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Can You Take Mushrooms on a Plane?

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Many travelers want to bring mushrooms from Italy, China, and other countries back home. That’s because the food culture there involves many different varieties of mushrooms that aren’t available in the US.

Can You Travel With Mushrooms?

Fresh and dried mushrooms for eating may be in hand and checked baggage without any restrictions. All mushrooms must be free of any soil, plant, insects, woodchips, water, and diseases. There aren’t any quantity or packing restrictions, but all mushrooms undergo inspection during security.

Traveling with mushrooms of unknown species (where the packaging doesn’t state its name or there isn’t any packaging) requires a PPQ 526 permit. It’s to make sure that they aren’t a pest in that state. You must apply for this permit before traveling.

TSA Rules on Flying With Mushrooms

The TSA (Transport Security Agency) has no rules for traveling with mushrooms. But if traveling between different states or returning from other countries, some restrictions are under monitoring by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), Customs and Immigration.

US customs require passengers to show mushrooms for inspection. But if you forget to do that and leave them somewhere in your bag, you won’t get into trouble as long as the mushrooms are not illegal variants.

Flying With Mushrooms Internationally

Dried, dehydrated, cooked, or commercially packaged mushrooms may be on planes nearly all across the world without any packing restrictions. Only fresh and non-commercially packaged ones are restricted.

Which Mushroom Varieties Are Allowed?

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  • Portobello
  • Porcini
  • Shiitake
  • Cremini,
  • Oyster
  • Chanterelle

Truffles may usually be on planes, but not always. For example, New Zealand prohibits traveling with any variety of truffles.

How to Pack Mushrooms in Your Luggage

Pack mushrooms in your hand luggage. When going through security, the security agent will most likely need to inspect them. So pack them somewhere accessible so it’s easy to take them out if needed.

Ground mushroom powders should be packed in checked baggage whenever possible. In hand luggage, they must be in 12 oz (350 g) containers or smaller.

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