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35 Office Pranks to Have Some Fun at Work

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Everyone gets bored at work sometimes; it’s part of life. Next time you get bored in the office, however, instead of drawing a mindless doodle consider enacting one of these office pranks.

An office prank is great for spicing up a boring old workday in a harmless way. Most of the time you don’t even have to buy anything because you can find all the supplies you need to pull off a prank right in the office.

Ready to pull off the prank of the year that everyone in your office will remember? Then read on to learn all about the best office pranks and everything you should take into consideration before setting one up.

What is an Office Prank?

An office prank is a fun joke you play on your unsuspecting coworker(s) to have a little fun during the workday. They can be pulled off in the break room or in the office itself.

Office pranks are meant to be pulled in a funny way that makes everyone laugh, even the coworker you are pranking. You can only accomplish this if any funny office pranks you plan are harmless and do not cause damage to any office property.

Additionally, ensure the prank is positive and not mean to your coworkers. Never do illegal stuff when pulling off an office prank.

If you are a supervisor or manager, you can get in on the office pranks too. In fact, many managers having a little fun with their employees from time to time can boost employee engagement and help everyone work as a team.

Things to Think About Before Doing Office Pranks

The only thing worse than a boring office is one filled with angry coworkers. So, before pulling any office pranks, there are some things you need to think about.

For example, you wouldn’t like it if your little prank got you fired, so ensure everything you plan to do is in your employee code of conduct.

You also need to ensure that the prank is funny for the entire office and that not even one single coworker could take the prank the wrong way. Otherwise, they could be upset and cause problems.

Sound like a lot to think about? Really it isn’t so hard at all, just follow these ground rules:

  • Don’t destroy the office property or the property of others
  • Don’t physically hurt anyone with your prank
  • Always obey the law or the workplace rules
  • Don’t design a prank that involves protected groups of people
  • Plan your prank so it doesn’t disrupt the entire day

If the prank you have designed meets all of the above requirements then it is probably a good prank to pull.

Be aware that while pulling the fire alarm may seem like a good office prank, this is illegal and can result in personal fines as well as fines for your business.

Benefits of Office Pranks

Believe it or not, pulling office pranks isn’t just for fun, it can also be beneficial. Don’t believe us? Take a look below at all the benefits you and your coworkers can enjoy when someone pulls an office prank.

  • Raises morale
  • Boosts teamwork
  • Boosts motivation
  • Pranks can help employees be more creative
  • Improves employee engagement
  • Workers take fewer sick days when they are having fun at work
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Employees are more positive
  • Employees experience less burnout and stress

See a benefit on this list that people at your workplace could benefit from? All the more reason to pull an office prank.

So, without further ado, take a look at some of the funniest office pranks to pull on your unsuspecting coworker.

25 Hilarious and Harmless Ideas for Office Pranks 

1. Family Photo Swap

Family Photo Swap
My Modern Met

If a lot of people in your office have family photos on their desks, then the family photo swap is a quick and easy prank to pull. Here’s how to do it.

What You Need:

  • Funny/weird photos in a variety of shapes and sizes (they can be animals or superheroes or whatever you want)
  • A day you can come to work before your co-workers

Step 1: Get to Work Early

Find an excuse to get to work early and gain access to your coworker’s desks before they arrive for work. You’ll need time to visit each coworker’s desk.

Step 2: Place a Photo in Their Frame

Locate family pictures on each desk, and open the frame, slipping your image on top of their photo.

Step 3: Place in the Same Spot

After your new photo is in place, close the frame and put it back on your coworker’s desk in the exact place you found it.

Then head to your desk, start your work for the day, and listen for their reaction.

Note: Do not remove the photo in the frame. Leave it behind your new photo.

2. Airhorn Office Chair

When you think a little noisy fun might be okay for your office prank, it’s time to rig up the air horn chair. Rig up more than one to expand on the fun, it’s easy if you follow these directions.

What You Need:

  • Duct tape
  • Air horn
  • Office chair
  • Earplugs

Step 1: Adjust the Chair

Start by changing the setting of your coworker’s chair so it gives slightly when they sit down. You can usually just loosen the dial that holds the chair in place.

