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19 DIY Halloween Paper Crafts

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One of the most exciting parts of Halloween is the crafting. But, we don’t always have access to a variety of crafting materials that are required to pull off big elaborate ideas. Sometimes we have no choice but to keep it very simple.

Halloween Paper Crafts

Whether you only have limited materials or you just want to keep it straightforward this year, we’ve put together a list of wonderful Halloween crafts that only involve paper.

Simple Halloween Paper Crafts Ideas

Paper Halloween Cards

Giving a card for Halloween may be a bit conventional, but we’re of the persuasion that you should be able to use any excuse to give a greeting card! This is especially true if the greeting card is absolutely adorable, like the homemade cards found here. You can make witches, pumpkins, vampires and more! Who wouldn’t love to be on the receiving end of a playful Halloween card?

Witch Paper Craft

Witches are one of the most popular Halloween symbols. Long gone are the days of witch hysteria—in the modern-day world, witches are actually celebrated instead. You can celebrate witches yourself by making a very cute paper witch. Take a look, this one even has a broomstick!


Spiderwebs can be found all year round, but they are especially associated with the Halloween season. Maybe this is because so many people find spiders so spooky! You can make a spider web craft out of paper quite easily. If you have ever made a snowflake for the holiday season, then it’s a similar approach. Check out the details here.

Black Cat Wreath

Have you ever wondered why black cats are a symbol of Halloween? We’re not entirely sure where it comes from, but it may be rooted in a Pagan belief that black cats represent impending danger or doom. Of course, we know that that isn’t true and that black cats are just as loveable and friendly as any other cat out there! However, you can still use a cute black cat as a Halloween decoration, and it’s easy to make one completely out of paper—check it out here.

Paper Plate Witch

Paper plates offer such a great opportunity for crafting! Here is another idea that features a witch, although this time it is made out of a paper plate. Technically this example uses a bit of string for the witch’s ginger hair which means that it is not entirely made out of paper. However, you could easily make the hair out of paper instead (or just use string, there are no hard and fast rules in the world of crafting).

3D Paper Pumpkins

Pumpkins might just be the most popular Halloween symbol in the universe…we can’t believe it took us to number six to show a pumpkin-related craft! These paper pumpkins are quite special, because their several layers give them a 3D appearance. Like the craft above, this one is not made completely out of paper—it involves the use of some pipe cleaners, too. But you could always improvise and use paper for the pipe cleaner parts as well!

Spooky Halloween Mansion

Haunted houses are one of the most fun parts about celebrating Halloween for both kids and adults, and now you can have your very own haunted-house-inspired paper craft. This mansion is made out of painted recycled toilet paper rolls and looks more like a castle than a house. A wonderful project for a rainy fall day.

Paper Cone Witch

Here’s another witch idea, but this one is 3D and extra cool! You can make it by turning a piece of paper into a cone and decorating it with witch-like features. This is the perfect craft idea for older kids or teens, as a young child may require a lot of parental help to pull it off.

Paper Lanterns

Do you know what are usually made from paper? Lanterns! Although lanterns aren’t traditionally used as a Halloween decoration, decoration usually takes place in the evening hours when it’s dark out, so it makes sense that you would want to use a lantern for lumination. These Halloween-inspired lanterns are adorable, but they can be a fire hazard, so make sure any children are using them with adult supervision. Better yet, fill them with a battery-operated “candle”!

Pumpkin People

You were probably expecting a lot of pumpkin-related crafts on this list, but how about pumpkin…people? These cute paper crafts are called “pumpkin people” because they consist of a pumpkin with long dangly legs and arms. A great idea for young kids. Our only nitpick is that because these are carved, they are not technically a pumpkin, but more of a jack-o-lantern!

Paper Garlands

A garland is a beautiful yet simple decoration that can be used to bring a festive feel to a party. You’ll want to hang these homemade paper Halloween garlands up where all of your guests can see! This is a great project to involve kids with, as they will love attaching all of the links with one another.

Flying Ghosts

These flying paper ghosts are just as adorable as they are spooky! You can use them making a paper cup as well as shredded-up pieces of paper. You’ll want to give them a very silly face with a black magic marker or sharpie. Probably one of the easiest crafts on this list.

Spider Handprint

We gave directions on how to make a spider web, but how about the spider itself? This fun spider craft is designed for kids and uses the tracing of the hand as a base for the body of the spider. You can either use googly eyes or make your own small eyes out of construction paper.

Halloween Paper Plate

Here is another paper plate idea! You can make an easy jack-o-lantern by using just a simple paper plate and pieces of construction paper. You will see that the example shown here involves the painting of a paper plate, but you can also keep it exclusively a paper craft by cutting out pieces of construction paper instead.

Paper Puppets

What could be more fun than a craft that you can interact with? These Halloween puppets feature all of the classics: vampires, Frankenstein, a ghost, a monster, and a pumpkin. Of course, you can make any kind of puppet that you would like! Sky’s the limit.

Flying Bat Puppets

Instead of a puppet, how about a craft that involves the entire puppet show! That’s exactly the deal with this flying bat show, which involves the use of a paper plate as the stage and a cut-out bat on a popsicle stick as the actor. This is the perfect craft idea for older children who are looking for something to do at a Halloween party.

Torn Paper Scenes

This is a unique craft idea that features the use of not just paper but torn paper. You can make a very spooky scene of black cats, ghosts, witches, and more. It looks pretty complicated, but it’s actually a lot easier than it appears. Check it out here for inspiration.

Black Cat

Here is another black cat craft idea. This one involves the folding of paper to create an interesting accordion-like appearance. There is a video that accompanies this tutorial that makes it a lot easier to follow.

Toilet Paper Bats

Toilet paper rolls make some of the best materials for making paper crafts. You can make these adorable miniature bats by cutting a toilet paper roll in half and wrapping it in construction paper.

Halloween Paper Chain

Paper chains are often associated with the Christmas season, but you can make them for Halloween as well. All you need is black and orange construction paper! It’s pretty straightforward, but in case you need a bit of instruction, you can check out a tutorial here.

Paper crafts are not only fun to do, but are also good for the environment since they can all be recycled. Which craft are you going to try out first?

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