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30 Family Feud Questions and Answers For a Fun Game Night

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You may or may not know of this popular TV game show called Family Feud where families compete by answering some interesting questions. If you ever wanted to play the game yourself but haven’t had the opportunity to go on live TV, you can always play at home by recreating the game in your own living room. Use your favorite Family Feud questions, or make up your own, and see who wins the game.

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What Is Family Feud?

Family Feud is a popular TV show, that has a host, two teams of families, and a whole lot of interesting and sometimes silly Family Feud questions for the family members to answer. This fun game show has been around since 1976 and has been entertaining viewers for decades.

How Does Family Feud Work?

There are a few questions asked by the host or emcee, and each question has more than one answer. Each answer’s score is determined by how many people out of 100 chose that answer when they were surveyed before the game starts.

There are 2 different types of rounds of questions. The first round of questions is basic questions that anyone can buzz in and answer on the two teams.

The second batch of questions is called the Fast Money round. Fast Money questions require two answers, and once all 6 open spots are filled, the round is over.

What You Need to Have Family Feud Game Night

You can have a Family Feud game night at home. And you don’t even need an online version or board game to play. Although, that does make life a bit easier.

All you really need are some players and some tools to make your home game night work. Moreover, with a little preparation, you can easily have a fun night of Family Feud at any event that allows it. So, why not give this a try at your next family reunion?

If you do play it with the same family members often, be sure to write down what question you have asked to ensure you don’t ask the same questions over and over again.

A Host to Ask the Family Feud Questions

This player will not be answering any questions, they will be asking them and keeping track of all the points and answers. Choose someone with a bright and bold personality, just like the most famous host, Steve Harvey, and someone that can tally up points quickly!

Teams to Answer the Family Feud Questions

Any remaining players must be divided into two equal teams. Ideally, you would have a minimum of two players per team. However, the game can be played with one person each.

A Scoreboard

You need a scoreboard to keep track of all the points the teams each score, as well as write down the answers they gave in the Fast Money round.

An ideal solution would be a whiteboard which you could re-use and attach magnets and papers to it.

A Buzzer

When the two families are competing for who answers first, they will have to press a buzzer to signify who will answer first.

You can try using an app if you don’t have a buzzer laying around, or simply use a squeaky toy if you have one.

Round One of Family Feud Questions

Round one consists of three questions. This first round is where you compete who gives an answer first and consists of three questions you can ask your family teams. This round has two parts: the face-off and the feud.

Whoever answers correctly first in the face-off has a chance to allow their team to find all the available answers for that question during the feud. After three strikes, the other team has a chance to answer to steal your questions.

Round Two of Family Feud Questions

Round two is known as the fast money round, where the winning team from round 1 has to give two answers instead of just one. This is the round where you can make up a lot of points if needed to win the big money prize.

This round has 5 questions and 5 lists of answers.

How to Win the Game

You technically win after round one, where the host tallies up each team or each person’s total points and determines the winning team. This team then has the opportunity to do the Fast Money round where they can make up enough points to surpass the pre-set amount of points to win the grand prize.

How to Play Family Feud on Game Night

How to Play Family Feud on Game Night

You can easily turn this TV game show into your very own at-home version. Get the whole family involved to compete in a game or two of this popular show.

You can set the winning team’s general prize and grand prize at whatever you wish. Perhaps those family members don’t have to do chores for a week, or they get a sweet treat – it is up to you!

Step 1

Allow your team captains to go up to the buzzer for the first face-off. Whoever wins the face-off, returns to their family where each family member has the opportunity to find one of all the answers to that specific question – called the feud.

Step 2

If you find every answer without going over three strikes, you win the question round. After that, another family member goes up to the buzzer to do another face-off.

If your family gets three strikes, the other family has one chance to find one correct answer and steal all the points you’ve made. Go up to the buzzer after the win and start a new face-off question. Likewise, if the other family fails, you keep your points, and another face-off starts.

Step 3

When all three questions of round one have been answered, the Fast Money round starts. Consequently, this is awarded to the team that has won the most points in round one. There are no special questions and answers for this round, just that only one team answers all the questions.

Step 4

At the end of both rounds, the host adds up the winning team’s points. As a result, if the winning team has more than 300 points, they win the grand prize of $20,000.

