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Homemade Gummy Bear Recipe – Delicious Treat

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Who doesn’t love gummy bear candy? For so many of us, gelatin “gummy” candy bears were a monumental part of our childhood snacks, right up there with sour keys and that assorted candy that comes in a small container that is designed to look like a garbage pail.

Gummy Bear Recipe

If you really like gummy bears, you’re going to want to make your own from scratch! Here is a collection of the best homemade gummy bear recipes that the internet has to offer.

Green Apple

Green apple is a very underrated candy flavor, if we do say so ourselves! The only problem is that you never know what you’re going to get when you get a green apple-flavored candy. Sometimes the taste is balanced and heavily, but sometimes it tastes chemical and manufactured. You can ensure that you are going to get that delectable, authentic green apple taste by making your own by following this recipe here.

Strawberry Orange Gummy Bears

Usually, we see strawberry flavors mixed with banana, but did you know that strawberry can also taste great when mixed with orange? The citrusy hints of orange bring out the delicious sweetness of the strawberries. The perfect summer treat. Check out the tutorial for yourself here.

Jello Gummy Bears

Who didn’tlove jello as a kid? Now you can enjoy jello treats guilt-free as an adult with these jello candies. Thanks to their secret ingredient (okay, it isn’t a secret, it’s jello), these gummies are a bit healthier than some of the other gummies on this list. And they have such a fun chewy consistency.

Sour Gummy Bears

Have you ever wondered how sour candy gets its tang? We often eat sour things when we are eating candy though we can also come across sour tastes in the wild, like grapes or apples. You can make your own sour taste by using acidic ingredients like lemon juice. You can also just use food-grade citric acid, which you can buy online or at a specialty food store. This recipe will show you the proper way to use citric acid.

Hot Cinnamon Gummy Bears

Are you a fan of those hot cinnamon candy hearts that seem to only come around every Valentine’s Day season? They seem to be pretty divisive, as far as candy goes. But if you are part of the population that absolutely loves spicy cinnamon candy, you are going to want to check out this recipe for homemade hot cinnamon gummy bears. If you love it, you really love it.

Sugar-Free Gummy Bears

There are a lot of different reasons to watch your sugar intake. Although we truly do love candy, there is no denying that a high amount of sugar isn’t good for anyone and can lead to some pretty dire health problems. Fortunately, you don’t need to give up candy completely just because you are trying to watch your sugar. One option is to make sugar-free gummy bears, and this is a good recipe that can help you do exactly that. This recipe cleverly uses a sugar-free drink mix as its sweetener.

Fruit and Honey Gummy Bears

If you are looking to make natural gummy bears, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you love the taste of gummy candy but hate all of the additives and preservatives that are found in candy that you find on the shelf. Or, maybe you have kids who are constantly asking you for candy and you want to make sure that they are eating healthier. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this recipe that uses fruit and honey as gummy bear ingredients.

Lemon Ginger Gummy Bears

Lemon and ginger make such a wonderful flavor combination, don’t you think? However, it’s most commonly only found in teas. It is pretty uncommon to find lemon ginger candies on the store shelf, so why not make them yourself? Check out an easy recipe for lemon ginger candy here.

Protein Gummy Bears

Sometimes, we expect more than just a yummy taste out of our gummies. What if you also want your gummies to help you reach your protein goals for the week? If you didn’t think it was possible, think again. You can make your very own protein gummies by following the simple recipe found here. Heads up: this tutorial uses beef gelatin, so if you are vegetarian or vegan you’ll want to swap it out for a plant-based protein powder.

Dandelion Gummy Bears

Dandelion is one of the most underrated culinary ingredients that there is. While many people (in North America especially) think of them as nothing more than a weed that needs to be eliminated from their garden or front lawn, there are many culinary practices around the world that make delicious things from dandelions, including salads, tea, and desserts. Try out your own attempt at dandelion candy by following the unique recipe found here.

Fruit Punch Gummy Bears

Fruit punch isn’t just for serving in a giant bowl at parties or school dances. It’s also for making delicious, juicy gummy bears! Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple, and that’s exactly what this gummy bear recipe does by using juice as its main ingredient.

Chocolate Covered

It seems like the trend of covering various treats and snacks in chocolate is here to stay. You may think that the idea of chocolate-covered candy is weird, but don’t knock it until you try it. This recipe shows you how to make your very own chocolate-covered gummies that are sure to be a huge hit at your next get-together.

3 Ingredient Gummy Bears

One of the main things that keep people back from making their own gummy bears is intimidation. It seems like there are a lot of required ingredients, from having the right mold to the right kind of gelatin. This recipe keeps things simple with only three honest ingredients. It uses sugar-free juice and maple syrup for sweetening, so you also know that it’s relatively healthy.

Vegan Gummy Bears

It’s not hard to make plant-based gummy bears, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you start making them. One thing to understand is that the ingredient that usually makes a gummy unfriendly towards plant-based eaters is gelatin, which often comes from animal sources. Use gelatin that is derived from plants, and you’ll be fine. It can be rather hard to find vegan gummy candy in retail stores, so you’re best off making them yourself. Here’s a good recipe.

Keto Triple Berry

If you are a follower of the keto diet, you’ll want to have a look at these gummy bears. They are keto, sugar-free, and come in a delicious triple berry flavor. Plus, they’re pretty easy to make.


Sometimes when it comes to jelly candy, it’s best to just keep it simple. That’s exactly what the idea is behind these straightforward lemon-flavored gummy treats. They are low-calorie, fat-free, and completely free of sugar because they use stevia extract for sweetening. Definitely worth a try.

Sour Watermelon Cherry

Let’s not go without giving you another option for sour gummy candy. This recipe will show you how you can make a deliciously unique sour watermelon cherry gummy candy by using real watermelon and cherries. They are sweetened with honey and relatively healthy.

Hibiscus Tea

Are you a big tea drinker? If you answered “yes”, then you will want to take a look at this recipe for making hibiscus tea flavored gummy candy. If you haven’t tried hibiscus before, it’s known for its light, flowery, and slightly sweet taste. This is fancy enough that it would make a delicious snack to serve at a party.

Once you’ve tried homemade gummy bears, you will likely not ever want to go back to store-bought ones! Okay, maybe in a pinch, you will. But what else are you supposed to do when the craving hits you?

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