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20 Fun Fall Family Activities

By Simona Ganea


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The leaves are changing color and the temperature is dropping that can only mean one thing – Fall is fast approaching and that means the spooky season is just around the corner. Pumpkins are everywhere and activities for the fall are on your mind. There are a whole host of fun fall family activities that you can choose from.

Fun Fall Family Activities

Whether you want to cuddle up in front of a fire or are set on making the most amazing Halloween costume – there is sure to be a fun fall activity that you want to try out on our list.

Fall Activities for Families

There are lots of things you can do as a family during the fall to have fun. These could be Halloween fall adventures or just nonhalloween activities for fall. Here is a list of fall things to do as a family this season.

1. Make a Spooktacular Halloween Costume

One of the big events that happen in the fall is, of course, Halloween. Why don’t you get together with your kids and make a Halloween costume with them so they’re trick or treating in style?

Of course, you don’t have to do this with your kids. You can do it on your own and even if you don’t have kids don’t let that stop you. It’s a great excuse to get your family together and have some crafty fun. Why not make a jellyfish or a witch? The choice is completely yours as a family. But, if making things isn’t your thing then why not take a wander to a thrift store or a costume shop and see what you can work with?

2. Find The Perfect Pumpkin

This is a great activity for everyone, no matter what age you are. You can all get together and even set challenges such as who can find the biggest pumpkin or who can find the most weird shaped pumpkin.

Pumpkin picking is a great fall activity but adding a little challenge can make it even more fun, especially if you have a competitive streak – everyone has that family member who has to win. Some pumpkin patches also offer other activities like hay rides, horse rides, or a farmer’s market. After your pumpkin picking, you’ll also be able to carve it all together to make the best Halloween pumpkin lantern ever.

3. A Cozy Reading Night Together

Getting all cuddled up together and reading a book is a lovely way to spend a cold evening. Why not make some hot chocolate for you all and read a book at the same time? Of course, you could all have a book each or you can find a spooky story for you all to read together. Why not have a look at Amazon for the best fall reads for you to read together?

4. Go To a Haunted House

If you’re really into the spooky season then going to a haunted house could be a great option for your family fall activities. You can get all dressed up and go to a haunted house that’s in your neighborhood or even in a theme park. But if you’re feeling extra spooky then why not make your own house into a haunted house? If you have kids then you could surprise them with their haunted home or you can do it all together. You could use pumpkin lanterns, fake cobwebs, and so many more things to make your house extra spooky.

Fun Fall Activities

There are also lots of fun things that you can do over the fall which doesn’t always have to be with your family. You may also not be particularly fussed on the whole Halloween craze and you prefer other things this fall so let’s help you find your next fall activity.

5. Snuggle up Next to the Fire

There’s nothing better than snuggling up under a comfy blanket with a fire and a nice hot drink. Why not pick a cozy movie as well to make your evening much more comforting? Lighting a pumpkin scented candle could bring all the fall through your door and could provide all the comfort you need.

6. Go to a Fall Festival

Going to celebrate at a fall festival is definitely the way to kick off your fall season and Thanksgiving. You can hang out with the scarecrows, enjoy all the colors in nature during this time, and make sure you take a craft and a pumpkin home with you. Going to a fall festival is also a great way to make new pals which could be a great thing for you this fall.

7. Go Apple Picking

Apple picking doesn’t just have to be for the kids and if you’re looking for a fun activity to do outside then this could definitely be an option for you. Remember, apple picking isn’t just fun for the apple picking side of things. In fact, why not make some toffee apples and even do some apple bobbing if you have the time? It can be a good load of fun and will certainly get you into the fall spirit.

8. Jump into Piles of Leaves

Crunching on leaves is so underrated and is definitely a brilliant fall activity that could keep families entertained for ages. So, take your family out to the park and get their wellies on and let them jump and crunch in the leaves. Nothing beats taking your kids away from their screens and having family time together, especially in the fall.

Best Fall Activities

What do we think are the best fall activities? Let’s take a look at our top picks. Of course, if you fancy something else then you may find the perfect match in one of our other sections.