Step 2: Tape the Air Horn

Tape the air horn directly under the seat so the moment someone sits down it will press the button and make a loud sound.

Step 3: Put in Earplugs

Depending on how close you are to the victim’s desk you’ll likely want to put in earplugs. Especially if you’ve rigged more than one chair.

Step 4: Wait

All you have to do now is wait for the victim to sit down, don’t worry, you’ll know when it happens.

3. Wrapping Paper Prank

When a coworker’s birthday is around the corner it’s time for the wrapping paper prank. It’s harmless, funny, and they will have no idea it’s coming.

Here’s how this funny office prank works.

What You Need:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape
  • Plenty of time (and maybe some help from a colleague)

Step 1: Buy Supplies

Purchase enough wrapping paper to cover all the items in your coworker’s cubicle. You will likely need 3-4 rolls depending on the size.

Step 2: Wrap the Desk

Start by removing all the items off of your coworker’s desk. Wrap the entire desk using pieces of wrapping paper. You may need to have a co-conspirator tape some of the large pieces with you.

Step 3: Wrap the Small Items

After the desk is wrapped, begin wrapping all the small office supplies before putting them back on your coworker’s desk.

Don’t forget to wrap your coworker’s mouse, trash can, stapler, and anything else you find on their messy desk.

Bonus points if you can also wrap your colleague’s computer entirely.

Step 4: Wait for Your Co-Worker to Arrive

Wait patiently for your co-worker to arrive at work and spot their desk. Then, jump out and sing happy birthday.

Don’t have a co-worker with a birthday coming up? The above prank is a great prank for a fake birthday too.

4. Post-it Notes Prank

Post-it Notes Prank

Looking for practical jokes that don’t require a lot of supplies? The post its prank is for you. While this prank doesn’t require a lot of supplies, be aware that it will require lots of time.

What You Need:

  • Sticky notes (and lots of them)
  • Co-workers (you’ll need some help)

Step 1: Wait for the Boss to Leave

Once your boss is out of sight, grab some sticky notes and your co-workers and head to your boss’s desk. Start covering every inch of the desk with sticky notes.

Step 2: Cover the Entire Cubicle Wall

Because this prank takes so long, focus on the desk first, then work to cover the entire wall of your boss’s cubicle or office.

Step 3: Wait for Your Boss to Return

Once everything is covered in post its, head back to work and hide any remaining evidence. Now all you do is wait for your boss to see his new colorful desk.

5. Nicolas Cage Toilet Seat Prank

Sometimes, you don’t have the time to devote to a time-consuming prank like the post-it or wrapping prank. For a quick prank, check out this Nicolas Cage toilet seat prank.

What You Need:

  • Printed photo(s) of Nicolas Cage (you can get them printed at a local print shop)
  • A bathroom break
  • Packing tape

Step 1: Take a Bathroom Break

When it is time for a few minutes in the loo, head there with your Nicolas Cage pictures and some packing tape as discreetly as possible.

Step 2: Tape the Photo

Lift the lid of the toilet seat in each stall, taping the Nicolas Cage photo to the inside. Close the lid afterward.

If you’re female, consider having a male coworker be your co-conspirator and add photos to the men’s bathroom or vice versa.

Step 3: Head Back to Your Desk

Head back to your desk and hide any remaining evidence in your desk drawer.

Step 4: Wait Patiently

Wait patiently for your co-workers to take bathroom breaks and notice your funny office prank.

6. Fish Drawer

Fish Drawer

Ready for more elaborate office pranks? Check out this office prank which will take a little finesse and some supplies.

But your boss can’t complain when you pull it because who doesn’t like new office pets?

What You Need

  • Aquarium Rocks
  • Aquarium Plants
  • Room temperature water
  • Live Goldfish (2 recommended)
  • Fish food
  • Large waterproof piece of plastic
  • Duct tape

Step 1: Choose a Day Your Colleague is Gone

The fish drawer prank takes a while to set up, so you will want to find a vacation day to install this prank on your co-worker’s desk.

