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20 Halloween Craft Ideas for Toddlers and Adults

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There’s a reason why Halloween is the favorite holiday of so many different types of people. What other time of the year can you prance around as a witch, ghoul, or goblin and not receive strange looks from the neighbours?

Halloween Craft Ideas for Toddlers and Adults

Another great thing about Halloween is that it’s the perfect excuse for crafting. We’ve compiled some of our favorite Halloween-themed crafts together in this list and organized them into four levels of difficulty: toddlers, children, teens, and adults.

Halloween Crafts for Toddlers

The toddler age is an important time for fostering creativity and honing in on those developing fine motor skills. Here are five craft ideas that are appropriate for the toddler age (with some adult help, of course).

Pumpkin Paper Plate

All you and your toddler will need to make this pumpkin paper plate are markers and construction paper. Technically, it’s more of a jack-o-lantern, since it’s technically a carved pumpkin. You could also use paint to create the orange color, but we like how this tutorial uses magic markers instead (it’s not nearly as messy as paint).

Flying Bat Handprint

Handprint art is not only fun for a toddler, but it is also a way to make a keepsake that you can treasure for later years that will remind both of you of how small they both once were. One of the best kinds of handprint art is this adorable Halloween bat that is made with googly eyes.

Googly Eye Sensory Bag

A sensory bin is a great way to engage your toddler’s five senses. You can make a Halloween-themed sensory bin using regular items and food that you have around the house. We love how this tutorial even includes a story that you can tell your toddler to make the process of making the craft even more fun.

Monster Hands

Here is another activity that involves your toddler’s handprint! To make a “monster hand”, you will want to have your toddler place their hand on a piece of paper so that you can trace around it. Then, you can add lentils and beans to make this hand look like it belongs to a monster. Before you do this craft, make sure your toddler is okay with the idea of a monster—some toddlers find them delightful, but some find them terrifying!

Halloween Slime

Slime is another favorite among toddlers! This slime recipe is free of borax and uses contact lens solution, baking soda, and glue to achieve its fun consistency. Add a touch of green glitter paint and googly eyes to make it special and Halloween-themed!

Halloween Crafts for Children

Children are old enough to handle some spooky crafts, compared with toddlers. But not every kid likes being spooked! Here is a list of some scary and not-so-scary Halloween craft ideas for kids.

Leaf Ghosts

The fall season offers so many opportunities for crafting, mostly thanks to the materials that can be found in nature! One of the most exciting fall crafts involves painting leaves. You can make a perfect Halloween ghost by painting a leaf white and adding a ghoulish expression. Check out the DIY tutorial here.

Puffy Ghost

We love a craft tutorial that involves the use of an interesting texture! This “puffy” ghost is made out of soft cotton balls glued onto a piece of construction paper. Teachers, take note—this is a great one to do in the classroom.

Halloween Bookmarks

Here’s a wonderful craft idea for any kid with bookmark tendencies! This tutorial gives you the option of printing a design to use in your DIY bookmarks, it’s also a fun idea to make your own out of construction paper. All you’ll need to do is attach them to a popsicle stick, and you’re ready to use it as a bookmark. Some Halloween-friendly ideas include: a bat, a cat, a ghost, or a monster!

Bead Pumpkin

We love pumpkin-themed crafts! These pumpkins are a little bit more complicated to make than the other pumpkins that are on this list (like the construction paper pumpkins and the pumpkins made from paper plates), but the end result is worth it. Check it out here.

Mummy Lacing Art

Now for something a little bit different! This mummy paper plate lacing artwork involves threading string through a paper plate to give the appearance of a mummy. Clever, isn’t it?

Halloween Crafts for Teens

Some teens may feel as if they are outgrowing crafting, but it could be that they are just trying crafts that are not challenging enough. They will likely have more fun making a craft that is more closely aligned with their skill level, like any of these:

Ghost Balloons

This is a wonderful craft idea for teenagers who are hosting a Halloween party! These ghosts, made from streamers and balloons, would look great hanging in a hallway or from a ceiling. Find the fine details here.

Paper Bag Halloween Crafts

Paper bags are not just for sack lunches! They can also make for great crafting materials. If your teen is hosting a Halloween party, they can also use these as goody bags. Their days of trick or treating may be over, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want to eat any candy at all!

Popsicle Stick Vampire

A popsicle stick craft might not seem like it’s well-suited for teens, but they can get surprisingly intricate! Take this vampire, for instance. It’s not an easy craft to pull off, but the end results are quite impressive.

Halloween Garland

Garlands are all the rage! Use the Halloween season as an excuse to tap into this decorating trend with an adorable garland made out of construction paper pumpkins. You could also make a bunch of different types of shapes to make garlands, like little witches, monsters, or mummies.

Sharpie Pumpkin Decorating

This is a great idea for any teen with budding art skills and a lot less messy than actually carving a pumpkin. Plus, it requires very few materials: just a few Sharpie markers and the pumpkin itself.

Halloween Crafts for Adults

Just because you’re a grown-up, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with crafting! Here are some craft ideas that will make even the most creatively resistant adults happy. Whether you’re looking for homemade Halloween decorations or ideas for a crafting party, these are sure to be a hit.

DIY Spell Book

Every good witch or wizard needs a handy dandy spellbook! Here is a tutorial for making your very own spellbook out of old hardcover books. The perfect decoration for a front entryway table.

Mason Jar Halloween Displays

There is something about miniature worlds that is just so charming! You can make your own miniature Halloween world in a mason jar by following these easy steps. Feel free to let your creativity run wild with this one.

Wooden “Boo”

These “boo” letters work both indoors and outdoors! If you’re into woodcrafting, you can make your own wooden letters. But if that’s not your thing, you should also be able to find these letters are your local craft store. Either way, you will have a blast painting adorable ghosts on them to make them a spooktastic decoration!

Halloween Cross Stitch

Cross stitching has become a very popular pastime among many people, and it’s easy to see why. Not only is it a fun and relaxing way to express your creativity, but it also leaves you with a really nice decoration to hang in your house. This Halloween-themed cross stitch pattern will provide hours of fun.

Wire Skeleton Tree

Skeletons are a classic symbol of Halloween! Now, you can create your own miniature skeletons and hang them from a DIY wire tree. Find the tutorial here.

We’re sure that you can take inspiration from at least one of these tutorials and make something absolutely boo-tiful! Just remember to bookmark your favorites so that you can make them again next season.

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