However, this will likely be some other grand prize you have set up beforehand. Moreover, if they don’t have more than 300 points, they still win, just not the grand prize. Therefore, they would win a consolation prize.

Family Feud Game Night Rules

Of course, there are a few rules that you need to know to have the game running smoothly. That way, you can ensure you have a fun Family Feud game.

Choose Your Team Captain

First, each team has to choose a team captain to face off for the first round of Family Feud questions. In short, this person will be your team leader.

In addition, it’s a good idea to choose the next two family members to answer the remaining two face-off questions for the time being. If the subject allows for someone else to possibly give the highest scoring answer, choose them instead.

When Your Team Captain Answers Wrong, the Next Team Captain Answers.

If one team captain answers wrong after pressing the buzzer, the captain of the opposing team has a chance to guess one remaining answer. Consequently, if they guess the answer correctly, they steal all of the points from the first team.

Likewise, the same goes for the second and third questions in the first round, even if it isn’t the team captain.

First Team Captain to Answer Correct Gets His Team To Answer More

The first team captain to give the correct answers to the first question joins their family. After that, each member of the family has a chance to find all the answers to the question.

As a result, the next face-off will require another team member, not the same team leader.

Three Strikes And You’re Out

If the family who answered the question, gets three answers wrong, the other team members have one chance to find one more answer to the question. Therefore, if they succeed, they steal all the points the other family has gathered for that question so far.

They win the question round, and the next question gets asked again to a new member just like the team captain had.

However, if they fail, the family who earned three strikes keeps their points, and that question’s round ends.

Only 1 or 2 Players Are Allowed in Fast Money

If the winning team from round 1 only consists of one player, then that player must provide 2 answers to the question. If there is more than one player on the team, the team must choose 2 players to compete in the fast money round.

Fast Money Only Has Two Answers Per Question

Each question in the Fast Money round only allows for two answers. Certainly, you’ll want to choose wisely. This is a bonus round for the winning team, and they rapidly answer all 5 questions.

30 Family Feud Questions and Answers

Important note: you don’t need specific Family Feud game questions for a round or two. So, you can feel free to mix them as you’d like. Each question has multiple answers, with specific points per answer indicated in brackets after the answer.

The host may use their discretion to approve an answer as correct if the answer overlaps in a basic sense with the original answer. Likewise, if they’re too different, they may indicate them as the wrong answers.

However, to keep things interesting. For example, you can try to ask unusual or funny Family Feud questions. That way, you will get some entertaining answers. Moreover, choosing a topic or question you know your family might not be able to answer could result in some pretty funny answers when they’re in the hot seat.

Kids Family Feud Questions

Kids Family Feud Questions

Kids under 12 might require some easier Family Feud game questions. For instance, you might want to try these out next time you play with a younger crowd.

Remember that kids might answer in a much more basic manner than adults do because of their limited vocabulary. Therefore, you’ll have to try to interpret their answers fully. For example, one might say ‘scary house’ but mean haunted house.

1. Name Something Little Kids Hate to Do

  1. Take a bath (29)
  2. Eat vegetables (18)
  3. Clean their room (12)
  4. Go to bed on time (9)
  5. Homework (6)
  6. Brush their teeth (6)
  7. Go to church (5)
  8. Go to the doctor (4)

2. Name Something Little Kids Take to The Park

  1. Ball (52)
  2. Bicycle (16)
  3. Frisbee (11)
  4. Kite (9)
  5. Dog (3)

3. Name Someone That Works In a Hospital

  1. Nurse (64)
  2. Doctor (31)
  3. Nutritionist (1)
  4. X-ray Technician (1)
  5. Pediatrician (1)
  6. Pathologist (1)
  7. Lab Technician (1)

4. Name Something You Would Find At a Breakfast Buffet

  1. Eggs (25)
  2. Bacon (24)
  3. Sausage (19)
  4. Potatoes/Hash Browns (12)
  5. Juice (7)
  6. Coffee (6)
  7. Melon (2)
  8. Cereal (2)

Sporty Questions

Sporty Questions

If you have a very sports-orientated family who loves to watch sports or just support any sports teams in general, these questions might come in handy.