Step 2: Clean out a Drawer

Head over to your colleague’s desk and clean out a large drawer. Hide all of these items in your own desk.

Step 3: Install Plastic

Place the plastic in the drawer and tape the edges to the outside. Ensure the plastic is heavy-duty and waterproof.

Step 4: Build the Aquarium

Pour the sand in first, then place the plants. Pour in the water as deep as possible without spilling when your colleague opens their drawer.

Step 5: Add the Fish

Add the fish to the aquarium. Give them a little food to hold them overnight. Leave the desk drawer open a crack so there is air for them.

Step 6: Arrive Early the Next Day

Arrive before your coworker the next day. Be sure to visit their desk and ask for something you know was in their large drawer. Be sure to record their reaction so the entire office can enjoy it.

7. Body Spray Bomb

The body spray bomb is an effective prank that can be used for a laugh, or just because you think your coworker needs a shower.

What You Need:

  • A zip tie
  • Body Spray or Fabreeze that has a depressable trigger

Step 1: Rig the Spray

Use the zip tie to rig the body spray or Fabreeze container so it is constantly spraying.

Step 2: Throw the Body Spray Bomb

Throw the bomb in your co-worker’s cubicle and run. Don’t worry, it will smell great when you return to check out the aftermath in a few minutes.

8. Worst Speller of All Time

Just because you work in the IT department doesn’t mean you can’t get in on all the funny office pranks. Here’s one you can do next time someone asks for help with their computer.

What You Need:

  • Basic computer skills
  • Your coworker’s computer.

Step 1: Wait for them to Walk Away

Let them know whatever is going on with their computer, it will take a while to fix. Maybe even convince them to head to lunch.

Step 2: Change their Autocorrect

Head into the chat app your company uses to communicate and change the settings in their autocorrect.

For example, you could have the word paper auto correct to pauper, and the word call autocorrect to can’t.

Step 3: Send a Message

Give the computer pack to your coworker then head back to your own desk.

A few hours later, send a message in a workgroup chat and wait to see their reply–which will be unintelligible if you did this prank right.

9. Moving Boxes Trick

Moving Boxes Trick

It can be annoying to think of the perfect funny office prank and then not be there to see the look on your coworker’s faces when they discover the prank.

So grab a co-conspirator and try this office prank you can be a part of.

What You Need:

  • Moving boxes (one large enough for you to hide in)
  • Packing tape
  • Packing peanut

Step 1: Wait for the Right Moment

Wait for your coworker to leave their desk. You will need about 30 minutes to set up this prank in your coworker’s cubicle.

Step 2: Move in all the Boxes

Move all of your boxes into the cubicle, taping them together and filling them with packing peanuts, or leaving them empty.

Step 3: Put Yourself in a Box

Place yourself in the biggest box and have your co-conspirator cover you with some packing peanuts. Instruct them to lightly tape the box closed, keeping the ends cut so you can jump out.

Step 4: Wait

Have your co-conspirator leave the cubicle and wait for your victim to return. Once they do, and they begin moving the boxes, jump out and scare them.

Note: Your boss and coworkers would appreciate it if you help clean up any stray packing peanuts after pulling this funny office prank.

10. Sleeping Beauty Prank

Some pranks are opportunistic, like the sleeping beauty prank. But when you catch your coworkers getting some nice shut-eye in their office chair, it’s time to try this prank.

What You Need

  • Cellphone with a camera
  • Coworkers in on the prank

Step 1: Wait for Your Coworker to Fall Asleep

Wait patiently for the day when your coworker falls asleep at their desk or while on break.

Step 2: Snap Photos

Take pictures of the sleeping individual, as well as with the sleeping individual. Have your co-workers do the same!

Step 3: Print the Photos

Print out the photos at a local print shop and post the funniest ones in the office.

Note: if you don’t have time to get lots of photos of the sleeping coworker, just snap a few then use your photo editing skills to photoshop in funny people and items.

You can even photoshop in their favorite celebrity crush. Make it look realistic and convince them the celebrity actually visited the office while they were asleep.