9. Have a Fall Themed Photoshoot

This is a great one to do alone, with a partner, with friends, or with family. Why not go outside, set up a camera or even your phone if you set it on a timer, and take some photos that you’ll remember? Why not throw some leaves in the air or dance around in the autumn colors? You can also do this inside of course all snuggled up with a hot chocolate and a spooky story. You could also take pictures whilst carving pumpkins and put them in an album to remember this season.

10. Go Horse riding

Of course, you can do this any season but lots of people love to do it in the fall. It’s a great time to admire all the colors of nature from a little bit higher than normal. Feel the breeze in your hair as you trot along the orange and yellow paths.

11. Visit a Petting Zoo

This is a super fun one where you can go and visit all the different animals at a farm or a local fall festival. There are loads of things that you can go and say hello to like goats and ponies – they may even let you ride a pony. Having a hay filled afternoon is certainly a great fall activity to keep yourself entertained.

12. Play Some Touch Football

Once the fall season hits, it’s also the football season which is very exciting for everyone. Why not get your own football game in and play some touch football with your friends or family? This friendly game shouldn’t do any physical damage and setting a forfeit for the losing team is always a good shout for that extra bit of fun. Why not say that the losing team has to rake and shovel up all the leaves?

Fall Activities This Weekend

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend then we’ve got you covered. There are loads of options of things you can do so let’s take a look at our list.

13. Volunteer at a Food Bank

This one is certainly one you can do this weekend and you can donate food like beans or other tinned food. The other option is of course actually going to your food bank and helping out. This could be anything from restocking shelves or tables to helping out the people who use the food bank. Of course, fall is also a time of thanksgiving and so this is a great way to give back to your community.

14. Run a 5k this Fall

This may not float everyone’s boat but running a 5k this fall is a great thing you could do this weekend. With all the trees changing color, it’s also a great time to appreciate the fall foliage. It’s also a great way to burn off those calories from the Thanksgiving dinner.

15. Go on a Bike Ride

Why not go on a bike ride with some of your friends, and family or go solo? This is also an easy thing you can do this weekend. Bike rides are super fun and you can always stop at the local coffee shop to have some cake and a hot chocolate after you’re done or if you fancy a halfway treat.

16. Host a Bake Off..but for pies

Now this is a fun one that you could do this weekend. All you need to do is to get some friends over and buy the ingredients – all sorted. Inspired by Masterchef, why not have a bake off but with pies? Whoever can make the most fall themed pie wins or whoever can make the tastiest pie wins. The theme is your oyster so get some friends around and start baking.

Fall Activities for Adults

17. Tour a Winery

This is actually a pretty cool thing you can do any time of year. But doing it during the fall is loads of fun and it is one of the best times to visit throughout the year. The vineyards are so beautiful during the fall and you can take some of that delicious wine home with you. This is the perfect fun thing to do as a couple or even more fun as a group of friends – it comes highly recommended.

18. Have a Bonfire in your Backyard

Why don’t you invite a few friends over for a few drinks, a picnic, and a bonfire? You can make some smores and there’s no doubt you’ll have a shedload of fun all cozy up next to the fire. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with your friends, family, or both, and is a great excuse to snuggle up outside. Maybe you can tell a few ghost stories, of course, make sure that they are appropriate for those snuggled up around your fire – no parent wants to deal with nightmares.

19. Have a Murder Mystery Party

Hosting a murder mystery party is a great way to spice up the spooky season. You can get murder mystery kits from Amazon or you could even make up your own story. To make it extra spooky, why don’t you turn off the lights and play it all by candlelight?

20. Go Camping

This is a lovely one to do if you’re a fan of the outdoors and you want to kick off your fall the right way. You can go to the woods, a campsite or even your own back garden. This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors during this season but don’t forget your hats as it could be a bit colder than in the summer. Why not make an adventure this fall?

Fun Fall Things To Do With or Without the Kids

Whether you are celebrating the fall season with little ones in tow, as a couple, or a big group of friends there is a huge range of different activities that you can enjoy.

Indoor fall activities or outdoor – no matter what you are looking for the choices for fun fall activities are endless. From spooky stories around the fire to murder mystery dinners.

Go ahead and have an amazing adventure this fall and do something fun with whoever your special people are – go make some memories.

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