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Experience a Dolphin Sunset Cruise in Panama City Beach, Florida

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Experience a Dolphin Sunset Cruise in Panama City Beach, Florida

When I think of Florida, I think of the ocean, the beautiful sunsets, and of course, dolphins. While those visiting Panama City Beach want to spend most of their time at the ocean, Panama City offers more than just their beautiful beaches. While visiting this popular family vacation destination, I was set out to find activities that I knew the whole family would enjoy. A Dolphin Sunset Cruise should be one excursion that everyone should do atleast once. I loved the fact that I could combine all three things that I love about Florida all in one family-friendly activity. For this review, I was provided complimentary tickets by Island Times Sailing in partnership with Visit Panama City Beach, but all opinions are my own.

Dolphin Sunset Cruise with Island Time Sailing

With Island Time Sailing, you will sail on a nice catamaran cruise with around 30 – 40 other passengers. Enjoy a 2 hour cruise, sailing by Shell Island and St Andrews State Park, with the chance of seeing some dolphins! Make sure to bring your camera and be prepared to capture some breathtaking views. Insider Tip: Bring a light jacket for the sunset cruise as it may get a little windy.

You may see a ton of dolphins!

While it isn’t a guarantee that you will see any dolphins on the Dolphin Sunset Cruise, but if you see one, you will more than likely see more! It seems that they like to stick together and put on quite the show for onlookers from the cruise. On our ride,  I lost count of the number of dolphins that I saw cresting the water. Every time my girls spotted a dolphin, that same smile crept up on their faces.

Insider Tip: Be patient with trying to catch that perfect photo of the dolphins, as they are quick!  I would recommend taking video instead.

The views are spectacular.

No matter where you look while on the Dolphin Sunset Cruise, you’re certain to see something scenic and beautiful. Dolphins in the water, crystal blue sky above, a sunset in the distance and some great views of Shell Island as well. As your travel along in the water, the crew will make sure to point out things to you so you don’t miss anything!

dolphin sunset cruise, Panama City beach

Snack and drink options are available for purchase on the cruise. 

On the cruise, there are a few food items and drink options to purchase at a reasonable price. It was quite relaxing to sit back and enjoy a nice cool beverage while taking in the views and enjoying some great conversation with the family. Insider Tip: Their rum punch is delicious but they will creep up on you!

The cruise ship goes above and beyond to help guests have fun!

As if seeing the dolphins wasn’t enough excitement, the staff and crew members did a great job at interacting with all of us. There was music playing, and on the way back to the shore, games were played as well. While the sunset cruise is 2 hours in length, the time flies by super fast! Insider Tip: Don’t forget to leave a tip to the wonderful crew members as they do a wonderful job making sure you have a blast.

There isn’t a bad seat in the house.

What I loved most about this sunset cruise is that no matter where you were on the boat, everyone had an incredible view. There were seats lining the edge of the boat to sit on, tables down below, or if you wanted to stand to stretch your legs, you could do that as well. There is enough room for passengers to dance (or hoola -hoop) on the way back to the port, and we did just that. Never once on the cruise did we feel crowded for space or uncomfortable. It was honestly just an overall fun and pleasant experience for everyone. Insider tip: Seat closest to the captain. You may have a chance to steer the boat.

My Final Thoughts:

Everything about the Dolphin Sunset Cruise was perfect! By the end of the cruise, everyone aboard had so much fun together that we all felt as though we’d made a few friends along the way! If your time is limited when visiting Panama City Beach, FL make certain to make the time to book a Dolphin Sunset Cruise with Island Time Sailing. It was one of the most fun two hours that my family spent during our time in Panama City, and we can’t wait to go back and do the same cruise again.

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