11. Desk Trolls

One of our favorite easy-to-pull office pranks is the desk trolls prank. It’s fun, fits within any company culture, and is much easier to clean up than other pranks on the list.

What You Need:

  • Trolls in every shape and size (check your local second-hand store)
  • Tape

Step 1: Wait for your Coworker to Leave

Wait for your coworker’s desk to be empty and then head over there with all of your supplies.

Step 2: Tape the Trolls

Tape the trolls to every available surface, including the victim’s computer, keyboard, phone, and anything else they may have in their cubicle.

Step 3: Run

High-tail it out of there before your coworker comes back. Wait nearby however to hear their reaction.

12. Wrapped Car Prank

It isn’t always easy to get your coworker to step away from their desk in order to pull a prank. For those coworkers who are constantly rooted to their desks, it’s time to hit them where they least expect it–their car.

What You Need:

  • Plastic Wrap (multiple rolls)
  • A co-conspirator to help

Step 1: Find out Where Your Coworker Parks

You may need to ask around a bit to see what type of car your coworker drives and where they park it. You may also need to stake out the parking garage to be sure.

Step 2: Wrap the Car

Once you know what their car looks like, and know your coworker is in a meeting or busy with a call, head down to the garage with your supplies.

Start by wrapping all parts of the car completely in plastic wrap. You can wrap the car by rolling the roll under the bottom, or around the entire exterior. Or both if you want an extra challenge.

Step 3: Get Rid of the Evidence

Toss out or use all your wrap then head back to your desk. Ensure you leave at the same time as your victim so you can see their face when they see their car.

13. Floating Desk Prank

Do you wish the coworker close to you in the office would just move their desk somewhere else? Now you can do just that with this funny office desk prank.

What You Need:

  • A building with moveable ceiling tiles (sorry, won’t work in other buildings)
  • Bungee cord or rope
  • A ladder

Step 1: Wait for an Opportunity

You’ll look a little odd if you pull out a ladder randomly, so this prank is best done before work, after work, or while your coworker is on vacation.

Step 2: Tie Up

Tie your coworker’s desk and office chair with the bungee chords. It works better if you tie each one in multiple spots.

Step 3: Tie to the Ceiling

Take the other ends of the bungee cords or ropes and tie them to the ceiling. You can do this by lifting the ceiling tiles and tieing to the beams between them.

Be sure to tie them short so your victim’s chair and desk are left floating above the floor.

Step 4: Act Casual

When your coworker shows up at work, act like you have no idea how their desk and chair got tied to the ceiling.

14. Healthy Donuts Prank

Healthy Donuts Prank
Design Dazzle

It can be fun to do nice things for your coworkers. But it is even more fun when you prank them into thinking you have done something nice.

You can do exactly that with this funny (and healthy) donuts prank.

What You Need:

  • Krispy Kreme or other donut brand box (empty)
  • Vegetable trays that fit in the box

Step 1: Arrive at the Office Early

Like with most funny office pranks, this one works best when you are able to get to work and gain access to the breakroom before everyone else.

Step 2: Put the Veggies in the Donut Boxes

Open the veggie trays and slide them into the donut boxes. For good measure, place a stack of plates and napkins nearby.

Step 3: Wait for People to Discover Your Prank

You hanging out in the breakroom might be suspicious, so set up a camera or stay within view so you can watch as disappointed coworkers discover there aren’t any donuts to eat, only veggies.

15. Voice Activated Appliances

While you’re in the breakroom setting up the healthy donuts prank, you might as well try another of our funny office pranks that only takes a moment to set up.

What You Need:

  • Signs that say “voice-activated”
  • Tape

Step 1: Add Tape to the Signs

Put a piece of tape on each end of the signs you have printed.

Step 2: Place on Appliances

Go through the breakroom and apply to any appliance that requires a push of a bottom. These notes can be placed on microwaves, coffee makers, toasters, and even vending machines.

Step 3: Keep an Ear Out

Listen all day for people trying to use your voice-activated devices. Hopefully, you’ll get at least one gullible person.

