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Thrill Seekers: Experience The World’s Longest Urban Whitewater Rafting Course

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I can remember like it was yesterday, going whitewater rafting when I was just ten years old with my mom and brother. It was a trip I would never forget. Fast forward thirty years later, and here I am still a thrill seeker about to embark on the world’s longest urban whitewater rafting course with WhiteWater Express in Columbus, GA. Rafting through huge waves with my family; talk about an adventure that my girls will remember forever! They are 11 and 13, and have inherited the thrill-seeking gene from me. It feels like we’re creating a tradition. I hope one day they will take their kids as I’m doing with them, and as my mom did with me.

A special thanks to WhiteWater Express and Visit Columbus CVB  for hosting my family. All opinions expressed here are my own.

WhiteWater Rafting with WhiteWater Express

Rafting Down The Chattahoochee River

If you want to experience whitewater rapids down the Chattahoochee River, then WhiteWater Express will accomplish just that for you. It’s more than an activity, it’s an experience. Travel down 2.5 miles on the river in a raft, listening to some great history of downtown Columbus GA told by your guide, while enjoying some great views. Oh, and I can’t forget to tell you that there are five total rapids where you will get drenched.  We learned the history of how the man-made adventure of WhiteWater Express came about. In fact they have been described as the “best man-made river in the World as well as one of the top 12 man-made adventures on the planet!” according to USA Today.

WhiteWater Rafting with WhiteWater Express

It’s not every day you get to whitewater raft in Columbus, Georgia, but it also won’t be something you forget anytime soon. I was excited myself but petrified for my girls and how they would react, since this was their very first whitewater rafting adventure. You know how protective and worried us mama bears can be. Getting there early helped us to feel prepared because we could take a deep breath and get checked in. By the time we were ready for the ride, our nerves had calmed down a little. You’ll never feel completely calm because you know mother nature is unpredictable, but that’s all part of the thrill.

After a quick briefing, we were loaded into the van to head up to the launch spot. Once we were at the launch spot, we were given further directions. Our guide Caleb talked to us about safety and how to properly use our paddles. Then we loaded into our raft and got ready for the adventure that was awaiting us. I really appreciated all the information. I could tell that they really cared about us and that we weren’t just customers to them.

Experiencing the Classic Ride was Epic!

The tour we took was known as the Classic Ride. You can take this tour during the early afternoon, or even in the morning, if you’re an early bird. We chose the early morning. Surprisingly, it was a little chilly on that August morning. I was worried the water would be ice cold, but thankfully it wasn’t. Next time, I think I would prefer to choose the early afternoon, so we could have plenty of warmth and sunshine. The rapids that we were dealing with were Class I. You can always sign up for a more challenging white-water rafting experience. For first timers, I would highly recommend this experience.

Moving on Up!

Over time, we approached the bigger rapids, also known as Class II and Class III. It’s amazing how quickly these rapids move and how much fun you can have at the same time. Feeling the water up against your paddle and the sprays of water in your face is indescribable. We didn’t even fall out of the raft once, although for a moment we thought we were going to lose our guide. Halfway down the river, we even had a chance to get out of the boat and float a bit. Wow, floating around in this water was amazing! It pulls you quickly!

Make Your Own Reservation, Today!

Our tour guide, Caleb, was awesome and really explained things well. He made us feel at ease and took all our nerves away. He was also super funny which helped ease any nerves. You can tell he definitely loves his job. He makes you feel comfortable and safe throughout the experience. Having a great guide is important for first timers! Thank you Caleb for making our whitewater experience incredible. What are you waiting for? Book online or give them a call at (706) 321–4720.

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