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50 Halloween Recipes: Spooky & Fun Halloween Treats

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What’s so great about Halloween? There’s a spooky legend which says that Halloween marks the end of the summer when the spirits of the dead break their shackles and come visit the living. Also, it’s said that the masks are a symbol of safety and whoever wears them will be protected. By disguising themselves, the ghosts will not notice their presence. How spooky is that?

Fun Halloween Recipes

But the meaning of this holiday has evolved and detached, in some ways, from the legend. Now, it’s more about creativity. It’s a holiday that unleashes the forces of your personality and imagination. It’s all about costumes, candy, hearing those enthusiastic and passionate “trick-or-treat” said in unison, spooky decorations, pumpkins and using your imagination to amaze your little guests with some freakishly delicious food.

What do you need to bestow your taste buds with some appetizing creativity? Well, let us amaze you with some great Halloween recipes.

Check out this list of 50 Halloween Recipes that I am sure you will have fun making!

Pumpkin Pretzels Halloween Recipe

It’s a great idea that draws through its simplicity, colorfulness, and its salty-sweet mix. For this recipe, all you need is mini pretzels, white chocolate chips, some coconut oil, orange food coloring, and for the tail, some green candies. Amaze your little guests with some delicious festive mini pumpkins.

Mummy hot dogs

The curse of the mummy will eat you… actually it’s the other way around. But, indeed, there is a curse that says that once you’ve started this recipe, no mummy hot dog will escape from your child’s hands. Even better, why not grasp this great opportunity to stimulate the imagination of your toddler and ask him for help? He will be delighted. Check the recipe here and follow the steps for an amazingly easy and delicious idea.

Halloween Spaghetti Recipe

Look at those eyes, at those tentacles, at that gooey composition and how… freakishly delicious is having this on your Halloween table. It’s like your standard spaghetti recipe with a drop of spooky creativity. Use food paste colorant of any color that inspires your “evil” side, embody the tentacle monster with some spaghetti sauce and add some olives. Enjoy!

Halloween Jalapeno Mummies

Here comes another wave of mummies, this one made of jalapeno peppers, cream cheese and wrapped in crescent rolls. It’s an amazingly easy recipe that will surprise your family members by enhancing their taste buds with a unique flavor. Surely, they will ask for more!

Candy Corn Rice

Treat your dear ones with a special culinary delight and you’ll be greeted with one of  their brightest smiles. It’s a lot to get for such little effort. Why not try this idea and indulge yourself in the appreciation of your loved ones? All you need is some rice Krispies cereal, marshmallows, butter, some coloring, and voila… you’ve made your family smile.

Witch Hat Cupcakes

On Halloween, the dark spirits are summoned, the misty cauldron spreads its fragrance everywhere and the blurry potions mix in a peculiar composition. But the effect disappears if the witch loses her hat. That’s why, in order to not spoil the magic, let’s bring the witch’s symbol in our kitchen. The recipe is simple, fun, inspires magic and it has cupcakes… Who doesn’t love cupcakes?

Vampire Donuts with Fangs

It wouldn’t be a successful Halloween party if we didn’t have some mini vampires in the décor, right? And what would honor such a presence if not through some spooky vampire donuts? Just indulge yourself and your guests with this easy and funny recipe, made from donuts, some candy eyes, decorating gel and vampire teeth. Check the step by step preparation guide on our recent Halloween  recipe. Yummy!

Worms in dirt

Halloween is the holiday to eat… worms, gummy worms, that is. I’ve found this recipe on The Simple Parent blog and all you need is chocolate pudding, milk, cool whip, oreos and some delicious worms. It will be a pleasure for your little guests to indulge themselves in this culinary delight.

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

Let’s electrify this Halloween party by having some green Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops. The effect will be tremendous and the children will appreciate this delicious and colorful treat. And what’s not to like about? After all, Frankenstein is one the main characters of a Halloween party.