16. Keyboard Garden

Does your office have lots of extra computer parts lying around? If you see an old keyboard, grab it and use it for this hilarious office prank.

What You Need:

  • An old keyboard that looks like one still used in the office
  • Soil
  • Chia seeds
  • Water
  • Time

Step 1: Plant the Seeds

Take home an old office keyboard and pop off the keys in the center. Place some soil in a thin layer and plant some chia seeds. Put the keys back on the keyboard.

Step 2: Wait for the Seeds to Sprout

Water the keyboard lightly every day until the seeds begin to sprout and grow between the keys of the keyboard.

17. Kid’s Desk

When children outgrow their toys, especially items like toy phones or computers, it can be difficult to know what to do with them.

Well, we have the answer as you can use the items for funny office pranks like the Kid’s desk prank.

What You Need:

  • A Toy computer
  • Toy phone
  • A Toy stapler
  • Any other toy versions of items found on a desk.

Step 1: Arrive Early For Work

Arrive to work before everyone else and remove all of the items from your coworker’s desk.

Step 2: Place Toy Items

Replace each of the items you removed with toy items. If you don’t have all the toy items you need, you can use a cardboard strip to replace some items, like a keyboard, by just drawing the keys on it.

Step 3: Be Patient

Head back to your desk and wait for the annoying shout when your coworker notices all of their items have been transformed into toys.

Step 3: Head to Work Early

Head to work early and bring the growing keyboard. Grab your coworker’s working keyboard, and hide it in your desk. Place the growing keyboard in its place.

Step 4: Wait for Discovery

Wait for your coworker to arrive and see what they make of their “new” keyboard. You can even make jokes about how they said they loved nature.

18. Caramel Onions

As far as office pranks go, this next one is a little on the mean side. But still funny if you’ve got the extra time on hand to make it happen.

What You Need:

  • Onions, peeled
  • Caramel, melted
  • Crushed nuts or other toppings
  • Cooking skewers

Step 1: Dip the Onions

Stick the onions onto the ends of the skewers and dip them into the melted caramel. Dip in toppings as well if you desire.

Step 2: Chill the Onions

Chill the onions overnight to allow the caramel to set.

Step 3: Put out in the Lunch Room

Arrive to work and set them out in the lunchroom without a sign and watch people take a bite of an onion they think is an apple.

Side note: It may be nice to prepare real caramel apples at the same time and offer one to the coworkers who are brave enough to take a bite of the fake one.

19. Crazy Cat Coworker

Have a coworker that loves cats? Or perhaps they have a cat they won’t stop talking about? Check out this next funny office prank which will definitely get them to shut up.

What You Need:

  • Cat stickers
  • Cat pictures
  • Tape

Step 1: Wait for Your Coworker to Leave

While this prank doesn’t take too terribly long, you will probably need an entire lunch break to perform it effectively. So wait for your coworker to leave for their midday meal then begin.

Step 2: Cover Everything in Cats

Cover every surface of their office in cats. From the phone to the computer, to their chair, everything.

Step 3: Wait

Wait for your coworker to return to see the surprise on their face when they see their cubicle. If they start to complain, let them know that you’ve been listening and just wanted to make their cubicle look like home.

20. Office Narration

Office Narration

Narrating the actions or day of a coworker is a harmless and fun prank that requires very little preparation. Here is how you can make your coworkers giggle while you have a laugh yourself.

What You Need:

  • A walkie talkie

Step 1: Find a Hiding Spot

Start by looking for a hiding spot to hide the walkie-talkie near the desk of the coworker you intend to prank. Office plants work well.

Step 2: Narrate

Start narrating your coworker’s day from the minute they sit down until they manage to find the walkie-talkie.

Sit nearby if possible so you can stop narrating any time they are close to finding it to allow the prank to go on as long as possible.

21. Drawer Scare

Every office has that one coworker who is scared of snakes or spiders. Try this next prank on them to get the whole office laughing at their expense.