5. Name Something You Might See a Commercial For During a Baseball Game

  1. Car/Truck (28)
  2. Baseball Equipment/Jerseys (26)
  3. Baseball Games/Tickets (25)
  4. Restaurants (9)
  5. Medication (6)
  6. Beer (4)

6. Name a Professional Sport Where the Players Make a Lot of Money

  1. Football (29)
  2. Baseball (27)
  3. Basketball (24)
  4. Soccer (7)
  5. Tennis (7)
  6. Darts (2)

7. Name a State That Has a Lot of Sports Teams

  1. New York (33)
  2. California (30)
  3. Florida (18)
  4. Texas (13)
  5. Pennsylvania (3)
  6. Illinois (2)

Movie Based Questions and Answers.

Movie Based Questions and Answers.

If you have a family who enjoys watching movies and all the lore that comes with being a fan of movies, these questions will be sure to get you excited and competitive.

8. In Horror Movies, Name a Place Teenagers Go Where There’s Always a Killer On the Loose

  1. Cabin/Camp/Woods (49)
  2. Graveyard (12)
  3. Movie Theater/Drive-In (6)
  4. Basement/Cellar (6)
  5. Closet (5)
  6. Bathroom/Shower (4)
  7. Bedroom/Bed (4)
  8. A Party (4)

9. Name Something You’d Need if You Wanted to Dress Up Like Dorothy From “The Wizard of Oz”

  1. Ruby Slippers (72)
  2. Checkered Dress (13)
  3. Pigtails/Braids (8)
  4. Picnic Basket (3)

10. Name Something Specific About Mickey Mouse That Other Mice Might Make Fun Of

  1. Gigantic Ears (36)
  2. Clothes/Gloves (29)
  3. Voice/Laugh (19)
  4. His Huge Feet (3)
  5. BFFs With a Duck (3)
  6. Honker/Big Nose (3) 

11. Name Marvel’s Avengers

  1. Captain America (22)
  2. Iron Man (22)
  3. Black Panther (20)
  4. The Hulk (15)
  5. Thor (15)
  6. Black Widow (9)
  7. Spiderman (3)
  8. Hawkeye (3)

Questions and Answers About Pets

Questions and Answers About Pets

Everyone loves some sort of animal or pet. So these questions should be easily answered by any member of the family.

12. Name Something a Squirrel Might Get in a Fight With if it Tried to Take His Nuts

  1. Bird/Crow (30)
  2. Another Squirrel (23)
  3. Chipmunk (12)
  4. Cat (10)
  5. Raccoon (8)
  6. Dog (5)
  7. Rabbit (4)
  8. Human (3)

13. Name an Animal Starting With the Letter “C” That You’d Never Want to Eat

  1. Cat (64)
  2. Camel (8)
  3. Cougar (8)
  4. Cow (4)
  5. Cheetah (3)
  6. Coyote (3)

14. Name Something Ducks Do

  1. Quack (65)
  2. Swim/Paddle (20)
  3. Waddle (7)
  4. Fly (4)

15. Name One Thing People Do to Imitate a Dog

  1. Bark (67)
  2. Pant/Tongue Out (14)
  3. Down On All Fours (11)
  4. Hands Up/Beg (3)

16. Name Something Everyone Knows About Dragons

  1. They Breathe Fire (76)
  2. Fly/Have Wings (8)
  3. They Don’t Exist (5)
  4. They’re Big/Tall (5)

General Knowledge Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Questions and Answers

You need to throw in some general knowledge questions to keep the game interesting. In addition, people tend to go for themed questions. However, you need to make it difficult to keep the game interesting.

17. Name Something That Might Be Spoiled 

  1. Milk/Food (78)
  2. Child/Person (14)
  3. Pet (2)
  4. Party/Surprise (2)

18. Name Something You Might Be Glad Only Comes Once a Year

  1. Christmas (47)
  2. Birthdays (37)
  3. Tax Season (9)
  4. Anniversary (4)

19. Name a Place Where You’re Supposed to Be Very Quiet

  1. Library (82)
  2. Church (10)
  3. Theater/Movies (3)
  4. Bedroom (2)

20. Name a Type of Insurance 

  1. Car (28)
  2. Health/Dental (22)
  3. Life (15)
  4. Home (10)
  5. Renter’s (8)
  6. Flood (6)
  7. Travel (4)
  8. Blackjack (2)

Food-Based Answers and Questions

Food-Based Answers and Questions

If you think you know everything there is to know about food, think again. Try out some of these food-based questions in your next Family Feud game.

