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How To Make Rainbow Donuts

By Elisha Baba


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Rainbow donuts are a delectable treat that bring a burst of color to the traditional donut options. These vibrant and indulgent donuts are easy to make and are sure to captivate both your eyes and taste buds.

rainbow donuts in halves


  • Small bowls/cupcake liners
  • Glass liquid measuring cup
  • Measuring cup
  • Parchment paper
  • Cooking rack

rainbow donut halves


  • Fruity pebbles
  • Store-bought donuts (cut in half)
  • White frosting
  • Shredded coconut

How to Make Homemade Donuts


1. Begin by cutting your store-bought or homemade donuts in half.

2. Next, separate the fruity pebbles by color in cupcake liners, making sure that you have all the colors of the rainbow covered (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).

rainbow donuts ingredients

3. Next, take the white icing out of its original container and place it in a glass measuring cup.

4. Heat it for a maximum of 40 seconds so that it’s ready to be used as frosting.

donut halves in bowl coconut and icing in glass bowls and fruity pebbles sorted by color in cupcake liners

5. Place some parchment paper in a tray and place the cooking rack on top.

6. Then, put all the donut halves on the cooking rack, leaving space between them for proper decorating.

7. Pour the melted icing on top of each donut half. Be careful to add a layer that’s thick enough to cover the donut, but don’t add too much, as it will spill on the sides and end up on the parchment paper, causing you to lose it.

pouring icing over donut halves on rack

icing donut halves on rack

8. Once you’ve poured the icing over the donuts, proceed to add the colored pebbles or whatever it is that you’re using to reproduce the rainbow colors (it could even be Skittles).

9. Then add the shredded coconut at the ends of the donuts, right where the cuts were made (you might need to add a little bit of extra frosting to make the shredded coconut stick).

10. Don’t move the rack with the rainbow donuts for at least 40 minutes. This gives the frosting a chance to set and prevents the toppings from falling off the surface.

fruity pebbles on icing donut halves on rack

Note: It’s best to pour icing on and decorate just one or two donuts at a time.

rainbow donuts

close up of rainbow donuts

rainbow donuts

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