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What Are The Best Halloween Activities?

By Emma Davies


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Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re like us – you just can’t wait. But sometimes thinking of activities can be quite tough as there’s so much to do, you just can’t pinpoint exactly what you want to get done. Yes, Halloween is only one day but it’s certainly an excuse to pack your fall calendar up to the brim with fun activities.

Halloween activities

So sit tight and take a look at our amazing list of Halloween activities for every category you can think of. We have everything like things for the kids, party activities, and Halloween themed things to do – from decorating your home, pumpkin picking, breaking out those scary movies to the traditional apple bobbing. If you don’t fancy going out then no worries as there is plenty you can do right in your own home.

Best Halloween Activities

Here are some of our favorite Halloween things to do to get you in that scary season mood and ready for your Halloween plans.

Decorate Your Backyard…or Front Yard

This is a classic and you can’t have Halloween activities without a decorated backyard or even a front yard if you’re feeling fancy and festive. There are lots of different ways you can do this – either decorate it as a fall theme with pumpkins and various autumn leaves or go all out on the spook and add scary statues and skeletons around your front yard to give anyone who’s walking past the Halloween spirit.

You can easily pick up some cobwebs from your local store or your local fancy dress and if not then Amazon is a great shout. Inflatables are also a great idea if you want to be that house with the Halloween inflatables.

If you don’t fancy buying anything then there are loads of easy DIYs you can do to make your yard look cute as hell. One example is taking a kebab stick or wooden skewer and putting it through a polystyrene ball, then decorating the skewer with fabric to make it look like a ghost. You can easily stick these in the ground to give your garden a spooky feel.

You can easily get the kids involved in this one too to make it a family activity by giving them tasks to do and getting them to pitch in their creative ideas for each decoration.

Go To a Pumpkin Patch

This is a typical fall activity but is also great for the Halloween season. If you fancy going out somewhere to kill an afternoon then this is a great idea. You will find so many different pumpkins whether in size, shape, or even color. Normally, it’s not that expensive either so why not find a local pumpkin farm and get your pumpkins?

You can also spend the evening carving pumpkins after you’ve picked up all your pumpkins to make some jack o lanterns to fill your backyard or your home. There are loads of ideas online if you’re stuck on what to carve but you could easily carve a normal looking jack o lantern or go all out and pick a theme based on a favorite tv show or movie – the choice is completely yours.

What About A Halloween Trivia Night?

You’ve got to love a trivia night and making it Halloween based can add a little more spice and humor. You could have questions based on the original origin of Halloween and where it actually comes from or you could have some more broad questions like which country holds the record for the biggest pumpkin ever?

Things like this will be fun and hilarious when people get their answers wrong but it can also be a great way to learn more about the holiday that we celebrate so much. It’s also a great way to learn a little bit more about the dark history that’s associated with the festival of Hallow’s Eve.

Things To Do This Halloween

There are loads of things to do this Halloween if you fancy going out or if you fancy staying in. It doesn’t matter what your preferences are, there’s something for everyone – we promise.

Go and Find the Best Decorated Houses in Town

We all know the one family that goes all out on Halloween with the front yard decorations and the inflatables so why not go on a tour of all the best houses in town? You could even rate them on your favorites and it could be possible inspiration for your own home.

So get in your car and go on a drive around your local village or town to see what people have done to get excited for the season.

Watch a Halloween Movie

Halloween movies are a great invention and they’re the perfect thing to do on the night of Halloween if you don’t fancy going out or even if you fancy getting into the spirit a little earlier. There are loads to choose from and funnily enough, we have a whole article dedicated to it here if that’s something you’re curious about. But a few we recommend are Hocus Pocus, the Corpse Bride, or Run.

So why don’t you snuggle up with some candy corn, other sweets, and snacks with a pumpkin spiced latte and get watching?

Share Scary Stories

Scary stories are a Halloween classic and if you’re a fan of turning the lights off and telling a story by the light of a torch then this could be the perfect option for you. You can sit down with friends or family to share these spooky stories but don’t get too spooked out. You could even decide whose story is the best, creepiest, or the worst and decide on a forfeit or something funny for the worst story.

Remember to be completely safe and if someone doesn’t like it then it’s probably the best idea to stop or let them leave before you carry on – we don’t want anyone in bad spirits on this holiday. If you’re completely stuck on a story then don’t worry, there are plenty of themes out there to get you started like a family on a camping trip or a girl going missing in a forest nearby – the choice is yours.

Halloween Party Activities

If you’re someone who loves a good party or if you fancy holding a few fun Halloween themed activities to get you into the spirit a little more.

Halloween Themed Games

Halloween themed games are a great addition to any Halloween party and there are loads to choose from that could be fun. You could get creative and make your own games or you could gain some inspiration from online resources and us. If you’re completely stuck for some games then we have a little list of ideas to get you started.

  • Glow in the dark Tic tac toe – Tic tac toe is a classic game or as it’s sometimes otherwise known, noughts and crosses. If you play in the dark, it’ll certainly add to the spooky fun.
  • How many eyeballs? – This is quite a fun one if you have competitive people amongst you. We recommend that you fill up a jar with chocolate eyeballs, rocks painted with eyes, or something similar and get your guests to guess how many are in there. Whoever gets the closest wins the jar or a prize. This can be so fun as you can see everyone’s competitive streak come out a good bit.
  • Family feud but Halloween – This game inspired by family feuds will involve two teams guessing different answers to spooky questions. They will have a certain amount of time to finish thinking of their answer and the team with the most points is the winner. This can easily be a DIY job and will be lots of fun.

Apple bobbing

Apple bobbing is a traditional Halloween activity and is almost a must have for this season. If you’re interested in the origins of apple bobbing then you can learn about it here.

All you have to do is race to pick up the maximum amount of apples you can from a bowl of water in a certain time only using your mouth. Of course, you can use your teeth too but make sure your hands are behind your back and the only thing you’re using is your mouth. In terms of hygiene, make sure everyone has their own bowl of water and their own apples so the only thing that spreads this Halloween is spookiness.

Halloween scavenger hunt

You’ve got to love a scavenger hunt and Halloween is the perfect opportunity for one. Why not go on a hunt around your neighborhood for different pumpkins, graves, skeletons, and cauldrons? If you don’t want to look for things and tick them off then why don’t you get a few riddles and clues together to find a prize at the end or even a fun activity? These scavenger hunts can be a blast and you could even try to get the whole neighborhood involved to make it extra fun with lots of people.

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