Pumpkin Patties

Halloween is all about craving pumpkin, winning pumpkin contests, making pumpkin recipes, so pumpkin is the “birthday boy”. Then why not celebrate it by making some delicious pumpkin-shaped patties? This blog shows you how you can make your own sweet mini patties and will let you crave for more.

Pudding Ghosts

Whoo!Whoo! Who wants some ghosts in the graveyard for their Halloween gathering? Well, use some Chocolate pudding, oreos, ghost peeps and some pumpkin candies and voila… you’ve now made some pudding ghosts for your trick-and-trickers. Check the steps for the recipe on the Party Pinching blog.

Pretzowls Chocolate

What can go wrong with a mix of salty-sweet flavors? Well, it could be so good that you will not get enough of it. So, meet this cute owl appetizer that will go great with the taste buds of your little trick-or-treaters. For this recipe, you’ll need pretzels and lots of chocolate. Definitely, the ideal combination for any Halloween lover.

Graveyard Taco Halloween Recipe

Try this deliciously spooky recipe, ideal for your Halloween guests. Check here the idea and you’ll see what great impact has a little effort on your children’ mood. Such recipe will improve the spirit of any Halloween party. 

Harvest Halloween Trail Mix

To prepare a unique Halloween party takes a lot of effort, passion and organization, so you might not have the time to squeeze in some special food treat for your trick-or-treaters. How about trying this idea and create your little Harvest Halloween Trail Mix. It doesn’t take long, you just need to mix some pretzels, some candy corn, some M&M’s and maybe some nuts. After all, this holiday is all about imagination and creativity. So, let your mind wander till the mix inspires you the feeling of Halloween.

Jalapeno Chilli Pepper Screamers

Let’s open the fun Halloween bar with a recipe of Jalapeno Chilli Pepper Screamers. It’s easy, fun, and will amaze your guests with a culinary and Halloween-ish aesthetic. So, get ready to draw all the attention and receive all the compliments for delighting everyone’s taste buds.

Candy Corn Punch

Mix some pineapple tidbits, some orange juice, whipped cream, candy corn and you’ve gotten yourself a fresh beverage, ideal for a Halloween bar. The recipe is so simple, that you can even create a game among children and let them make the drink by themselves. Follow the steps from the Nellie Bellie blog and amaze your guests with a delightful and fresh recipe.

Candy Corn Cheesecake

This festive mouth-watering recipe is like a symbol dessert for the Fall Season. It also brings a nostalgic nuance and it’s perfect for a family gathering. So, on the next reunion, try this candy corn cheesecake and indulge the taste buds of your dear ones.

Jack O’ Lantern Olive Cheese Dip

Let the light of your Jack O’ lantern guide your steps to a successful Halloween party by using this amazing recipe. It’s easy to make, the entire process takes just a few minutes and your children will appreciate you brighten their day with this cute and interesting idea. Surely, they will lick their lips at the sight of this recipe.

Pumpkin Luff dip

On Halloween, the Pumpkin recipes never stop coming and they shouldn’t. It’s like there’s a mystical force that enhances you to use your creativity and expressivity. Therefore, here you have another magical and delicious pumpkin idea, which will be appreciated by all your family members.

Bat Oreo Truffles

One Sweet Appetite blog depicts one interesting idea on how to create a special recipe made from chocolate, truffles and… bats. It’s interesting, fun and will bring a more animated vibe on your Halloween menu. Your children will definitely love these delicious mini winged creatures of the night.

Chocolate Caramel Filled Pumpkins

Give your Halloween menu a more vibrant touch by adding this brilliant pumpkin recipe, which will be appreciated by all your family, especially the children. After all, we’re talking about chocolate and caramel. It’s also a great treat for your little guests coming trick-or-treating and, guaranteed, it’s a sweet snack they will never forget. 

Earwax on a swab

Earwax on a swab sounds disgustingly …yummy if we consider that it’s made of mini marshmallows and melted on butterscotch chips. This Halloween idea impresses through its simplicity and will definitely add a savory nuance to your Halloween menu. It takes just a few minutes and will definitely be appreciated, if not by the look, then by taste.