What You Need:

  • Fake Bugs
  • Fake Spiders

Step 1: Wait For the Right Moment

Although this is a quick prank, you will need a moment to get over to your coworker’s desk and back without being seen. Maybe wait until they head to the bathroom or into a meeting.

Step 2: Place the Spider/Snake

Place the fake bugs or fake snakes (or both) in the desk drawer your coworker is most likely to use.

Step 3: Ask for Something

Either wait for your coworker to open their drawer, or ask to borrow something you saw in there. Either way, prepare for a shriek.

22. Bug Ice Cubes

Some coworkers can be more difficult than others to prank. If the previous prank didn’t work on your bug-hating coworker, it’s time to pull out the bug ice cubes.

What You Need:

  • Small Fake Bugs
  • Ice Cube Tray
  • An iced beverage to share

Step 1: Prepare the Ice Cubes

When no one is looking, slip into the break room and empty one of the ice cube trays in the freezer into the trash.

Place a little bug in each square, or every other depending on how many you have.

Step 2: Pour Water

Pour water into each cube and place in the freezer. Allow to freeze overnight.

Step 3: Bring a Drink to Share

The next day, bring some ice tea or lemonade to share with your coworkers, suggesting they drink it with ice cubes you made in the freezer.

Step 4: Wait for a Reaction

Then sit back and wait for a coworker to come across one of your special ice cubes. You may even want to consider recording their reaction.

23. Rubber Band Restriction

Most offices have a surplus of rubber bands that never seem to be used. Now is the time to put them to use for this next great office prank.

What You Need:

  • Lots of rubber bands

Step 1: Wait for Your Coworker to Leave

Wait for your coworkers to leave their desks, and hopefully phone, unattended.

Step 2: Begin Rubber Banding

If you score your coworker’s phone, start by rubber banding this first. Do as many layers as you possibly can.

Step 3: Rubber Band Removal Items

After the main item you want to rubber band is done, start rubber banding items that would help your coworker remove the rubber bands, such as their scissors.

You may also want to rubber band their stapler, tape holder, and other things on their desk they probably need.

Step 4: Keep an Eye Out

Once you are finished head back to your desk but keep an eye out for your coworker’s frustration at discovering just what you’ve done.

24. New Coworker Prank

Not every prank needs supplies, and here is one you can pull off with nothing at all. You’ll just need a little time and patience to do it right.

What You Need:

  • Time
  • Name of someone who doesn’t work in the office.

Step 1: Invent a New Coworker

Invent an imaginary new coworker that works in your office. Use a name that isn’t already used by someone in your office.

Step 2: Talk about the New Coworker

Talk about this new coworker with anyone who will listen. It may help to get others in on the prank to make it more effective.

Step 3: Continue Until Someone Asks

Continue talking about the fake new coworker until someone in the office asks about him/her. If they just start talking about the fake coworker too, then you’ve officially fooled them all.

25. Identity Theif

Working from home may make your coworkers think they are safe from office pranks but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here is one prank you can pull during a zoom call, or even in a work chat room.

What You Need:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • A Large Wardrobe

Step 1: Log In Early

Log into a zoom call early and get a look at what the other early birds are wearing. Leave the zoom call and say you are having connection issues.

Step 2: Change Clothes

Quickly change into clothes of a coworker whose identity you want to “steal” and add accessories like glasses for extra points.

Step 3: Log Back in

Log back into zoom, but change your name to match that of your coworker. Now there will be two of you and you’ll look the same too. Stay quiet until someone notices then have a nice laugh.

For those doing this over chat (with no video), it can be fun to start an argument like “no I’m the real _____” with the coworker whose name you took as they won’t know who to believe.

26. Coin Stack

Sometimes it’s the most random pranks which have the most impact. In this prank, your coworker will go crazy trying to figure out why you did it when really there is no reason.

What You Need:

  • Lots of coins of any denomination
  • Time

Step 1: Place a Coin

Start by placing one coin on a coworker’s desk first thing in the morning. Don’t say anything if they notice.

Step 2: Place Another Coin

For the rest of the day (and maybe even the next day) add a coin to your coworker’s desk each time they step away.

