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25 Easy DIY Desk Organization Ideas

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For many of us, our desk is the most important area in our house. Not only is it where we (presumably) get the bulk of our work done, but it is also where we interact with friends, spend time working on personal projects, and unfortunately, sometimes it’s even where we eat our meals of the day!

The problem is that, just as the right desk setup can make you more productive, a desk that is suffering from clutter and poor design can have the complete opposite effect. In this article, we will go over some of the efficient desk layouts and designs so that you can best choose one that works for you and your lifestyle. We will not only be focusing on the ergonomic elements that are associated with these desks, but also the aesthetics — because we know that’s important too!

25 Simple Desk Organization Ideas

1. Classic L-Shaped Desk

If your space allows for it, why not consider an L-shaped desk? This kind of set-up is ideal for anyone who works both on the computer as well as an offline medium. Even if you only ever use one side of the desk, you can still use the other side to store office equipment such as a printer.

2. Desk With Filing Cabinet

Let’s face it: even in the digital age, the paperwork still seems to somehow pile up! We love how a desk with a filing cabinet not only provides a place to work, but also a place to store your most important physical files. Nothing is ever more than an arm’s reach away!

3. Minimalist Desk for Children

Minimalist Desk for Children


Children need a place to work too! In fact, these days it seems like many young students have enough homework that it can rival even the busiest of adult’s work schedules. Check out this adorable child-friendly desk idea for inspiration.

4. Double Monitor Set-Up

Double Monitor Set-Up

For many of us, it would be impossible to do our jobs without at least two monitors. The only problem is that it’s not every desk that can accommodate two monitors easily. Check out how this user has made the most of their desk space with their positioning of monitors.

5. Desk With Miniature Shelf and Cork Board

Desk With Miniature Shelf and Cork Board


We love the way that this desk set-up is somehow both minimalist and allows for plenty of storage space. The small shelf above and the storage board to the right are both clever uses for what is a relatively small space.

6. Side by Side Desks

Side by Side Desks



If you and your partner both perform work at similar times, the last thing you want to do is interrupt one another’s workflow and get into each other’s hair. This side-by-side desk arrangement allows you to both have your own private space, while still being able to speak to one another at any time if need be.

7. The Open Concept Office

The Open Concept Office


While some people swear by having their desk situated nearby natural light, some people would simply feel too distracted by being in proximity to a window. If you would rather your desk be kept away from the outdoors, you might want to consider an open concept approach, such as this.

8. The Gaming Set-Up

The Gaming Set-Up


Let’s face us: for some of us, the vast majority of the time that we spend in offices is spent gaming. For some, this may even be your job! If this is the case, then first of all, lucky you. Second of all, you’re going to want the right desk. We are a big fan of this simple gaming set-up.

9. The Workshop Desk

The Workshop Desk


We love the way that this desk’s design seems to get its inspiration from an artist’s workshop. Even if you do not create art, there is something to be said about the way that this airy space encourages productivity.

10. Standing Desk

Standing Desk


Ah, you knew that you would be able to make it through the duration of this list without mention of a standing desk. We’re bet you’re surprised that it even took this long! We love a good standing desk — they are better for our bodies and look great in our rooms. See an example here.

11. Lots o’ Plants Desk

Lots o’ Plants Desk


You’ve heard of having an “office plant”, but if you work from home why not have a variety of office plants? We love the way that this desk example uses its shelves as an indoor jungle! Just don’t forget to water them.

12. Desk in a Nook

Desk in a Nook


If you have a little nook that is already built into your home, it may just be the perfect place to throw a desk! Even if it’s not your primary desk, perhaps there is a chance that you could benefit from the existence of a secondary workstation in the kitchen. See a great example here.

13. Particle Board Desk

Particle Board Desk


It’s not often that you see a desk made out of particle board, but one has to wonder why you don’t see it around more. Not only is it an inexpensive material, but it is also pretty trendy and can add to an overall farmhouse vibe, if that is what is desired. You can also make a particle board desk by yourself with relative ease. Check it out here.

14. Posh Desk Set-Up

Posh Desk Set-Up


This one is for everyone who appreciates the glamorous things in life! The blush pink tones of this desk look wonderful up against the golden fixtures and the white materials. Everyday that you work, you are sure to feel like a princess!

15. The Small Desk

The Small Desk


Let’s face it — not all of us have the space for a gigantic desk, as much as we may want one! If you are dealing with a small space, you may need to compromise on desk size. But that doesn’t mean that it still can’t look pretty. Take this set-up as an example.

16. Crafter’s Paradise

Crafter’s Paradise


If you’re a crafter, you know it can be very hard to keep all of your materials organized! The best case scenario is that you are able to have some kind of organizational system for your supplies. We love the way that this office takes advantage of the room underneath the desks as a place to stash storage compartments.

17. The Desk in a Bookshelf

The Desk in a Bookshelf


If you are moving into a new home, then you might want to take advantage of the opportunity to install custom-made furniture. Here is an example of a wonderful desk that was installed directly into the home’s wall, along with a few bookshelves.

18. Clear Top Desk

Clear Top Desk


We love a desk with a clear top, especially when it has storage underneath to store your beautiful office supplies! Another great thing about glass is that it is not prone to cup stains, so you can drink your morning coffee without fear. Copy the look here.

19. Sewing Desk

Sewing Desk


Not everyone who works at a desk all day does so at a computer! If you are a sewer, then you will want to have a proper workspace that can accommodate your tools and machines. This quaint desk set-up can fit sewing machines, and even has miniature shelves to keep spools of thread!

20. The Tall and Thin Desk

The Tall and Thin Desk


Who is to say that a desk has to take up certain dimensions? We love how this particular desk set-up is tall and slim, which makes it ideal for small spaces.

21. The Collaborative Desk

The Collaborative Desk


Sometimes our best work is not done alone. If you work closely with somebody else throughout your day-to-day work, you may want to consider a desk setup that is catered towards a team of more than one. We love this example for that.

22. Rustic Desk

Rustic Desk


As we stated before, when it comes to desks, it’s not just about function. It’s also about form! If you are going for a rustic look throughout the remainder of your house, you will also want a rustic desk, too. We love the distressed wood in this example.

23. Painter’s Desk

Painter’s Desk


If you’re a painter, you want to always have your art supplies close, since you’ll never know when the inspiration will strike you! Check out the unique way that these watercolors are hung on a corkboard.

24. Desk for Two: Kid’s Edition

Desk for Two


Now here is an adorable idea for a kid’s bedroom, especially if there are two siblings sharing a space! We love the way that this desk set-up allows each child to have privacy, but remains economic by only making use of one desk.

25. Classic Letter Desk

Classic Letter Desk


Many families have a traditional desk like this. In some families, it may even have been passed down through generations. Even if you don’t feel comfortable painting over the desk’s original wood, there are still ways that you can make it fit in with the overall vibe of your home. Plus, we love this desk’s built-in storage compartments!

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