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10 Great Tips To Save Money at The Great Wolf Lodge

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If you have kids, a trip to Great Wolf Lodge is probably something you want to do with them someday. This kind of trip can be really expensive, but there are ways to make it affordable and still fun! Check out these tips to have a blast while saving money atGreat Wolf Lodge!

This post is written by our contributing writer, Mandy Robins, from The Destination Seeker.

Great Wolf Lodge Lobby in La Grange

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10 Great Tips To Save Money at The Great Wolf Lodge

1. Check into more than one Great Wolf Lodge. For example, the one in Kansas City is a bit smaller than Grapevine, Texas so you can get a room for a cheaper price.

2. Bring your own drinks with you. If you want soda, alcohol or bottled water, make sure you to bring your own. It can be really expensive to get drinks at the water park, but there is a mini fridge in your room that you can use to keep drinks cold and save some cash. The same goes with bringing your own snacks along.

3. Be sure that you look at Groupon before you book your room. They offer great deals for Great Wolf Lodge occasionally. You can also use coupon codes and they offer a military discount at all times.

4. Don’t feel like you need the best room. Every single room at Great Wolf Lodge is nice. How much time are you really going to spend in your room? Save that money to have fun on your trip!

family suite at the great wolf lodge

5. Make sure you go out to eat and don’t eat at the water park every day. You will end up paying a ton for a small basket with chicken strips and you could have a steak dinner at a nearby restaurant for the same price. Also, their meals are huge so if you do eat there consider splitting it between two people.

6. Consider sharing wands if you do Magiquest with younger siblings. This is an interactive game that takes you running all over the entire hotel. The kids loved it, but if you have smaller children there may be no reason to get them each a wand. Just let them take turns because one kid is always getting bored and ready to move on to do something new.

Photo Credit Lesli Peterson from 365 Atlanta Family

7. The Scooops Spa at Great Wolf Lodge is fun, but you may want to look over the price list ahead of time and budget for it.

8. Check out the water park first thing in the morning or right before it closes. The kids will have a blast not waiting in line and being able to go down the slides over and over again.

10 Great Tips To Save Money at The Great Wolf Lodge

9. Go on a weeknight! It is way cheaper than the weekend and if you can make it work out the park won’t be as crowded either.

10. Make sure you take the kids to the bedtime story! It is really cute and totally free, unlike the other things they will want to do while you are there.

Sneak Peek Inside the Great Wolf Lodge newest location in La Grange, Georgia:

Great Wolf Lodge Locations in the Southern Region:

  • Atlanta / LaGrange, GA (Now Open)
  • Charlotte / Concord, NC
  • Grapevine, TX
  • Williamsburg, VA

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