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How To Draw a Snowflake: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

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When the weather starts getting colder, learning how to draw a snowflake is the perfect fireside activity. Snowflakes are so special and represent the unique qualities each of us possesses.

How To Draw A Snowflake

Types Of Snowflakes To Draw


  • Flat
  • No columns
  • Sturdy

Simple prisms are flat with blunt ends. They look like tiny ice cubes but come in many prismatic shapes.


  • Flat
  • No thin “limbs”
  • Hexagonal

Plates are flat and thick. They have limbs and patterns etched into them but are not dainty.

Stellar Dendrites

  • Dainty
  • Dimensional
  • Visible crystals

Stellar dendrites are tree-like. They are daintier than plates and have more branches springing from the limbs.

Fern Dendrites

  • Dainty
  • Dimensional
  • Fuzzy

Fernlike snowflakes are fuzzy in appearance because you can see the snow crystals stacking on one another.

Hollow Column

  • Solid center
  • Cylindrical
  • Hollow ends

Hollow columns don’t look like snowflakes but are classified as such. They look like tiny vials that you might think a cork belongs in.


  • Thin
  • Hollow ends

Needle snowflakes are just like hollow columns but thinner. If they land on something, they’ll look like tiny dog hairs.

Capped Columns

  • Half-hollow column
  • Flat ends
  • Spool-like

Capped columns look like hollow columns that have merged with plates. The final appearance is a spool-shaped snowflake.

Bullet Rosette

  • Three prongs
  • Columns
  • Flat ends

Bullet rosettes are one of the most unique types of snowflakes. They have three prongs and can have caps on the ends or not.


  • Mixture of textures
  • Clumpy

Irregular snowflakes are the most common type of snowflakes. They are non-symmetrical and a combination of the other types.

Snowflake Drawing Tips

  • Use a ruler – if there are straight lines, a ruler can help clean them up.
  • Choose a type – you don’t have to stick to it, but using it as a guide is great.
  • Use shapes – hexagons, in particular, are helpful.
  • Add imperfection – snowflakes are not perfect; keep this in mind when you’re adding finishing touches.
  • Add dimension – you can add dimension by creating depth to the edges or details to the surface.
  • Glue and sparkles – add light blue, white, or silver glitter to make your snowflake pop.
  • Trace cutouts (or glue them on) – cutout snowflakes are easy to make, so using them as a guide is a great idea.

How To Draw A Snowflake: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

While anyone can draw a snowflake without a reference, it’s best to follow a tutorial if you want to get serious.

1. How to Draw a Cute Snowflake

How to Draw a Cute Snowflake

The cutest snowflake you can draw is one that belongs in a cartoon. Mei Yu has an adorable cartoon snowflake tutorial.

2. How to Draw a Pretty Snowflake

How to Draw a Pretty Snowflake

Pretty snowflakes are dainty and sweet. Use EasyDrawing Tutorials video to draw pretty snowflakes for your projects.

3. How to Draw a Realistic Snowflake

How to Draw a Realistic Snowflake

Because snowflakes are easier to see against a black background, it’s a good idea to draw realistic ones on black paper. LethalChris Drawing draws gorgeous snowflakes.

4. How to Draw a Snowflake from Frozen

How to Draw a Snowflake from Frozen

Elsa’s snowflake from Frozen is easy to recognize if you’re a fan of the movies. Drawinghowtodraw is a huge fan and draws a pretty replica.

5. How to Draw a Snowflake for Kids

How to Draw a Snowflake for Kids

Kids can draw snowflakes too. Art for Kids Hub has the best snowflake tutorial for kids.

6. How to Draw a Dainty Snowflake

How to Draw a Dainty Snowflake

Dainty snowflakes only require a pencil to draw. Crafty Nica makes Christmas cards with her snowflake drawings.

7. How to Draw a Simple Snowflake

How to Draw a Simple Snowflake

To draw a simple snowflake, take a marker and get to work. If you need help, DoodleDrawArt with Lisa can help you.

8. How to Draw Snowflakes Falling

How to Draw Snowflakes Falling

To draw snowflakes falling, just draw various snowflakes all turned in different directions. Tatyana Deniz can show you how to draw snowflakes falling.

9. How to Draw a Snowflake With a Face

How to Draw a Snowflake With a Face

Snowflakes with faces appear sentient, spreading holiday cheer. This adorable snowflake by Toy Toons has a face.

10. How to Draw a Fern Snowflake

How to Draw a Fern Snowflake

Fern snowflakes appear fluffy and have a lot of details. Art-Cher Ferrara has a good tutorial on how to draw detailed snowflakes.

How To Draw A Snowflake Step-By-Step


  • Paper
  • 2B pencils (or markers)

Step 1: Draw a Faint Hexagon

Draw a hexagon on your paper but make sure you make it light as you will erase it later. This hexagon will guide you.

Step 2: Draw Three Lines

Draw three lines across the hexagon from corners to corners. You can draw these with a heavier touch.

Step 3: Draw a Smaller Hexagon

Draw a smaller hexagon in the center about ¼ of the way from the center point. The branches will start at this hexagon.

Step 4: Widen Lines

Make the lines you drew earlier thicker. You can erase the ones you drew or draw around them, as the lines will add depth.

Step 5: Add Branches

Add small pillars to each of the lines. You can draw two on each or more. The more you draw, the fluffier the snowflake will look.

Step 6: Add Color

You don’t have to color it, but adding light blue color to the snowflake will make it look more festive.

Step 7: Finish with Details

Add more depth by adding lines that mimic the outlines. This is where you can get creative and make the snowflake special.

How To Draw A Snowflake FAQ

Are Snowflakes Hard To Draw?

Snowflakes are easy to draw. You can make them harder to draw and challenge yourself by drawing a realistic-looking snowflake.

What Colors Should You Use For A Snowflake Drawing?

White and light blue are the best colors for a snowflake. But you can use any color to make your snowflake unique.

What Do Snowflakes Symbolize In Art?

Snowflakes represent delicacy, fragility, and uniqueness. Draw them for the way they make you feel because that’s what they mean to you.


Learning how to draw a snowflake isn’t just useful during Christmastime. While drawing a snowflake in the winter is more common, it can be fun to cool off your summer with a festive snowflake. Everything you learn to draw will help you become a better artist, and a snowflake is no exception.

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