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15 Authentic Turkish Pide Recipes

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Whether you are entertaining guests this year or are just looking for a new dinner recipe, Turkish pide is the perfect dish to serve at lunch or dinner. Pide is a boat-shaped Turkish pizza, and it features crispy edges and then various fillings in the center.

Turkish Pide Recipes

Just like regular pizza, you can customize the center to suit your tastes and add any of your favorite toppings. Today, we’ve put together a selection of 15 Turkish pide recipes, all of which will impress anyone you serve them to this year.

Try Out These Delicious Turkish Pide Recipes. Which Topping Will You Choose?

1. Turkish Pide Stuffed with Beef

Turkish Pide Stuffed with Beef

One of the most popular fillings for Turkish pide is beef, and this recipe from Give Recipe shows you just how simple this dish is to make at home. You’ll see there are various options that allow you to add egg or cheese to the topping, both of which are absolutely delicious. If you do go with the egg option, be careful with the egg white to stop it from overflowing.

2. Cheese Pide Recipe

Cheese Turkish Pide Recipe

The Odehlicious shares this cheese pide recipe, which offers a simple family-friendly recipe that everyone in your party will enjoy. You’ll top the pide with cheddar and mozzarella cheese. This dish could be served at almost any time of day, including breakfast or brunch. It’s recommended to stick to these two types of cheese when making pide, as they aren’t too salty and they work well with the taste of the bread. For the perfect finishing touch, you’ll also sprinkle sesame seed onto the crust of the bread.

3. Ground Lamb Turkish Pide

Ground Lamb Turkish Pide

If you are looking for another filling Turkish pide recipe for meat-eaters, try out this dish from Recipe Pocket. The pide filling is created using ground lamb, but you could also switch this out for beef or do a combination of the two. This recipe makes eight individual dishes, so it’s ideal for serving to your whole family during your next gathering. The dish adds coriander and cumin for more flavor, and it’s a great dish to enjoy cold in your lunch box the following day.

4. Turkish Pide with Cheese and Peppers

Turkish Pide with Cheese and Peppers

Olive Magazine shows us how to make this vegetarian-friendly Turkish pide recipe, which uses cheese and pepper as its main ingredients. The dish comes in at under 500 calories, so it’s ideal for a special midweek meal after a busy day at work. You’ll create four dishes with this recipe, all of which will be ready to serve and eat in just under an hour.

5. Turkish Pide with Marinated Artichokes, Broccoli, and Cheese

Turkish Pide with Marinated Artichokes, Broccoli, and Cheese

For the upcoming summer months, you’ll want to have a go at this recipe from Delicious Magazine. You’ll be surprised by how light this dish is, and of course, you can add ingredients or take them away to create the perfect dish for you and your family. This dish is packed with flavor, and it’s ideal for an outdoor summer lunch. You’ll need about one hour to prepare the dish and then just fifteen minutes to cook it.

6. Choose Your Own Pide Toppings

Choose Your Own Turkish Pide Toppings

This pide recipe from Recipe Tin Eats allows you to choose your own pide toppings. You can opt for cheese, sausage, spinach, and spiced meat, and just like pizza, you can pick and choose the toppings you enjoy. Making your own Turkish pide is a great way to enjoy a slightly healthier yet indulgent dish instead of opting for your usual take-out food. You can even get the whole family involved with this recipe and allow them to choose their own toppings for the dish.

7. Turkish Pide with Ground Meat and Vegetables

Turkish Pide with Ground Meat and Vegetables

This Turkish pide from Ozlem’s Turkish Table adds ground meat and vegetables on top of the dish. It’s a very popular fast food snack from Turkey, and you’ll find that locals prepare the filling for their pide before taking it to their local bakery to create this delicious dish. This recipe is packed with flavor and is easy to recreate at home. You’ll find this to be a great alternative to pizza during your next game night, and you’ll impress your family and friends with your exotic culinary skills.

8. Chicken Köfte Turkish Pide

Chicken Köfte Turkish Pide

While most of the recipes on this list today use beef or lamb, chicken is a great topping for any meat-eaters in your family. This pide from Great British Chefs looks absolutely delicious and will be the perfect centerpiece for your dinner table. The pide is built with a chicken mixture that’s then drizzled with chili yogurt and a smoked salsa that’s made with walnuts and feta. You’ll wow anyone you serve this dish to, as it’s packed with different flavors yet is still ideal for your whole family to enjoy.

