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DIY Patio Beds – How To Create A Cozy Outdoor Area

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Sure, you have a patio, but have you ever considered the addition of a patio….bed? This may seem like a strange concept, but stay with us for a few moments and you will find yourself soon jumping at the opportunity to install a patio bed in your yard.

DIY Patio Beds

A patio bed is pretty much what it sounds like—a large bed-like structure that is used for relaxing. However, the fact that it is intended for outdoor use means that a patio bed needs to be made of special materials (or else brought inside the house any time there is a chance of rain).

Also, although patio beds are catching on in terms of popularity, it might still be hard to find a patio bed for sale at stores. In many cases, it may be better to build a patio bed yourself. In this article, we will show you how you can make a patio bed with low supply costs and a low amount of effort.

DIY Patio Beds For Cozy Patio Ara

Grass Day Bed

As we mentioned above, one concern that we have with outdoor beds is that they need to be able to withstand the elements. Of course, you can still use any fabric of your choosing, but you would have to consciously make an effort to move this fabric in and outdoors, which can quickly add up to be a pain.

One unique solution is to make a day bed out of grass! Yes, you heard us right. This unique bed from House and Home Ideas can show you how you can make a comfy and natural bed out of beautiful sod. As for the bed frame itself, you can either repurpose a standard bed frame or make one yourself with minimal woodworking skills.

DIY Pallet Bed Frame

It’s not a surprise that pallets make for a wonderful bedframe—the only surprise is that it took us to our second entry to mention pallets! This gorgeous Chevron pallet bed frame idea from Pallets Pro certainly almost looks too pretty to be used outdoors. This means that it will definitely add a design touch to your backyard area.

This bed frame will comfortably fit a standard double mattress, but you don’t need to use it for lounging if you don’t want to. Some backyard enthusiasts may prefer to use their bed frame as a place to put greenery such as plants and shrubs. It’s an artsy take on the classic planter!

Modern Patio Bed

Most of the DIY patio beds that you will find online feature rustic or outdoorsy vibes because, well, they are designed to sit in the outdoors. However, this tutorial from Pretty Prudent is an outlier because it uses beautiful blush hues and rounded cushions. We also love the way that this tutorial puts the bed on wheels so that you can move it around your yard with ease.

Of course, no outdoor day bed would be complete without a litany of throw cushions. You can continue the modern theme by using throw cushions that elevate the look.

Beachy Vibes Outdoor Bed

Even if you don’t live near the ocean, you can create your own beautiful outdoor oasis thanks to this bed tutorial from Shanty 2 Chic. We think that you are going to love this frame so much that you will wish that you could use it on the inside of your house (to this we say, why not make one for use inside of your house?)

The canopy over the bed provides shelter from the sun on its own, but if you wanted more you could cover it with the fabric of your choice. The only thing missing is a margarita or a nice cold glass of lemonade.

Swinging Outdoor Day Bed

This swinging outdoor day bed from HGTV is the perfect mix between a hammock and an outdoor bed. To pull it off, you will need a few wooden boards, a screwdriver, and screws. You will also need a considerable about of ropes with a realistic load limit (the last thing you want is for this bed to fall down while you or a guest are enjoying it).

For the mattress itself, you can use a standard twin mattress. You will also need some sort of beams or pillars that will be able to withstand the weight of this swinging day bed. It is not recommended that you use a tree branch, as this could break off.

Princess Canopy Bed

When you were a kid did you ever dream of having a canopy bed? Now you can make these dreams a reality by making your very own outdoor day bed. You will need to have a bit of woodworking knowledge in order to make the best out of this tutorial from Ana White, but it really doesn’t go beyond basic. You can use your favorite fabrics for the canopy component of the bed, which will help protect you from the harsh glare of the sun.

Porch Lounge Bed

Here is a customized lounge bed that is designed to fit in the corner of an outdoor porch area. We love the way that this example from Apartment Therapy shows how you can take an otherwise empty and boring corner and turn it into a relaxing reading corner using minimal materials. You can decorate this square bed with the fabrics and cushions of your choosing.

You can also customize this bed to make it the proper size for you. For example, while you can make it to fit a twin-sized mattress, you could also cut foam to create a custom mattress size that could fit multiple people. This is a great option for entertaining outdoors.

The $50 Day Bed

A DIY day bed this cheap sounds too good to be true, but be rest assured that it isn’t. While it is a bit more simple than some of the other entries on this list, its price cannot be argued with. It is the perfect piece of furniture for a back deck or screened-in porch, and the latter is exactly what the author of this tutorial uses it for.

Keep in mind, though, that the $50 worth of lumber is where costs are considered—if you do not already have some basic woodworking tools, you may find yourself spending a bit more than that. Still, this is a pretty inexpensive outdoor day bed option.

Stand-Alone Hanging Bed

Here is another hanging day bed. The thing that makes this one different is the fact that it isn’t built to be connected to any outdoor infrastructure. Instead, the tutorial shows you how you can build your own standalone bed frame that will hang a bed directly.

Sure, you will need some materials like heavy-duty rope and a whole lot of wood, but the end product is stunning and oh so worth it! Have a look over at Run to Radiance.

Easy Pallet Day Bed

Here is another example of a day bed made out of pallets that is easy to make. We love the way that this has a built-in side table! Perfect for placing reading materials, plants, or food and beverages. You can learn how to make your very own version of this from the easy-to-follow tutorial at Lovely Greens.

Minimalist Day Bed

This day bed is technically designed to be used inside, but with a few simple modifications, it would make the perfect outdoor bed as well! We love how it stays true to its name of “minimalist” by consisting only of one simple piece of wood and an even simpler cushion. Get the beautiful look over at the Proper Blog.

Hidden Wood Day Bed

If you are not a fan of the exposed natural wood look, then check out this example of a seamless day bed from Mettes Potteri. It is arranged in such a clever way that you cannot see any of the mechanics of the bed (i.e., the wood). Instead, you will only see your favorite fabric. This example is also intended for indoor use but you can use a special fabric that will make it suitable for outside use.

See? Even if you never wanted an outdoor bed before reading this article, you surely want one now. Good thing that we gave you so many good ideas on how to make a patio bed yourself. Time to get cracking so that you will have somewhere to relax!

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