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What is Peaceful Parenting?

By Emma Davies


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Peaceful parenting is the up and coming thing but you might be more familiar with the term ‘gentle parenting’. This is a great way to have a better relationship with your kids – now that will definitely be better for everyone in the long run.

What is Peaceful Parenting?

This type of parenting focuses on parents and children respecting each other rather than parents dominating over their children because authoritarian parenting can usually be a lot more frightening to children than we realize.

Gentle parents realize that their kiddos are their own people and need to make their own mistakes in life which is why they talk things out rather than jumping straight to discipline.

Examples of Peaceful Parenting

Some people tend to think peaceful parenting means you get walked over by your kids but that’s not always the case. We’re going to try and show you that there’s a way to be a gentle parent whilst still being in control. So let’s jump straight into it.

  • Breathwork and calmness – One thing that a lot of us parents have in common is we react far too quickly when our kid is throwing a tantrum or starts crying. Going straight to shouting instead of first figuring out what’s wrong tends not to resolve anything and instead leads to everyone being more upset than they already were – now no one wants that, do they? Gentle parenting focuses on controlling your own emotions before trying to help your little one control theirs. Just take a second and stop what you’re doing, take a few breaths because you can’t help your child if you’re also frustrated. Once you’ve calmed yourself down, you’ll be able to help your child a lot easier. You’ll be surprised how many shouting matches this will save you.
  • Active listening – This is apparently another great way to calm yourself and your kid and make resolving problems so much easier. If you take a little extra time to listen to your little one’s problem then you might be able to find a good solution together that works for everyone. If your kid is getting worked up about something then sit down with them and ask them what’s wrong. Let them know that you’ve understood them and that you’re there to help. This will make them feel listened to and will almost definitely help them calm themselves down.
  • Collaboration – Whilst you’re using breathwork and active listening to understand what your kid needs, you might also realize that you’re both collaborating a lot more than usual. Gentle parenting also focuses on teamwork between you and your children in every aspect of life like getting them involved in chores, making meals, and other things around the house. Your kid will quickly start to realize that you aren’t there to make their lives harder and they’ll want to work with you.

Signs of Peaceful Parenting

These are the main things you’ll see in peaceful at home parenting but there are also loads more examples. If peaceful parenting is new to you then don’t panic, we’re here to help and show you how you can get started.

  • Don’t take your kiddo’s behavior personally
  • Make sure everyone gets enough sleep every night
  • Controlling your emotions so that your child doesn’t react
  • Model positive self talk
  • Understand why your child is crying or frustrated
  • Allow them to make decisions
  • Have set rules and boundaries
  • Communicate with your child
  • Set a good example

Effects of Peaceful Parenting

You may not realize the effects that your parenting style can have on both your children and you. Peaceful parenting has some amazing benefits.

  • Reduced anxiety – One brilliant benefit of gentle parenting is that it can help reduce anxiety. Research shows that the communication that happens between parents and their kids can help them deal with social situations better because they have always been shown that they have a say in what’s happening.
  • Improved bond between parent and child – This type of parenting also leads to a much better relationship between parents and their kids because kids don’t see you as someone to fear. You’re supposed to be your child’s safe space but many children learn that they can’t talk to their parents about everything because they might think they’re overreacting. The constant communication with gentle parenting shows kids that they’re allowed to have emotions.
  • Positive social skills – Gentle parenting focuses on respect and having empathy for others and kids will pick this up very quickly. Because kids model the behavior they’re shown, you might notice parents who use gentle parenting have children with much better social skills that are respectful and great at communicating their needs.

Can I be a Peaceful Parenting?

The answer is simple, of course, you can be a peaceful parent. You might be surprised at the difference it’ll make but it’s super simple to get started.

Next time your kiddo is frustrated or having a tantrum, control your own emotions first before you try to deal with theirs. You don’t have to react straight away so take a couple of minutes to yourself so that you can be the calm person they need. Help your child talk through their emotions and see if you can come up with a solution together.

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