Step 3: Wait

Wait until your coworker thinks they are going crazy or has a giant pile of coins on their desk, either is entertaining.

27. Mouse Trick

For those who don’t have a significant amount of time to pull off pranks, this is an easy one to perform in just a couple minutes before your coworker arrives for work.

What You Need:

  • Tape or Sticker
  • Picture of Yourself (optional)

Step 1: Arrive Early

Arrive at the office before the coworker you want to prank.

Step 2: Apply Tape

Place a piece tap on the bottom of their mouse over the sensor or ball. You can also tape a picture of your face there or add a sticker.

Step 3: Watch and Wait

Wait for your coworker to arrive, start using their computer, and get frustrated when the mouse won’t work.

28. Happy Birthday—Not

It can be fun to surprise a coworker, especially when they don’t expect a thing. Most coworkers assume they will get something on their birthday, but not many expect a surprise when it isn’t anywhere near their birthday.

What You Need:

  • Birthday Cake
  • A co-conspirator or two

Step 1: Discuss with the Co-Conspirator

Talk with your friends about which day you will make the fake birthday and for who. Consider using a combination of birthday-related pranks.

Step 2: Buy a Cake

Purchase a cake with the employee’s name.

Step 3: Leave in the Breakroom

Leave the cake in the breakroom where everyone can see it and start to wish the coworker a happy birthday—even though it isn’t their birthday.

Step 4: Tell the Coworker Happy Birthday

While the rest of the office is getting on board, be sure you and your co-conspirator also wish the victim a happy birthday. You can even hide behind their desk and jump out and yell surprise.

Funny birthday cards left on their desk is also a great addition to this prank.

29. Filled with Balloons

Balloons are always good to have on hand for a prank. Whether you want to prank your boss, or anyone in your office, this one is harmless and fun for all.

What You Need:

  • Balloons
  • Strong Lungs (or a Partner)

Step 1: Decide Which Room to Fill

For this prank, you will be filling a room in your office with balloons. Conference rooms, or a bosses office work best. Try to find a time when the room will be empty for a significant period of time.

Step 2: Fill Balloons

Using the power of your lungs fill all the balloons you can with air. If you have access to a supply closet, you can even start this step a couple of days in advance.

Step 3: Fill the Room

Once the balloons are filled, put them in the room you decided on and wait for someone to discover the room they want to use is filled with balloons.

30. Stuffed with Stuffed Animals

Most office tricks are cheap, but this next one could be costly unless you have a bunch of old stuffed animals lying around at home that your kids don’t mind you taking. Just know that these should be stuffed animals they don’t expect back.

What You Need:

  • Stuffed Animals

Step 1: Decide Which Room to Fill

Decide which room you will stuff with stuffed animals. It should be a room that is left unattended for long periods of time.

Step 2: Wait for the Room to Be Empty

Once the room is empty, grab your stuffed animals and stuff them in. It can be helpful to start collecting stuffed animals in advance and storing them in an unused closet until the time comes.

Place the stuffed animals on every surface possible, also leaving a bunch on the floor.

Step 3: Wait for Discovery

Chill nearby and wait until someone discovers that the room they want to use is currently occupied with stuffed animals.

31. Office Pall Pit

Pranks where you fill a space are just so easy to execute, and the ball pit prank is fun for all involved. You’ll need just a few supplies to carry out this fun prank.

What You Need:

  • Plastic balls (at least 1000)
  • Saran Wrap or Plastic Kiddie Pool

Step 1: Build the Pit

The Ball Pit prank is best carried out in an office with cubicles. You use the saran wrap to cover the door to make the pit.

If your office doesn’t have cubicles, don’t toss aside this plan just yet as you can use a kiddie pool as the pit. Wait until your coworker heads out to lunch to build the pit.

Step 2: Fill the Pit

After you have either made a pit out of a cubicle or placed a kiddie pool to use as the pit, you can fill it with balls. You’ll need at least 1000 balls to make a decent pit.

Step 3: Watch and Wait

Take a seat near the pit and wait for the coworker to discover their new office. Once they find it, be sure to take a turn jumping in.

