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18 Entry Table Decor Ideas To Take In Consideration

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The entryway is the first impression that a guest has of your home, so it is worthwhile to make it count. In fact, the consideration of guests aside, doesn’t it make sense to design your home’s entryway in a way that brings you and your family joy?

The problem is, many of us have entrance ways that are awkward to style, and it shows. One of the best ways to work around this awkwardness is by positioning a table or cupboard inside of your entry table decor. In this article, we will go over the best entry table decor ideas—who knows, maybe you can even recreate one of these with materials that you already have around the house.

Recycled Window Frames

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We are a big fan of recycled crafts, but one of those items that it is hard to find a use for is old window frames. We are happy to announce that we finally have a good suggestion for what to do with these repurposed window set-ups—lean them up against the table in your front entrance way! It makes for a great decoration in the place that would otherwise be taken by a mirror or a piece of artwork. Get the plan here.

Ikea Dark Wood

Ikea is often most closely associated with cheap furniture solutions designed for college kids and young adults, but we believe that this inexpensive furniture retailer is only as good as your creativity! Leave it to Ikea Hackers to show you how you can take an unsuspecting darkwood Ikea dresser and make it quite the entrance way standout piece. We also love the fact that it will not break the bank in order to be effective.

Standout Statement Piece

While we are all about the various DIY entries on this list, there is something to be said about finding the perfect store bought statement piece for your front entrance way. And it’s hard to not be enticed when the pieces are as beautiful as this example from Anthropologie. Hand carved and unique, it might be worth your while to invest in a piece that has such a strong degree of personality if you find that your entrance way is otherwise ordinary.

Halloween Front Entrance

One of the greatest pleasures of having a front entrance way set-up is the fact that you can decorate it depending on the holiday season! See an example of this with this fun set-up for Halloween. While many of us may not have the same drive to decorate for Halloween as we do for other holidays, such as Christmas or Easter, once you embrace the idea of Halloween decorations you will begin to see great options everywhere.

Geometric Table

Geometric designs have become all the rage in recent years, and we love the philosophy of whoever is responsible for this geometric table on Pinterest. They were not able to find a geometric table in stores, so they put in the effort to make one themselves. We love the way that a mixture of shapes can add character to your front entrance way.

Half Oval Table

If you live in an old house with walls that aren’t perfectly straight or walls that have crown moulding, it can be hard to find the perfect table that can go cross the wall. One solution to this problem is choosing a half oval table such as the one seen here at Matthews Family Happenings.

Beautiful Aqua

If you keep a vibrant, colorful home, it might seem out of place if you put a regular neutral-toned table in your home’s entrance way. The good news is that you don’t need to resort to a regular table—you can choose something more unique like this aqua table seen here. Other color options for a lobby that stands out include red or yellow.

Rustic Table

The rustic style has enjoyed a revived popularity in recent years. While you can certainly find an old piece of furniture that you could distress yourself at a craft fair or a thrift shop, you can also buy a new table that is designed to appear distressed. This one from WayFair is quite affordable, and has a thin and tall design that will fit into entrance ways that have limited space.

Wooden Bench

One of the most classic and functional items that you can place in your entrance way is a solid wooden bench. This wooden bench from Simply Stefnie is particularly beautiful—as is the wall behind it—but you do not even need to use something so ornate. A simple regular wooden bench can go a long way in brightening up your entrance way.

Wire Shelf With Shoe Rack

One of the most convenient items that we can place in our front entrance way is a shoe storage system of some kind. After all, if your first instinct is to kick off your muddy shoes the instance that you get through the door, you’re not alone. We feel that way too. You don’t have to compromise a shoe rack for table space if you choose a table that has a shoe rack built into it, such as the one seen here.

Holiday Special

We mentioned earlier a table that is well-appointed for Halloween, but we would be remiss to not mention the holiday season as being another front entrance way decoration opportunity. There are a lot of different ideas online as to how you can spruce up your front entrance way when the winter holiday season hits, but we are particularly fond of this layout. Keeping your entrance way up to date with the latest holiday gives your home a “kept up” appearance, because guests will see that you pay attention to this area.

Rustic Ikea Table

Remember before how we mentioned that it is possible to find a table at an antique shop or a thrift store and distress it to really make it your own? How about buying an inexpensive ikea table and distressing that? That’s exactly what this tutorial from Kindred Vintage entails, and we have to admit that we are quite smitten with the end results.

Silver Shine

All that glitters is gold….unless it is silver! This shimmery silvery front dresser is like something out of a fairytale, except that it belongs right in the front entrance way of your house. Its wide drawers provide ample storage room, as well.


You have heard about minimalist design, no doubt, due to its unfettering popularity, but how about maximalist? Maximalist design doesn’t just mean taking a variety of items and throwing them together—it means collecting items that bring you joy and pacing them together regardless of whether or not they necessarily go together. It may sound clashy on paper, but in practice it is a beautiful look for your front entrance way, as demonstrated here.

English Yellow Table

Even if you don’t live in England, you can get yourself a table that brings up imagery of a charming rainy day in the English countryside. You can see what we mean by looking at this example here on Pinterest. There is something about a yellow table that makes everything seem so quaint.

Table With A Round Mirror

Okay, this isn’t a table per se, but it is a great example of the type of table that goes well with a round mirror. If you have a thin entrance way, one of the best ways to widen things up is through the use of a mirror. We are particularly a fan of the circular mirror!

Industrial Chic Front Entrance Way

If you haven’t yet seen a table on this list that totally speaks to your style, don’t worry. We haven’t forgotten about you. Here is a look at a unique industrial chic table that is tall and thin with underneath storage. It is perfect for an entrance way!

Wood and Metal With Baskets

Storage is an integral part of any front entrance way setup, and it is ideal that you make the storage fit into the overall design of your entrance way table. We love how this example uses large wicker baskets that are not only decorative but also functional. You can throw pretty much any item and here, and it will not ruin the overall look or design that you were going for!

So there you have it—why not give it a try? Once you have an entrance way that is more welcoming, you will likely feel more welcomed when entering your own home. So just imagine how your guests will feel!

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