9. Turkish Pide with Egg, Tomato, and Cheese

Turkish Pide with Egg, Tomato, and Cheese

My Foodbook offers us another great vegetarian Turkish pide recipe. You’ll add vegetables, cheese, and eggs to this dish to create a filling meal that you can enjoy at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The great thing about this recipe is that it takes just ten minutes to prep, an hour to wait for the dough to rise, and thirty minutes to cook, so it’s a little quicker than some of the other options on our list today. You’ll want to leave a 2cm border at the edge of the pide without any filling to create the perfect Turkish pide.

10. Spinach and Feta Cheese Turkish Pide

Spinach and Feta Cheese Turkish Pide

When you need a dish that can serve up to eight people for your next family gathering, try out this spinach and feta cheese Turkish pide from Turkish Style Cooking. You’ll start by creating the dough from scratch before putting it aside for an hour so that it doubles in size. During that time, you’ll want to start preparing your toppings. Make sure you spread the toppings evenly across the dough so that you have an aesthetically pleasing dish to serve on your dinner table.

11. Vegan Turkish Pide Recipe

Vegan Turkish Pide Recipe

You may be wondering if it’s possible to create a vegan-friendly Turkish pide, and you’ll be pleased to know it’s completely doable. Veggie Option shows us how to make this vegan recipe, which gives you a variety of options to add for vegan-friendly toppings. You could use vegan lentil mince, courgette, and fennel, or potato and leek. As you can see, there’s a huge range of toppings you could add to make this dish for your vegan family members, and they’ll still be able to enjoy the fun during your next family meal.

12. Stuffed Turkish Pide

Stuffed Turkish Pide

Food shares this Turkish pide recipe that’s stuffed with flavorful ingredients in the center. You’ll combine ground beef or ground lamb with onions, garlic, olive oil, coriander, ground cumin, tomato, and parsley. As you can see, there are so many different ingredients used in this dish, making it one of the most exciting options on our list today. You’ll need just fifteen minutes to bake this pide, and you’ll know it’s done when it looks golden brown. Before serving, you can drizzle it with lemon juice and then top it with fresh mint to serve. If you like, you could even add bell peppers and grated cheese to the dish for even more flavor.

13. Sourdough Turkish Pide

Sourdough Turkish Pide

If you’ve loved taking part in the sourdough trend during the past year, then you’ll be happy to see this sourdough Turkish pide recipe from Matthew James Duffy. This recipe can be used at any time of the day, and you can customize the toppings to suit your dietary preferences. It’s recommended that you add spiced lamb and sumac onions to this dish for the perfect combination. The recipe shares sourdough schedules to help you out with the process, which you can follow to ensure you create the perfect dough base for your pide.

14. Keema Masala Turkish Pide

Keema Masala Turkish Pide

Tempting Treat offers us this flatbread that’s filled with cheese and keema masala. This is the perfect recipe for those days when you want to add something a little different to your dinner table, and it’s a great comfort food dish for your whole family to enjoy. Keema masala can be made with lamb, beef, chicken, or pork, but you could switch this to tofu or paneer if you are vegetarian. The filling is made with whole spices, ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and garam masala and is quick and easy to make.

15. Turkish Pide with Tomato and Feta

Turkish Pide with Tomato and Feta

Woman & Home shares this dish which is packed with the classic Middle Eastern flavors of Turkish pide. This dish is filled with feta cheese and tomato, but you could switch it out for beef mince and onions if you prefer. Instead of using the classic pizza flavors, you’ll want to mix things up by adding Middle Eastern flavors instead. We encourage you to get creative with this dish and mix and match toppings to create a unique dish for your family and friends.

As you can see, there are so many different combinations to try when making a Turkish pide this summer. This versatile dish can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and you’ll find it to be a filling dish that’s ideal for your whole family. There is a good selection of vegan and vegetarian options, and you can mix and match toppings to create a dish that’s like nothing you’ve ever tried before. Whichever one of these dishes you try, you are bound to impress any of your friends and family you serve it to.

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