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15 Boho Jewelry Ideas That Add Style and Elegance

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Boho is one of the most distinctive styles of jewelry out there. Getting its name from the ancient Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, it has long been a hotbed of culture and the performing arts.

15 Boho Jewelry Ideas That Add Style and Elegance


Boho jewelry can be defined by vibrant colors, varied textures, and uses of different colors of metals. While it can be found in many shops around the world (in Bohemia and further afield), the pieces can be quite expensive and it can be hard to find a piece in your style. Fear not: you can easily make your own Bohemian jewelry at home! Here are some of our favorite tutorials.

1. Twist Yarn Necklace

Twist Yarn Necklace


Bohemian jewelry is all about color, and what better way to incorporate color into your necklace design than by twisting it together? You don’t need to be a crochet wiz to handle this necklace tutorial, but it certainly helps to have some crochet skill. The same design can be accomplished with yarn by knitting, if that is more your style.

2. Tassel Necklace

Tassel Necklace


Tassels are one of the most common themes that you will find in Bohemian jewelry. While there are many different kinds of tassel tutorials to be found online, we love this one from Polka Dot Chair because it also incorporates a beautiful pendant into the necklace! Of course, you can personalize it to be made in your own color palette.

3. Disc Earrings

Disc Earrings


If you want to find earrings that are definitely in the boho tradition, then you will want to find objects that have metal accents, or objects that are made out of metal completely. Take, for example, these metal disc earrings from Etsy. Although this particular model is available for purchase, this is an earring type that can be easily made at home with the right materials.

4. Ultra Colorful Boho Earrings

Ultra Colorful Boho Earrings


One of the best things about the Boho style is the way that you can pull off wearing very vibrant and colorful jewelry pieces! We absolutely love the unusual but beautiful color palette that is going on in this tutorial from Happy Mothering. You can make them using minimal materials, too, such as beads, thin copper wire, and beads. They look like something you would get at a craft store, not something homemade!


5. Emerald Green and Copper Necklace

Emerald Green and Copper Necklace


One of the most popular colors in Bohemian jewelry is deep emerald green. We love the way that this beautiful necklace makes use of not only emerald green beads, but also beads in other shades of green. It is tied together in a way that is particularly Bohemian thanks to the use of a copper cord.

6. Easy Tassel Earrings

Easy Tassel Earrings


We have mentioned a few different kinds of tassel earrings on this list, but if you want to keep it super simple there is no better place to start than this tutorial from Pretty Handy Girl. The best thing about these earrings is that they can easily be made from recyclable material —you can just use whichever scraps you have around the house!

7. Bohemian Ball Count Earrings

Bohemian Ball Count Earrings


There is on way that anyone would be able to tell that these beautiful “ball drop” earrings from Shelterness weren’t made of real metal or gold! Although this necklace looks like it is rather expensive, it can actually be made with miniature balls made out of wood or styrofoam. Not only will these hang lighter on your ear, but you also have more control over what the end appearance is since you can decide just how glittery you would like to make them.

8. Simple Wire Rings

Simple Wire Rings


Even though many Bohemian examples are rather busy, there are definitely Boho-inspired jewelry options out there for anyone who is more into a simple jewelry look. We love the way that these beautiful rings from Lisa Yang Jewelry can be made to feature a gem or to not feature a gem, and can be custom fitted to find your finger. This is the perfect ring for everyday wear.

9. Helix Earrings

Helix Earrings


Here is another example of a beautiful craft that can be made with small copper wires. These wire earrings from the Jewelry Making Journal only make a few moments to make and fit with a wide variety of outfits. This is definitely more of an understated Bohemian look, but we say that it is just as beautiful.

10. Gemstone Chain

Gemstone Chain


Bohemian jewelry embraces the beauty of gems, and there is no better way to demonstrate this than with a beautiful long chunky necklace. You can make your own gemstone chain by following this tutorial from Honestly WTF. You don’t have to follow this particular color pattern either—let your imagination be the guide!


11. Turquoise Pendant Necklace

Turquoise Pendant Necklace


Turquoise is a beautiful gemstone, and while they are often associated with a southwestern style, it is also common to see turquoise gems in Bohemian jewelry. You can use turquoise stones to make rings, bracelets, and necklaces, but we are partial to this beautiful necklace that makes use of a turquoise pendant.

12. Rhinestone Bracelet

Rhinestone Bracelet


Shiny jewels are not the first thing that we think about when we think about Bohemian jewelry, but there are certainly ways to incorporate this glitz and glam into the Bohemian style. Take, for example, this DIY bracelet tutorial from Weddingomania. While it may not be the most Bohemian-themed sounding jewelry piece on paper, its intricate detailing makes it very Bohemian in appearance.

13. Beachy Boho Earrings

Beachy Boho Earrings


One of the best things about Boho earrings is that you can combine the distinctive Bohemian style with a number of other styles. In this case, the Bohemian style is being combined with a carefree beachy style. You can find out how to make these beautiful hoop earrings from the tutorial over at Made In a Day.

14. Chunky Necklace

Chunky Necklace


This necklace from Mom Spark looks so much more complicated than it actually is! In fact, this step by step tutorial is so straightforward that you will not believe how easy it is for you to make on your own. This particular idea shows the necklace with a pendant, but you can omit this and make a regular necklace with turquoise beads if you want.

15. Bohemian Anklet

Bohemian Anklet


Let’s not forget about other areas of the body that also deserve to be adorned by a piece of jewelry —such as the ankle. Anklets are a great fashion choice for summer, when you will be in shorts and sandals all of the time anyway. This particular anklet comes from Etsy, but it will not be difficult to mimic its look yourself.

Whether you are looking for a fun craft to take you through a rainy weekend or you are looking to expand your jewelry collection at a fraction of the cost that it would otherwise take, these Bohemian jewelry pieces are sure to hit the mark. Which one are you most excited about making?

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