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15 Best Ginger Beer Cocktails for Cold Season

By Elisha Baba


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Ginger beer is the perfect base for a wide range of cocktails. It can be mixed with many different spirits and liqueurs to create an impressive selection of drinks for your next gathering or special event. Today I’m going to share with you fifteen different ginger beer cocktail recipes that will be the hit of your holiday parties and gatherings this year.

15 Delicious Ginger Beer Cocktail Recipe Ideas

1. Easy Whiskey Ginger Cocktail

This must be one of the easiest cocktail recipes ever. Using only three ingredients, this delicious drink is a refreshing flavor combination. Simply mix together ginger beer, whiskey, and fresh limes to quickly make this cocktail from Garnish with Lemon.

2. Spiced Moscow Mule

In just five minutes you can mix together this Spiced Moscow Mule from Ricardo Cuisine. With a base of vodka and ginger ale, this drink is mixed with candied ginger, mint, lime, and cinnamon for a spicy and unique twist on a classic cocktail. Serve them in pretty copper cups at your next party or gathering with friends and family this winter, and they’ll definitely be a hit!

3. Blood-Orange Ginger-Beer Cocktail

This drink recipe from Tablespoon uses only four ingredients. Simply combine blood orange, lime, gin, and ginger beer for a refreshing yet tart citrus cocktail that hasa delicious flavor to it.

4. Pomegranate Moscow Mule

This is an ideal cocktail for the holidays, and As Easy As Apple Pie shows us how simple it is to make. It’s a festive twist on the classic drink, which uses ginger beer, freshly squeezed lime juice, vodka, and pomegranate juice. Pomegranate adds a fresh taste and rich color to any cocktail, and this drink has the perfect mixture of sweetness and tartness.

5. Ginger Beer Mimosas

This is a great addition to your next weekend brunch, and Crumb Top Baking shows us how to make this colorful and decadent drink. It takes only minutes to pull together, combining spiked ginger beer, orange juice, cardamom, ground ginger, and champagne.

6. Apple Cider and Ginger Beer Bourbon Cocktail

This recipe from Floating Kitchen makes a seasonal fall cocktail that combines some of the best tastes from this time of year. The ingredients are all super easy to find for this mixed drink, and you probably have all of them in your house already! It’s perfect for a night at home in front of the fire or for a holiday party. You won’t even need a shaker to make this recipe; that’s how simple it is!

7. Jalapeno-Cucumber Moscow Mule

Get your copper mugs out and get ready to make this delicious twist on a Moscow Mule. With a hint of citrus, thanks to the fresh lime juice, a feeling of relaxation from the cucumbers, and heat from the jalapenos, this is a perfectly unique combination that will impress your family and friends at any time of the year. Check out this recipe from Salty Canary, which will take you under ten minutes to prepare.

8. Ginger Peach Bourbon Smash

This light and refreshing summer cocktail from Tidy Mom is perfect for a summer party or BBQ. It combines fresh peaches, ginger beer, and bourbon and has a great combination of fruitiness from the peach and a kick from the ginger beer and bourbon. If you aren’t a fan of peaches, or if they aren’t in season, you can easily switch them out with another fruit you have in your home.

9. Orange-Ginger Fizz

This is a classic orange and ginger cocktail, which could be prepared with or without bourbon as required. For this recipe, My Recipes combines ginger beer, fresh orange juice, fresh lemon juice, bourbon, honey, and crushed ice to make a fresh, citrusy drink that is perfect for a hot day in the summer.

10. Witch’s Brew Halloween Cocktail

Mom Skoop has a really fun twist on a classic cocktail, that’s perfect for Halloween or any fall day in fact. It’s a deep red color and combines lemon-lime soda, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, ginger beer, and simple syrup. Impress all of your guests at the party with the fantastic presentation of this cocktail with its yummy gold sanding sugar rim.

11. 5-Ingredient Ginger Beer Margaritas

Who doesn’t like experimenting with a new type of margarita at home? This recipe from Minimalist Baker combines ginger beer, simple syrup, tequila, and fresh lime juice for the perfect cocktail. Of course, make sure you master adding salt to the rim of your glass for that perfect serve.

12. Lemon Ginger Vodka Cocktail

This is the perfect summer cocktail, that would be great for your next 4th July party. It’s cold, refreshing, and bubbly, with a citrusy hint and a kick from the ginger. The Sugar Coated Cottage shows you how to make this delicious mixed drink in just minutes.

13. Blueberry Ginger Smash

Quite possibly the prettiest drink on this list, The Drink Kings combines ginger and fresh blueberries for a vibrant and fresh cocktail. Simply add a handful of blueberries, gin, ginger beer, and simple syrup to a cocktail shaker, and you’ll be ready to serve this mixed drink at any occasion. Garnish with more fresh blueberries before serving, and be sure to use clear glasses so that your guests can see how nicely these fresh ingredients look when mixed together.

14. Ginger Beer Mojito

Mojitos are one of my favorite cocktails, so no mixed drink list would be complete without one. Gimme Some Oven has created this fantastic recipe that uses just a few simple ingredients. Ginger beer is added to the classic mix of lime juice, mint leaves, and rum, for a refreshing summer drink.

15. Pumpkin Patch Punch

Not only is the alliterative name fun, but the drink is too! This cocktail is sure to delight your family and friends at your next Halloween party, Thanksgiving get-together, or any fall event. Half Baked Harvest shows us how to mix up this autumnal drink that combines apple cider, ginger beer, orange juice, lemon, and vodka. The secret ingredient that really sets this recipe apart is spiced pumpkin butter, and each glass should have a cinnamon sugar rim for the perfect fall cocktail.

Ginger Beer is an excellent base for a whole array of cocktails and is suitable for use throughout the year. Combined with different seasonal tastes, you can serve some of these cocktails during the summer and then transition to winter and fall by adding the taste of apples and pumpkin. Try out one of these cocktails tonight, and I promise you will thank me later!

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