too. 

In our lives, we all have that need and want to do something good for others. But sometimes, we just feel that we’re lacking the direction or way to make it happen. Instead of sitting and wondering what you can do, why not put your efforts on contacting some of the organizations below and offering your time? Every bit of love and kindness that you pass on to others goes such a long way in helping your local community. 

If you’re looking for simple ways to volunteer in Atlanta for yourself or even for your family, you’ll find a great list of organizations and events that will open their arms and welcome any and all help that you’re able to give.

Volunteer Organizations

With over 5,000 nonprofits scattered all over the city, there’s no shortage of organizations that need your help. While the list below is just a few places to contact, make certain to do your research and contact as many as possible.

1. Pajama Program

Do you love to read and be in your pajamas? This is what the Pajama Program is all about! You can easily help by collecting books and pajamas and donating them to the local organization. Nighttime routines are important in the lives of children so giving them a structure of reading and being snuggly at night is something that each and every child can truly cherish.

2. Hosea Helps

This organization helps all times of the year but they do have certain things based around the Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas holiday as well. Feeding over 5,000 homeless during the Thanksgiving season is just one way that Hosea Helps. Make certain to see everything that they do during the year to help out the Atlanta community. 

volunteer opportunities in atlanta

3. Open Hands Atlanta

There are many people who live in the Atlanta community who can’t leave their homes for various reasons. What this means is that meals are delivered to them on a daily basis so that they get fed and stay healthy. Open Hands Atlanta needs your help in delivering meals to those in need so sign up for a shift or two to help! 



4. Atlanta Moms Making a Difference

This was started by a group of moms in 2015 as a way to create food or items for families in need. The great thing about Atlanta Moms Making a Difference is that so many of their opportunities are family-friendly as well. 



5. Noah’s Ark

Do you have a soft spot in your heart for exotic animals? If so, Noah’s Ark needs you. Volunteers do have to be 18 years old at a minimum and help with events and other things like that. While there isn’t any contact allowed with the exotic animals, you will be able to be around them and at some really cool events knowing that you’re making a difference. 

6. North Fulton Foster Care

Supporting the local foster care needs in your area is a major way that you can help out your community. In Atlanta, the North Fulton Foster Care is seeking help by way of donations, time, or products. Giving any of those to this organization is a simple gesture that can impact a child’s life for a very long time. 

7. Atlanta Community Food Bank

There are so many ways that you can make a difference by volunteering at the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Donating money so plates are full is just one of the ways. You can also physically go and help load and pack boxes, assist at local events, or even help out in the garden during the warmer times of the year. 

While the above volunteering ideas in Atlanta are available all year long, there are certain ones that are available only during the holiday season too. 

Holiday volunteering opportunities in Atlanta 

All of these volunteering opportunities and events are actively seeking help. Many are family-friendly as well so make certain to verify that, too! 

1. 2019 Christmas Toy Drive

Donate new toys for over 500 children in need this Christmas season. The 2019 Christmas Toy Drive officially starts on November 27th and runs until December 20th. This is a great way for your family to get involved and donate fun items to make a child’s Christmas morning really special. 

Surprised little girl looking at xmas present in golden giftbox

2. Adopt-A-Family for the Holidays

Why not spend your holiday season adopting a family and gifting them some items that they need and want? With the Adopt-A-Family for the Holidays program, you and your family can choose another family to help out during the last few months of the year. You’ll see their wish lists and needs and then you’ll be able to gift them items to make their Christmas one that they’ll never forget. 

3. Empty Stocking Fund

No one deserves to have an empty stocking this time of year. This is exactly what the Empty Stocking Fund makes certain doesn’t happen. Gifts are given to children who are in need of presents and items during the holiday season to fill their stockings full of fun as well. You can easily donate items or find out other ways you can help to support this great program. 


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As you can tell, there are plenty of amazing ways that you can volunteer in Atlanta. Like I mentioned above, these are just a few of them! Reach out to other nonprofits or churches and ask how you can help. You’ll never know how easily you can help and make a difference if you don’t put forth the initial effort. 

Do you have any other volunteering opportunities in Atlanta to share? 

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Volunteering in Atlanta | If you're looking for simple ways to volunteer in Atlanta for yourself or even for your family, you'll find a great list of organizations and events that will open their arms and welcome any and all help that you're able to give. #Volunteering


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