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Happy Birthday Son Quote

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Sons are a very important part of many people’s lives and we all treasure our sons even though they can be a right pain sometimes.

On your son’s special birthday, it’s important to get the right greeting as well as the perfect cake or gift. The perfect happy birthday wish really could make their day all the more special.

Happy Birthday Son Quote

So, what birthday wishes for a son could be the perfect one for yours, let’s take a look.

Happy Birthday Son Quotes and Happy Birthday Wishes

Finding the perfect quote to wish a son happy birthday can be quite a difficult task, especially if you’re after something heartwarming. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways that you can wish your son a happy birthday so let’s take a look at a few quotes and general wishes.

  1. “I feel so lucky and blessed to have you as my child and today is your big day. Happy birthday to my son”
  2. “We’ve watched you grow into an amazing young man and you deserve everything good in the world. Happy birthday kiddo”
  3. “My heart is filled with my love for you every day and I’m so proud to have you as my son. Have a happy birthday young man”
  4. “No matter how old you are, you’ll always be my little boy. The years have gone by so fast but we’re always still by your side. Happy birthday”
  5. “Happy birthday my son. We hope that all your wishes and dreams come true”
  6. “You truly were the perfect gift for us and we love you very much. Happy birthday, now go celebrate and enjoy your day”
  7. “We’ve always been proud of you and you’re continuing to grow into a brilliant man. Happy birthday boy”

    Birthday Wishes for Son from Mom

    Sons and mothers often have a special bond and so finding the perfect birthday message for a son can be difficult. At the end of the day, no matter how old your son is turning, you’ll still want to make his day perfect. So, what blessed birthday wishes for a son could you give as a mother?

  8. “You young man, will always be my little prince so happy birthday kiddo”
  9. “Happy birthday to my son. My birthday wish is that each year will bring you more dreams; more laughter; more wisdom and many more wishes”
  10. “I hope that you always look forward with a smile on your face and you look back with fondness in that big heart of yours. I wish you neverending joy in life and on your birthday and let it be filled with delight and wonder. Sending birthday wishes to the son of the year”
  11. “A son is love that lasts an eternity. I will always love you, kid. Happy birthday”
  12. “Every single day since the day you were born, you’ve adde something brilliant to my life and I can’t imagine life without you in it. Happy birthday son”
  13. “To the most amazing son, it’s been an utter joy to watch you grow up and we’ll continue to support you as you grow up. Happy birthday”
  14. “You’ve been the most beautiful gift sent from God and I’m grateful for every moment we’ve cherished together. I love you son, happy birthday”

    Birthday Wishes for Adult Son

    Of course, your greetings and birthday wishes for a son will change according to their age. You may not be wishing happy birthday with dinosaur cakes and kids’ tv show themed parties at the age of 25 (we don’t judge if you do). So, here are some birthday wishes for an adult son to help you wish a son a happy birthday.

  15. “I used to be your hero back in the day when you were a kid but now you’re mine. Happy birthday son”
  16. “My son, have a lovely birthday. We love you lots”
  17. “I will never forget that first time I held you in my arms and your birthday brings back that memory every year. Happy birthday kiddo”
  18. “My world is completely full because I have a son like you. I hope your future is as dazzling as you are and I hope that this day is filled with happiness and joy. Happy birthday my sweet and loving son”
  19. “Son, have a wonderful birthday as you are my pride and joy”
  20. “If I could pick up all the joy in the world, I’d give it all to you. Have a wonderful birthday son and may you have all that’s destined for you in right time”
  21. “Thank you for making us prouder and prouder everyday. We love you lots and we hope that this day is filled with nothing but joy. Best wishes on your special day son”

    Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for a Son

    There’s no doubt that some sons love a joke around and sometimes maintaining that special bond is very important on their birthday to keep the mood nice and jolly. So, what are some funnier happy birthday greetings for your son. Let’s have a look.

  22. “One thing you can certainly look forward to when you’re older is that you’ll look just like your parents. Happy birthday”
  23. “Every year, you’re certainly becoming more handsome and smart. It’s almost as if you’re trying to become like your parents. Hopefully, all your wishes do come true on your birthday”
  24. “Happy birthday little champ. It’s time to grow up and so no more midnight cookies or feasts for you”
  25. “You were a wonderful child and you’ve become a wonderful man. Did you notice I didn’t mention the teen years? Just kidding kiddo, happy birthday”
  26. “You wanted us to treat you more like an adult? Well, there are more chores to be done – you’re welcome. Happy birthday son”
  27. “We hope you have a fabulous birthday son. We can’t quite believe that you’re that much closer to enjoying your senior citizen discounts and deals. Happy birthday”
  28. “Old age isn’t as bad of an idea when you look at it at a different angle, perspective is key. Happy birthday kid”

Happy Birthday Wishes Son

So, if you’re after the perfect birthday wish then we’ve got you covered. It’s not always easy to think of a birthday message that’ll suit your son perfectly but there are plenty to choose from on our list above.

You can simply say one of them to your son or write a note or letter. Some sons will appreciate a more heart touching birthday quote whereas others may enjoy a good chuckle. We hope you all have a lovely day.

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