However, be careful, not all the answers to these questions about foods, are food items.

21. Name Something That Gets Shredded 

  1. Documents/Paper (57)
  2. Cheese (19)
  3. Lettuce (18)
  4. Wheat (3)

22. Name a Kind of Chip 

  1. Potato/Corn (74)
  2. Chocolate (14)
  3. Poker (7)
  4. Micro/Computer (3)

23. Name Something You Do With Your Meat Before You Put it On the Grill

  1. Season It (48)
  2. Marinate It (33)
  3. Cut It/Trim It (11)
  4. Defrost It (7)

24. Name a Drink That’s Both Served Hot and Cold 

  1. Tea (59)
  2. Coffee (34)
  3. Milk (3)
  4. Cider (3)

25. Name Something in a Bakery a Baker Might Call His Wife 

  1. Honey/Buns (32)
  2. His Oven (9)
  3. Sweet/Sweetie (9)
  4. Cupcake (8)
  5. Muffin (7)
  6. Sugar (5)
  7. Donut (5)
  8. Doughy (4)

26. Name a Common Candy Bar Component 

  1. Chocolate (36)
  2. Peanuts (22)
  3. Caramel (15)
  4. Almonds (12)
  5. Nougat (10)
  6. Coconut (6)

Relationship Questions and Answers.

Relationship Questions and Answers.

If you think you know the love of your life, or maybe you feel you’re an expert at relationships. Certainly, these questions will challenge you to see if you can live up to the standards.

27. Name Something You Would Buy After Getting Engaged

  1. Dress (44)
  2. Ring (31)
  3. Champagne/Drinks (11)
  4. Dinner (6)

28. What is a Nickname Someone Gives Their Lover That Starts With the Word “Sugar”

  1. Sugar Pie (27)
  2. Sugar Bear (27)
  3. Sugar Baby/Babe (12)
  4. Sugar Daddy (8)
  5. Sugarplum (8)
  6. Sugar Lips (5)

29. Name an Excuse a Friend Gives For Not Helping You Move

  1. Work/Too Busy (51)
  2. Bad Back (30)
  3. Sick/Tired (10)
  4. Going Out of Town (7)

30. Name Something A Woman Never Forgets About Her Fiance’s Wedding Proposal

  1. The Way He Asked Her
  2. The Place
  3. The Ring

Family Feud Questions FAQs

How Many Questions Do You Need to Play Family Feud?

Firstly, for one game, that consists of both the normal rounds and the Fast Money round, you would need a total of 8 questions and answers.

The first round is a normal face-off and feud round, consisting of 3 questions. The Fast Money round is a special round where the team with the highest score wins the first round and advances to this round, having 5 rapid-fire rounds.

How Many Seconds Do You Get To Answer a Question on Family Feud?

You have to answer the Family Feud question within 5 seconds of pressing the buzzer. You only get one guess. Moreover, if you guess correctly as to what the answers are, you get points.

However, if you give the wrong answer, you get one strike. After that, the other team has a chance to answer. In addition, they will have 5 seconds to answer from the moment the host mentions they have a chance to answer the same question.

How Many Points Do You Need to Win Fast Money?

Generally, it is 300 points to win the game. However, you can make it easier or more difficult if you wish.

The board game version of Family Feud sets the limit at 200. But some older versions of the TV show went up as high as 400 points.

How Does Family Feud Scoring Work?

Each question and its answers are given to a group of 100 people to answer. Therefore, if 36 people chose green as the happiest color in the survey question, green gets awarded 36 points. As a result, if you guess green as your answer for the same question, you will be awarded 36 points.

You try to find the most common answer to a question since that will result in the highest amount of points. The host adds all the points up at the end of round one to see who gets to win big money in the Fast Money round.

Should You Ever Pass in Family Feud?

The logical choice might be no. On the other hand, if you know your family isn’t great at the topic of questions, then you can consider passing. Certainly, this is especially so in the first round. Above all, it is better to try your best than let the other team win.


Playing a few games of Family Feud can be easily done at a party, home, or reunion. It’s a great way to challenge each other on topics you wouldn’t normally know about with some of these interesting Family Feud questions. So set up a comfy space, grab a buzzer and let the family fun begin.

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