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5 Reasons Why We Love Moe’s Southwest Grill

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We have our traditional “Mommy-Daughter” Date night once a week and I let the girls choose where they want to dine. This week’s top pick was Moe’s Southwest Grill, which actually happens pretty often. My family loves Moe’s Southwest Grill. We especially love dining at Moe’s during a busy week of soccer practice, band practice, or church. With such a rush on time, we are always looking for easy, fast, fresh, and delicious dining options.

Moe's Soutwest Grill in AtlantaWe especially look forward to their Moe Mondays, Taco Tuesdays, or Kids Eat Free with Adult Meal on Wednesdays. *This may vary per store location. If that is not enough to get excited about, here are five other great reasons why our family loves Moe’s:

1. Fresh Ingredients

Moe’s uses over 20+ fresh ingredients in their menu selection, prepared daily.  Like all-natural, caged and hormone-free chicken. Or, 100% sirloin steak, grass-fed, with no hormones added. This is very important to my family. Also, I love their salsa and guacamole which is also prepared fresh daily.

2. Moe’s Rockin’ Rewards App

I love the Moe’s Rockin’ Rewards app. For every purchase, you will receive Moe’s Rewards. For example, for every 1,000 points earned, you will earn $10 credit. You also will get notifications of special news or offers. Oh, and can’t forget – you will receive a FREE Birthday Burrito every year on your birthday.

3. Friendly Staff

Walking into the door, we have come to expect the friendly staff cheering out their warm welcome. “Welcome to Moe’s!”  This warm welcome always brings smiles to everyone’s faces.

4. Unlimited Chips & Salsa

Moe’s serves free unlimited 100% corn and fry fresh daily chips. These chips are so crunchy, light and airy. The best tortilla chip should have a great corn flavor and a slight saltiness, and Moe’s accomplishes just that. Pair it with some freshly prepared salsa, mmm mmmm good!

5. Independently Owned & Operated

I love supporting small business owners and most Moe’s locations are independently owned and operated.

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27 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why We Love Moe’s Southwest Grill”

  1. I love the soft tacos, I always get an extra soft tortilla for the stuff that falls out. And the queso nummy nummy. I wish we had Taco Tuesday . We have Moe Monday and Kids Eat free Tuesday.

  2. I love Moe’s! Haven’t been there in a while though, but now I’M feeling the urge. You always get so much food, I’ve often got the kids meal for myself!

  3. This is great and everything looks so good. I have always loved the Billy Barou with chicken, black beans, queso, pico de gallo, sour cream, shredded cheese and onions. Also, I really love their tomatillo salsa!


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