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DIY Pallet Beds You Can Totally Do Yourself

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Bed frames are expensive, but they are also an important part of every home. Let’s face it, sleeping on a mattress that is placed directly on the floor just doesn’t offer the same degree of comfort—and it’s not good for the longevity of your mattress, either.

DIY Pallet Beds

The problem is that mattress shopping is known for being very expensive. But what if we were to tell you that there was another option in between “no mattress” and “expensive mattress”? That is exactly what is offered with the pallet bed, which represents an easy, DIY solution for anyone who is looking for a trendy bed frame but doesn’t have the big bucks to spend. Here are some of our favourite DIY pallet bed tutorials:

Pallet Bed With Shelves

There are many reasons why it’s convenient to have a shelf near the bed. For one thing, many of us like to sleep with a glass of water by our side, just in case we awaken in the middle of the night with a dry throat in need of a drink. Just because you are opting for a pallet bed, it doesn’t mean that you have to forfeit the possibility of having shelves. You just need to equip yourself with the best possible pallet bed tutorial out there that comes with shelving. Don’t worry, we already found the perfect tutorial here.

Extra Elevated Platform Bed

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who like their mattresses super high off the ground, and those who do not. If you are part of the latter category, you may find it difficult to locate a pallet bed tutorial that suits your needs. Most DIY pallet beds tend to hang out pretty close to the ground. We searched far and wide were able to find one high pallet bed tutorial — you can check it out too over at Grandma’s House DIY.

Oversized Platform Bed

One of the best things about pallet beds is that you can give yourself some built in shelving by making the pallet bed a bit oversized. See an example of what we mean here at Honey and Fizz. Instead of using pallets that just fit the size of the mattress, this tutorial shows you how you can use pallets that are bigger than the mattress so that you are left with a large platform instead. This large platform can be used as a shelf for your belongings.

Pallet Beds With Lights

There is something about lights that makes a bedroom so cozy! We probably have the Danish practice of hygge to thank for the practice of using lights in our bedroom. While you could certainly just go about hanging lights in your bedroom at random, you could go the extra mile and make a pallet bed frame that has lights built into it. Check it out here.

Industrial Pipe Bed

Pallet beds on their own offer a kind of rustic style. But what if this is just not really to your tastes? There are ways to express your personality while using a DIY pallet bed, even if you are not personally into the rustic style. For example, this tutorial from Painted Therapy shows how you can make an industrial bed frame out of pallets.

Toddler Pallet Bed

DIY pallet beds are not just for adults! In fact, there are some pretty amazing tutorials out there for toddler beds. You are sure to make the young members of your family happy with this adorable trundle bed from Infarrantly Creative. The best part about making a pint-sized bed? You don’t have to use a lot of pallets, so it’s quite easy to source enough materials for the bed.

DIY Pallet Swing

What if a simple bed just isn’t enough? There are some cases when you may want more than just a bed on the ground. This is especially true if you are looking for a bed to put in the garden or in a lounge area. This pallet “swing” from the Merry Thought is incredibly creative, and shows you how you can use pallets in the most unexpected of ways.

Pallet Day Bed

If you’re like many of us, you had a day bed of some kind as a kind. Now is your chance to reintroduce day beds into your life with this cute DIY pallet bed from Pretty Prudent. You can either use it as a twin bed, or you can build a section to store another mattress on top so that you could pull it out into a full king bed.

Farmhouse Pallet Bed

Farmhouse has quickly become one of the most common design styles out there. If you are redecorating your house in a way that is inspired by farmhouse style, then you are going to want your bed to be no exception. Here is a gorgeous farmhouse-style bed that you can DIY from Infarrantly Creative. And yes, it’s made from pallets.

Pallet Bed With Tree Stumps

There will definitely be people who think that this pallet bed with tree stumps takes the idea of “rustic” a little bit too literally, to which we say “to each their own”. We bet there are some of us out there who will see this unique bed frame and think that it’s the absolute perfect thing for them! Get the look here.

Turquoise Bed

Have you noticed that there are a lot of brown hues involved when we talk about pallet beds? That’s because a lot of people are drawn to pallets in the first place because of their natural look. But if natural hues aren’t really your vibe, that is also okay. You can also paint your pallet bed to make it fit your own distinct style. If you are in need of inspiration, check out the way that this pallet bed from DIY to Make has been painted turquoise.

Rustic Pallet Bed With Headboard

Even though a lot of people opt for a pallet bed because of its simplicity, there are always going to be people who want more from their beds. The good news is that there are definitely some pallet bed frames out there that resemble what you would expect of a store bought bed. It’s easier than it looks! Get the details at the Accent Piece.

Pallet Bed With Hanging Plant

Plants are an important part of our households. Not only do they help to purify the air around us, but they offer ambience that is simply not found in any other form of decoration. You can now get up close and personal with your plants by hanging them right by your bedside. Check out this unique plant-holding pallet bed here.

Simple Pallet Headboard

If you have made it this far down the article and find yourself saying “but I just want something simple”, don’t worry— we’ve got an idea for you. This tutorial from Fiddle Leaf Blog shows exactly what pallet beds are at their essence — affordable, no-nonsense, and easy to pull together from almost nothing.

Birds on Wire Pallet Headframe

This next pallet bed doesn’t necessarily share a new shape or style of bed frame, but it does provide a very creative and unique idea for a decoration. Cathay With Ane shows you can spruce up a plain pallet bed by adding the illustration of birds on a wire. If you are not confident with a paint brush, you can always create a different design with stencils.

Outdoor Sun Bed

Remember how we mentioned above that pallet beds are not always designated for the indoors? We have another outdoor bed idea to share, and this time it comes with the Space Between Blog. If this is the year where you finally want to make the most of your backyard area, then you have to consider the addition of a backyard bed. And if you are going to have a backyard bed, it better be a pallet bed.

Your bedroom should be your oasis — and your bed should be the most important part of the room! Which one of these pallet beds do you think would add the most creative touch to your bedroom area? Sweet dreams.

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