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Why All Hard Working Moms Deserve A Spa Day

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Mom’s are known for putting everyone else in their family before themselves, right? And to be honest, that’s what makes mom’s so great. Your children and your spouse know without a doubt that you’re the rock of the family, and that’s a pretty darn good feeling. But sometimes, it’s important to remember that you deserve something special just for you as well. A time where you do something for you, and only you. Your family will survive without you for that time, trust me. If you had the chance to be pampered and have the focus be entirely on you…what would you do? Would it be a spa day, a weekend getaway, a shopping spree? 

Pampering me, myself, and I

I was in countdown mode of my approaching fortieth (yes, the big 4-0!) birthday, and my mind was a bit overwhelmed by that.  And then to have the shoe on the other foot in thinking of how to celebrate this special day to focus on just me alone? Thankfully, this is where my awesome husband actually stepped in and helped to surprise me with a full day at the spa. The relaxation, the serenity, the pampering…oh my!

A Full Day At The Spa

He knew I’d always wanted to try a spa day (can you believe that I’d never ever had a spa day…ever?!) as I’d maybe mentioned it here and there a few hundred times.  I’d read about them, had a ton of friends tell me about them, and often wondered if it was something that I would like, but in the end, I never end up booking one. My husband, who obviously is a great listener and knows me so well took charge and booked a surprise six-hour spa day for me. Talk about the best surprise gift ever! I’ve been missing out for so many years!

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Full One Hour Massage

I arrived early in the morning and started out with a one-hour full deep tissue massage. What a way to start your day! Can you just imagine one full hour of a full body massage, focusing on not just your back but also pressure points of your feet, hands, and earlobes? Did you know a full body massage can address muscle tension and help to re-establish a flow of energy throughout the body? It is something you just have to experience for yourself.


As I have gotten older, I am realizing now how important taking care of my skin is.  So after my full body massage, I was treated with a facial. I wasn’t sure what to expect but my skincare technician used products specific to my skin type. My 30-minute facial was just what I needed.  My face felt so rejuvenated, resulting in a clean, more healthy glowing skin afterward.


After a full body massage and facial, it was time for a delicious and healthy lunch.  I had lunch prepared and waiting for me around the corner in a private room all to myself.  I probably spent at least thirty minutes savoring every bite of the chicken salad and fruit, flipping through magazines, and enjoying the serenity.


After my scrumptious lunch, I spent one hour with the nail technician and received an amazing pedicure. I’m not talking about just any pedicure. My pedicure included one hour of feet pampering. After all, summer months are quickly approaching and we have to have our feet and toes looking beautiful in those favorite sandals. After my feet soak in warm, soapy water, the tech used a pumice stone to remove my dead skin and calluses. Afterward, my nails were trimmed and shaped, then polished. It was simply one hour of relaxation and stress relief and my feet are sandal ready.

spa day, manicured toes, rose petals, green nail polish on toes

As a mom, I realized I deserved a special day like this! Between you and me, I’m already secretly planning my next spa day! I won’t be waiting another forty years to make it happen again, I promise you that.

Mom’s are special for so many reasons, right? Not only do we all seem to have our own super-powers of being able to manage everything and make it look effortless, but we honestly make certain that our family comes first. To be a mom is one of the greatest “jobs” in the world, but just like with anything else, there comes a time where you have to pamper yourself too. While I spent my “me only” day at the spa, keep in mind that there are a ton of other options out there as well. No matter if your perfect day would be a spa day like mine, or a quick weekend getaway to somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go, it is nice every now and then to just spend time where you can just focus on YOU!

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  1. I liked that you pointed out that you can do a full day at some spas. It would be nice to just be able to be away from home and have a relaxing time and eat good food. That is something I should see if my sisters and mother want to go do for mother’s day this year.


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