32. Email Subscription Prank

The email subscription prank is fun because you can perpetuate it away from the office or from the comfort of your own desk. You also won’t need to buy lots of a supplies which is a plus.

What You Need:

  • Your Coworkers Email
  • Access to a Computer

Step 1: Sign Up Your Coworker

Use your coworker’s work email address to sign them up for various subscriptions These can be for updates from musical artists that may be on tour, stores that are offering discounts, or for notifications from different TV shows.

Step 2: Wait

Your coworker will likely begin to notice all the welcome emails. Continue to sign them up until they say something.

Editor’s Note: Be careful with this prank that you don’t sign your coworker up for any crude or inappropriate sites. Keep it just to artists and other lighthearted notifications. Also ensure that you pull this prank on a coworker who won’t mind unsubscribing from all these sites later.

33. Scary Ceiling

Scary Ceiling is an ideal prank for the Halloween season, or for getting that one hard-to-prank coworker. You’ll need lots of patience for this prank to come to fruition so pick something else if you want an immediate laugh.

What You Need:

  • Pictures of scary movie characters
  • Tape
  • Step stool or ladder

Step 1: Wait for the Office to Empty

Volunteer to stay late or work a weekend. You need the office to be empty to set up this prank.

Step 2: Tape the Pictures

Using the ladder, tape the pictures you printed out to different ceiling tiles above coworkers’ desks.

Step 3: Wait

Continue to attend work as normal and wait for that day when someone looks up and screams.

34. Substitute Coworker

The Substitute Coworker prank only works when you have a coworker who will be out of office, and you know in advance. Once you purchase what you need for this prank, however, it is nice because you can use it again for other coworkers.

What You Need:

  • Blow up doll
  • Picture of your coworker
  • Tape

Step 1: Make the Replacement Coworker

On the first day of your coworker’s vacation, print out a nice picture of their face and tape it to the blow-up dolls head.

Step 2: Place the Replacement

Seat the replacement coworker at their desk first thing in the morning and wait for others in the office to notice.

Step 3: Take Pictures

Interact with the doll taking pictures with it around the office. Send these pictures to your coworker or place them around their cubicle for them to enjoy when they return.

Be cautious not to take inappropriate or vulgar pictures as these could lead to you getting fired.

35. Fake Theme Day

Most offices have that one coworker who is just a little too gullible. The Fake Theme Day prank is for them, just check with your boss before you execute it so no one will get in trouble.

What You Need:

  • An Email Address

Step 1: Think of a Fake Theme

If your office regularly does theme days, you can borrow from those. You can also come up with your own like costume day, pajama day, or 80s day.

Step 2: Send an Email

Send your Coworker an email from an official-looking email address letting them know about an upcoming theme day. You need to pull this prank on a coworker who is unlikely to double-check with other coworkers.

Step 3: Wait

Once the date outlined in your email comes, wait, and watch for your unsuspecting coworker to show up in the wrong clothes for work.


Can You Get Fired for Office Pranks?

It is possible to get fired for office pranks, especially if you pull one that damages company or employee property.

To avoid getting fired for an office prank, ensure you pull one that is within your company culture, is harmless, and doesn’t damage any property.

You should also make sure you don’t try to pull funny office pranks at the wrong time.

When is a Good Time to Pull an Office Prank?

You should pull an office prank when it won’t disrupt work. Perhaps during the lunch hour, or towards the end of the day.

If your office has days that are more for parties than workdays (such as close to a holiday) this is an ideal time to set up some funny office pranks so they won’t disrupt the workday.


Overall, pulling an office prank here or there can be a great way to boost morale around the office and introduce a little humor to your day.

Whether you choose to wrap your coworker’s windows PC with paper, or maybe tape funny pictures everywhere, just be sure any prank you choose is in good taste.

You will also want to time your office pranks to introduce fun elements to the workday when people aren’t slammed with work. If you are able to find a prank that meets all of these requirements, you, and your coworkers, are likely to enjoy any prank you decide to pull.

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