Slime Filled Coconut Lime Halloween Cupcakes

Let’s bake a spooky recipe. Sure, the green composition may seem gross, but it’s Halloween, after all. So, we strive to make something disgusting on the outside, but delightful on the inside. That’s why we’re proposing this new idea, which will clearly be a wonderful surprise for your dear ones. Think about adding it to your Halloween menu party and the effect will be tremendous.

Forbidden Rice

So, you’ve thought about a family reunion and you don’t know what to cook? Well, why not try the Forbidden Rice idea? The family members will be delighted by the astonishing combination of colors and by its exotic vibe. At the end of the meal, they might get in line to ask for the recipe.

Halloween Meatloaf Zombie Recipe

What is a Halloween party if there are no zombies? Especially, since its origin, the legend says that Halloween marks the awakening of the dead. Well, it didn’t particularly refer to this, but nevertheless, it would be a waste to pass over such a great recipe. It’s a great food idea adding it to your Halloween menu.

Bloody Candy Apples Halloween

What else could remind you more of the famous Apple Bobbing contest than a recipe of bloody candy apples? That’s why it’s a great idea to add it to your menu party. It will definitely fulfill the overall image of a successful Halloween party and it’s easy to make, so it won’t take too much of your time. What do you think?

Mummy Hot Dogs

Here’s another great hot dog mummy idea, ideal for a festive breakfast together with your family. As for the recipe, what you see is what you get. You’ll need some crescent dough, American Cheese slices, hot dogs, candy eyes, cooking spray and your mummy shall rise. What a spooky way to start your day.

Halloween Dinner Ideas

Halloween is a great opportunity to unleash your creativity and surround yourself with spooky décor items, supernatural evil characters, children knocking on your door trick-or-treating and all kind of thematic foods that would fulfill the overall Halloweenish image. That’s why we’ve come to propose some amazing dinner ideas that will help you go through a successful and spooky Halloween gathering.

Halloween pancakes

What better way to start your morning on a cool day of October if not with some Halloween pancakes? It’s a great and easy idea which will make you and your family crave for more. The result will be some fluffy pumpkin-colored pancakes, covered in black cinnamon syrup, deliciously spooky. What a way to celebrate Halloween!

Ghost Pizza

If you’re out of ideas on what other culinary delights to prepare for your Halloween little guests, here you have a simple recipe of Ghost Pizza, which will instantly cast a spell upon their taste buds and amaze their eyes with the spooky décor of a scary ghost. Here’s an article that will help you start your ghost project.

Eyeball Taco Salad

It’s all about those delicious eyes that will hypnotize and urge you in creating this recipe. The taste of an eyeball taco salad will most clearly drive your taste buds into a magical culinary space and your dear ones will appreciate your creativity and the effort you’ve put into this Halloween project.

Spooky Spaghetti with eyeBalls

Here’s another spooky staring Halloween recipe that will make you lick your lips while looking at it. It’s a perfect food project if you’re hosting a family gathering and the guests will clearly be delighted by your inventive drive. So, stir up those taste buds and bring smiles upon your dear ones. They will clearly enjoy this spaghetti recipe for Halloween.

Yummy Mummy Taco Braid

Here comes another wave of the mummy’s curse that will indulge your taste and make your children salivate and drool over. The recipe is simple, fun and will receive your guests’ compliments . Your mummy taco braid will most likely be the star of any Halloween family gathering.

Spaghetti Dogs

Have you been thinking about making a fun Halloween meal for your children? This recipe is simple, cheap, takes only a few ingredients and the effect will be tremendous on your children’s taste buds. So, bring joy and smiles by mixing spaghetti noodles and hot dogs. That’s a spooky way to enchant your little ones.

