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15 Creamy Mushroom Sauce Recipes You Should Try

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The creamy Mushroom sauce goes well with so many different dishes and can be served alongside pasta, steaks, burgers, and so much more. If you are just using the same mushroom sauce recipe over and over again, it’s time to mix things up by trying one of these fifteen mouthwatering recipes that will add new flavors and textures to your regular mushroom sauce.

Creamy Mushroom Sauce Recipes

1. 30-minute Classic Mushroom Sauce

There’s nothing better than a quick, classic mushroom sauce recipe. With simple ingredients like butter, all-purpose flour, milk, parsley, and garlic, this recipe is easy to follow and takes just thirty minutes to create. This creamy mushroom sauce from Roti & Ricewill add even more taste and substance to your dinner when served over steak or pasta.

2. Dijon Mushroom Sauce

Dijon and mushrooms may seem like an unusual combination, butEasy Low Carbmakes them work flawlessly together in this Dijon mushroom sauce. The heavy cream creates a delightfully rich and creamy sauce, while the strong and tangy flavor of Dijon mustard creates a unique twist on your classic mushroom sauce. If you like testing out different flavor combinations, give this recipe a try the next time you are looking to impress your adventurous friends and family members.

3. Balsamic Mushroom Sauce

This recipe by A Sweet Pea Chefcreates a delicious mushroom sauce that is made with balsamic vinegar, chicken broth, half and half, and cremini mushrooms. It will have a darker color than your regular sauce and is the ideal accompaniment for your next steak night.

4. Lemon Mushroom Sauce

If you are looking for a tangy mushroom sauce, just add lemon juice as demonstrated in this recipe from Food. It’s a quick and easy recipe to follow, and the sauce will have the perfect combination of a zesty lemon flavor and creaminess, thanks to the cream and butter you’ll add to the mix.

5. Herb Mushroom Sauce

Spoonful of Buttershows us how to make a perfectly creamy and herby mushroom sauce that is excellent for serving with pasta or steak. The freshness of the herbs and the creaminess of the sauce create a combination that everyone will be sure to enjoy. You’ll just need a few simple ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen to make this recipe, including button mushrooms, cream, butter, and dried herbs like rosemary and thyme.

6. Cheesy Mushroom Sauce

This recipe by Life as a Strawberrycreates a cheesy version of your typical mushroom sauce. You’ll start by mixing together the basic ingredients, including baby portobello mushrooms, garlic, onion, flour, and milk. Once the sauce is nearly ready, you’ll add loads of parmesan cheese to make an indulgent mushroom sauce that would be best poured over a pile of spaghetti noodles.

7. Tomato-Mushroom Sauce

Mushrooms and tomatoes are a match made in heaven and go together perfectly.Real Simpleproves that by giving us this delicious tomato-mushroom sauce. Dried herbs, basil, and dry wine add further flavor to the sauce, and it’s best served poured over a generous portion of pasta.

8. Keto Mushroom Sauce

Have Butter Will Travelgives us this delicious keto version of mushroom sauce. So if you are following a keto diet, you can still enjoy a creamy mushroom sauce with your steak. Made from Worcestershire sauce, cream, and brandy, this sauce is just as tasty as any other recipe but is much lower in carbs.

9. Champagne Mushroom Sauce

Simply Recipesshares a luxurious and indulgent mushroom sauce recipe that is cooked with champagne. Other than the champagne, you will just need dried porcini mushrooms, vegetable stock, and a few other basic ingredients to create this sauce. If you would prefer a non-alcoholic version, add some sparkling cider as a great substitute for the champagne.

10. Sage Mushroom Sauce

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Foodshares a traditional mushroom sauce that incorporates chopped sage leaves to create an herby and creamy portobello mushroom sauce. As a bonus ingredient, stir in chopped leeks to form an unusual mushroom sauce, which will be great for your next adult dinner party.

11. Vegan Mushroom Sauce

Try this vegan take on the regular creamy mushroom sauce. You might need a few more ingredients than usual, but the end result is well worth the time and effort. The Edgy Vegshares this recipe which requires vegan butter, dry white wine, soya milk, vegetable stock, mushrooms, corn starch, and vegan parmesan to create this sauce. With these simple ingredients, this mushroom sauce mimics the texture and flavor of the traditional recipe and would be great served over pasta or with any vegan main course.

12. Healthy Mushroom Gravy Sauce

This simple recipe by Chocolate Covered Katieis a gluten-free, heavy cream-free, and low carb alternative to the classic mushroom sauce. The main ingredients include onions, mushrooms, vegetable broth, dried herbs, and flour. Follow the recipe’s easy-to-follow steps to create a healthy and low-fat version of the traditional mushroom sauce that you can eat without feeling any guilt.

13. Beef Mushroom Sauce

Adding beef stock to this mushroom sauce creates a rich and hearty flavor to pair with the creaminess of the sauce. This easy recipe from All Recipesis the perfect example of how simple additions to any dish can make a huge impact and elevate a basic sauce. To finish, you’ll add in green onions for a splash of color and freshness.

14. Sherry Mushroom Sauce

Chestnut, exotic mushrooms, dry sherry, butter, and cream are combined together to create a grown-up mushroom sauce that goes well with any meat dish. This recipe from Delicious Magazineis simple and easy to follow. You’ll be able to create a rich sauce that would be ideal for a special family dinner.

15. Red Wine Mushroom Sauce

Andie Mitchelluses the flavors and juices from your steak and adds them into this mushroom sauce. If you are making steak for dinner, use the same pan in which you cooked the beef to create your sauce. As the beef is resting, add cremini mushrooms, onions, and garlic, and then pour in red wine to make a tasty red wine mushroom sauce that will be enjoyed by everyone. For the final touch, you’ll add in a lump of butter before pouring it over your steak to serve.

Mushroom sauce is so versatile and goes well with almost any main course. By adding garlic, lemon, or tomatoes, you can add new textures and flavors to your classic recipe. Give your mushroom sauce a unique twist by trying one of these recipes listed above the next time you are having your family or friends around for a special dinner, and you’ll be sure to impress everyone with your flair and creativity in the kitchen.

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