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Your Giggle On with These Friday Jokes

By Emma Davies


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The joys of working a 9 to 5 job mean many of us cannot wait for Fridays, the last day of the work week before we can go home and chill on our much deserved break. What better way to celebrate this fabulous day of the week than with some good old fashioned funny Friday jokes?

Friday Jokes

Now we all love a good joke to end the week on a high but it can be super hard to think of them on the spot, that’s why you need a list of the best Friday jokes out there. Whether it’s for your co-worker, kids or other half, there’s definitely something out there that is guaranteed to get a good chuckle.

Puns About Friday

Everyone loves a pun and everyone loves a Friday so there’s nothing better than a pun about friday to finish off your week.

  1. Why did my dad not go to work on Good Friday? Because it was a holy-day.
  2. Why did Friday start going to the gym? He was a weak day.
  3. What do you call a Friday that is not serious about anything in life? Casual Friday.
  4. Why do geologists shop on Friday? For the great weekend shales.
  5. What’s the pilot’s favorite day of the week? Fly-day
  6. Why was the student so happy to go back home from school? It was Friyay.
  7. What do you call it when you have to finish your work on a Friday night? A cryday night

Friday Jokes for Work

There are also hundreds of Friday work jokes out there that are sure to get a giggle out of your co workers as you leave to go home on everyone’s favorite day of the week.

  1. A lawyer told a judge, “my client is trapped inside a penny.” The judge said, “what?” The lawyer said, “he’s in a cent.”
  2. Why don’t office people like jokes about Friday? They’re week.
  3. What did the teacher give on black Friday? 50% off late assignments.
  4. What do people who work from home wear on Casual Friday? Nothing.
  5. What do biologists wear on Casual Friday? Genes to work.
  6. Nothing ruins Friday more than understanding that today is Tuesday.
  7. Friday is like a superhero that always arrives just in time to stop me from savagely beating my coworker with a keyboard.

Friday Jokes for Adults

How about a funny friday joke aimed more at the adults that we’re sure everyone can relate to?

  1. What should you do when life gives you lemons? Ask for more Friday nights instead.
  2. Who can profit a lot on Friday the 13th? Tailors because they know a lot of superstitchens.
  3. When do rich people celebrate Black Friday? Every day.
  4. What comes after Black FRiday? Broke Saturday.
  5. It’s Friday night. Time to be a hero and rescue some wine from a bottle.
  6. It’s Friday. Any plan of being a productive member of society is officially thrown out the window.
  7. The highlight of Friday night when you’re a parent is the 5 minutes between putting your kids to bed and passing out on your own.

Friday Jokes for Kids

Now that we have the jokes for the adults out of the way, how about some for the kids?

  1. What did the fruit ask at the end of the work week? Orange you glad i’s Friday?
  2. What did Friday say to Saturday when they were about to give up? Weekend do it.
  3. Why did Thomas the Tank Engine stop working on Friday? He ran out of steam.
  4. What do cows do on Friday nights? Go to the mooooovies
  5. Why couldn’t I get an appointment at the library for Friday? They were all booked up.
  6. Why was the customer unhappy with the vacuum he bought on black Friday? It sucked.
  7. Why was the boat shop owner happy on black Friday? It was the most successful sail of the year.

Jokes for a Friday

So there you have it, the best Friday jokes for any occasion that will have everyone around you looking forward to the weekend. Do you have any favorite Friday jokes that we missed?

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