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6 Florida Travel Tips and Florida Family Vacation Guide

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6 Florida Travel Tips and Florida Family Vacation Guide

No matter where one looks, there are a ton of family-friendly activities that are perfect for a Florida vacation.  It’s not an understatement at all to say that a trip to Florida is truly a wonderful experience for the entire family.  If you and your family have never traveled to Florida, you are missing out! Looking for a few suggestions for your next (or possibly even your first!) Florida vacation? Honestly, with the relaxing warm weather all year round, miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches, and fun parks just waiting to explore, taking a trip to Florida is a great choice for families to travel and explore. Here are some Florida travel tips to keep in mind to help understand how to explore all the amazing options that Florida has to offer.

Florida Travel Tip#1: Explore All Your Options

To most families, Florida means Disney. While it may be the dream destination for millions of families each and every year, there are other amazing locations to explore in Florida as well. If your family loves history and natural beauty, a trip to the Florida Keys are an absolute must. Panama City Beach, Orlando, Daytona Beach, Anna Maria Island, and Miami are also great cities to explore together as well. Expand your mind to the other activities and locations in Florida that you may never have considered before. There is so much more to Florida than what meets the eye!

Florida Travel Tip#2: If Disney is on your agenda, Stay On-Site

This is one of those travel plans that need to happen.  If you’re going to Disney World or Universal Studios, staying on site is truly so much easier.  While you may think it’s cheaper to stay off-site, there are so many other outside factors that you have to consider and factor in. There is truth in the fact that you may find a cheaper hotel the further distance you get from Disney, but think about the extra money in gas that you’ll have to pay to drive back and forth, plus the traffic will waste a large portion of your day as well, not to mention the Theme park parking fees.

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Photo of the Castle

If you can stay on-site and save that stress, it’s 100% worth it. A little tip? Call and ask what specials they may have for you and your family to stay on-site. Several times throughout the year there are some pretty great specials offered on rooms, or add-on dining options at a discount as well. One of the best reasons to stay on-site during your trip to Disney is that you won’t have to worry about getting everyone up early to get to the park before everyone else or trying to leave the park earlier to beat the traffic. It’s truly a great way to relax and enjoy everything that Disney has to offer.

Florida Travel Tip#3: Vacationing to Disney and Want To Stay Off-Site

If you are traveling to Florida for a Disney vacation and absolutely insist on staying off site to save a little money, then Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Hotel is a great option! Not only is this property in a great location, it also offers daily shuttle service to all the Walt Disney World theme parks and Orlando Premium Outlets. If you are looking for a more affordable hotel option with the Disney conveniences, this Wyndham location would be perfect for you and your family. Wyndham LBV is an official Walt Disney World® Choice hotel.

Hidden Mickey at Wyndham, Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Hotel


Florida Travel Tip#4: Pack Accordingly For That Florida Weather

Mother Nature can sometimes have a mind of her own, and the weather in Florida can be a bit fickle. Packing your summer attire is a must, but also plan ahead and pack a light jacket for those breezes coming off the water. Don’t leave home without plenty of sunscreen and comfortable shoes as well. With everything that there is to explore in Florida, you’ll be doing a ton of walking about. If you have room in your travel bag that you may carry with you throughout the day, keep an umbrella or two in there as well. Florida is known for having some random afternoon showers pretty frequently and being soaked walking about the town isn’t fun for anyone.


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Florida Travel Tip#5: Look for Souvenirs Elsewhere

Part of the fun of going on vacation is being able to bring back a souvenir, or two for your family members and friends. Be aware that there are a ton of “tourist trap” souvenir shops along the popular roads and beaches. While it may be tempting to buy at one of those locations, the typical trend is that those prices are often inflated to try to get those who are not local to fork over a bit of that extra money. In all honesty, if you make a quick pit-stop at Walmart, CVS or Walgreens in the town you are exploring, you’ll find some really great souvenir options as well for a lot less money!

Florida Travel Tip#6: Book Through a Travel Agency to Save Time and Money

Vacations are meant to be hassle and stress-free, right? Think about the last time that you planned your family vacation from start to finish. More than likely, it took a ton of time, effort, energy and stress. This is where the ease of utilizing a travel agency needs to happen! Not only is it easier, but travel agencies can honestly get you some of the best deals. Travel agents are so well-versed in all the family-friendly activities and events going on in the area, that they may even think of things for your family to do that you hadn’t considered or even heard of. When you are spending your hard-earned money on a special vacation, you want it to be perfect!

A trip to Florida is the perfect vacation option for family-friendly travel.

It’s safe to say that we are lovers of almost anything and everything that Florida has to offer. Our heart belongs at the beach. My family and I visit Florida quite frequently. In fact, we have been to Miami, Ft Lauderdale, The Keys, Panama City, Orlando, Daytona, Port Canaveral, Tampa, Clearwater (we actually got married there), St. Petersburg, and the list of Florida cities goes on and on and will continue to grow as we continue visiting.

A trip to Florida is the perfect vacation option for family-friendly travel. Whether you choose to visit the parks, explore the activities located throughout the cities, or spend time together just relaxing and hanging out on the beach, you and your family will love your time spent exploring Florida. Remember to follow the suggested Florida travel tips above to help you and your family have the best vacation possible!

Can you think of any other Florida Travel Tips we may have missed?

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