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What is Rie Parenting?

By Emma Davies


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This parenting method is one you may not have heard of before and that’s okay, there are plenty of styles out there and Rie is one of them. The rie parenting method is a method where you treat your child as if they’re human beings that are perfectly capable. So, let them explore their own world and make their own mistakes.

What is Rie Parenting_

The actual definition of rie is logic or blessing and so this makes complete sense when considering this style of parenting. The letters r i e also stand for Resources for Infant Educators. It’ll help your child connect with their emotions as well as their wants and needs and it’ll also help you as a parent to connect with your child. The rie method remembers that all children are born and are able to grow and learn alone, especially when they’re treated with respect and allowed to explore what’s around them.

Rie Method Parenting Examples

With rie parenting, there is a certain method that people tend to follow so this is what we’ll show you in these examples – remember that communication is key to the rie approach but you’ve got this.

  • Providing a safe environment – This is a really important part of the r.i.e philosophy and it’s very important that your baby feels nice and safe when exploring their new life. In a safe environment with not many restrictions, your kid will be able to explore in a safe way and you’ll be able to keep an eye on them as they do this. So, make sure there are no choking hazards around and proof your house so that it’s completely baby approved. Try and make it so safe that if your child was left alone they wouldn’t injure themselves at all.
  • Child led care – You may have heard about this aspect of rie parenting and it may sound a bit crazy and explains some rie parenting criticism but having your child involved their care also has a lot of benefits. An example of this would be communicating with them exactly what you’re doing so they’re completely aware and can explore more. So if you’re changing their diaper, talk them through it, tell them what they’re doing, and tell them why you’re taking them away from playtime – communication!
  • Consistency is key – We’ve said that communication is very important and consistency certainly is too. It’s important to make sure that your parenting, environment, and life are consistent to make sure your child feels completely safe and comfortable in their little bubble. Being disciplined will also help with this consistency so your kid knows those boundaries whilst exploring. Perhaps using a schedule for things like sleeping, eating, and so forth could help with this consistency, especially when starting out.
  • Exploration – We can’t emphasize this enough, allowing time for your child to explore on their own is a vital part of rie childcare. Let your kid have time to play on their own and you can watch them grow and flourish through play. This could be 10 minutes a day to 3 hours a day so let them play solo. This may also help you connect more with your child as you can see the way they’re exploring – sit back, relax, and let your child play.

Signs of Rie Parenting

There are many signs of rie parenting that may give you a bit more guidance and help you on your journey exploring this new style. So what are the signs behind it?

  • Mutual respect
  • Connections between you and your kid
  • Trust
  • Baby being actively involved in their care
  • Asking for permission from your child
  • Not forcing physical touch
  • Gently talking
  • Using proper words rather than baby talk
  • Kindness
  • Patience
  • Discipline
  • Creating a safe space

Effects of Rie Childcare

There are many positive effects to rie parenting, both for you and your child and so it’s certainly something to consider. So what are these benefits?

  • Encourages children to use their autonomy – This basically means that your child will feel a lot more confident saying their own opinions and sharing what they want and don’t want to do with you which is really important in your parent and child bond.
  • Allows confidence to develop in your child – This is also super important and is a massive benefit to rie parenting. You’ll find that your child will feel a lot more confident in talking to you, others and making their own decisions.
  • Less stress for you as a parent – Isn’t this good news for everyone? Rie parenting may seem daunting at the beginning and just like any type of parenting, it can be stressful. But once you get to terms with it, you’ll find that it’ll be much less stressful for you as a parent as you’re letting your child explore their own surroundings and make their own mistakes.
  • More positive interactions with your child – Because you’re letting your child explore and make their own mistakes, you may find that you and your kid will have much more positive interactions. You’ll find this too because you’re communicating with them constantly and being consistent so you may find a much closer bond.
  • Your child will know that they can make a decision – This connects with the idea of your child using their autonomy. Children often find it quite hard to make decisions, especially when they’re younger, so using the rie approach as a parent can really benefit them in this way and will allow them to feel comfortable making their own decisions.
  • More independence for your child – Of course this one is pretty simple and doesn’t need much explanation. By using this method, your child will want to explore a lot more on their own and so this encourages independence for your child from the beginning.
  • Increased communication skills – This is a benefit for both you and your child. Your child may feel much more confident communicating with you as well as other people and you’ll also find communication a lot easier to do with your child so that’s always good news.

There are of course possible disadvantages to this form of parenting, just like any other style.

  • Lots of patience is involved – This is true but it’s important to remember that patience is involved in any type of parenting so everyone goes through it and you’ve got this. Remember, take a deep breath if you feel as if you’re about to spiral and focus on the now – you’re doing a great job.
  • Can create distance between you and your baby – Allowing time for solo play could arguably create a little bit of distance between you and your kid but it’s important to remember that this is their way of growing and developing into the best people they can be. Of course, it’s hard sometimes because all you want to do is give them a cuddle but remember that in the long run it’ll all be worth it.
  • Parents using solo playtime for work or technology – When your baby’s on their own playing, it may seem like the prime time for you to sit down and get on with that project that’s due for work in two weeks time. But, this is not the best idea. Despite your child exploring and having time on their own, we’d still recommend for you to be fully present – watch what they’re doing and watch them grow as this will allow you to understand them much better. It’s a chance for them to explore themselves but also a chance for you to explore them.
  • Forgetting to be consistent – As we’ve said, consistency is key and so one con of rie parenting is forgetting to do this which wouldn’t go hand in hand with what they teach. So, when parenting this way – make sure you remember to stay consistent.

Can I Be A Rie Parent?

This is often the big question that everyone has and the answer is yes. Like any other style of parenting, rie parenting is tough but with commitment, communication and consistency, and a heck of a lot of patience – you can do it. You’ve got this, remember that parenting is never easy but you’re doing a great job.

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