Jack-o’-lantern Quesadillas

Let the light of this Jack-o’-lantern Quesadillas recipe guide you through a fun Halloween night. It takes only a few minutes to cook, it’s funny and it will clearly surprise your little trick-or-treaters with the spooky smile of this Halloween legend. So, be prepared, because they will certainly ask for more.

Witch’s broomstick

Apparently, the witch has lost her broom, but Halloween is not compromised as this recipe will overly compensate the loss with its taste and simplicity. Indeed, the witch’s broomsticks are easy to make, because all you need is your favorite yeast dough and the taste buds of your dear ones will be stimulated by this sample of creativity.

Halloween S’mores

Indulge your children’s taste buds with this easy to make Halloween S’mores recipe found on the Hello Yummy blog. What could bring more joy, in a cool day of October, than the flavor of some spooky and gooey marshmallow?  Undoubtedly, it will be the favorite snack of the little trick-or-treaters.

Mini Halloween Quesadillas

Who is up for some cutely mini quesadillas? Well, most certainly, your children will be. The recipe is so simple, that the only ingredients you’ll need are tortillas, cheese and some googly candy eyes, which will bring to life this spooky staring character. Enjoy your Halloween snack!

Frankenstein Cupcakes Halloween Treat

Frankenstein is one of the main characters of a Halloween party and what other way to honor his presence than by creating this spooking and greenish recipe? The children will be amazed by the inventiveness and sweet taste of this culinary piece of art. Check out this simple way of making your children happier.

Halloween Trail Mix

As I said, Halloween is about imagination, dedication and bringing smiles upon those little trick-or-treaters’ faces. So, one of the best ways to do so is by offering them a cup of their most favorite mix. This article of the Intentional Edit blog describes one great way to please the taste buds of your little guests.

Spooky popcorn treats

Treat your family movie time with some spooky popcorn treats, that will definitely match your dear ones’ taste. For this recipe, you’ll need popcorn, some candy melt, cake mix, sprinkles and obviously, the indispensable candy eyeballs. It’s a fun and yummy way to spend your Halloween time.

Easy mummy cupcakes recipe

This recipe is a perfect snack for your little trick-or-treater, who will be amazed by its fluffy texture and cutely spooky look. What do you need to start this Halloween idea? Well, mostly cupcakes, marshmallows, candy melts, and lots and lots of passion. The little witches and vampires will practically devour your tray of mummy cupcakes. 

Beary Mummies

Here’s a fun, simple and mouth-watering recipe, with no oven involved. It’s a perfect snack for school or Halloween parties and the children will be amazed by the cutie little mummies. This great idea, found on the Bake me some sugar blog, will definitely blow the minds of your little trick-and-treaters.

Halloween Muddy Buddies

If you’ve gotten tired of spooky snacks, here’s an idea for a lighter approach. Your children will clearly enjoy the sweetness and the colorfulness of the muddy buddies and their taste buds will be explored with delightful flavors. 

Purple and black mickey Halloween cookies

Let’s lighten the Halloween spooky air with some cute little mickey figures. The recipe is simple, funny and it’ll be the main attraction of any party.

Easy Halloween spider cookies

Do you want to decorate your house as spooky as possible? Add some little spiders to the snack menu. Be assured that the little trick-or-treaters will appreciate the goofy look and the unique combination of salty-sweet flavors. Your tray of spiders will be the center of attraction for all your guests.  

Pretty Candy Corn Halloween Fudge Recipe

Halloween is all about creativity, colorfulness and sweetness. So, let’s add a Candy Corn Halloween Fudge to your menu snack. The sole sight will send sparks of warmth to your little trick-or-treaters’ taste buds, who in turn, will show their appreciation through their brightest smiles. So, it would be a waste to pass over such a great recipe.

Ghost Cookies

There is no such thing as enough ghosts when we’re talking about a spooky Halloween household. That’s why, we propose this recipe, which only needs some Nutter Butters, Almond bark, black decorator gel and some mini chocolate chips. Your little guests will be so thrilled by the sweetness, that they will surely ask for more.

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