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DIY Fire Wood Storage – Cool Ways To Keep Your Firewood Safe

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It sure is great to have a fire around, but do you know what’s not so great? Finding a place to store your firewood. And this can be quite a problem, as we all know that without firewood, there is no fire.

DIY Fire Wood Storage

Storing firewood can especially be a problem if you have a small backyard or outdoor area. Even if you have a large space, storing firewood improperly can attract pests or even be a fire hazard in and of itself. In this article, we will provide you with a variety of ways that you can store firewood. And the best part of all? All of these solutions are 100% DIY.

Head’s up: if you are storing firewood with the intention to use it on the fire (that is to say, not just as a decoration), there are some things that you should be aware of. One thing is that you should always keep firewood that is destined for the fire exposed to the open air. Otherwise, your wood may hold in moisture from the rain or snow which can make it soggy. You will also want to ideally keep your wood stored above the ground. It is also best if you don’t store firewood against your house.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into some cool ways to keep your firewood safe and ready to go outside!

1. Moveable Firewood Cart

Here is a portable storage idea that is ideal for anybody with a large property. Not only does this wood storage idea check many of the boxes that we laid out above(like storing wood outside and making sure that it is off the ground), but it offers additional perks as well. The biggest perk, of course, is the fact that you can move this wooden storage all over the place. This is ideal if, say, you have a forested part of your property that you chop wood from that is far away from the fire pit. This moveable firewood storage means that you can count on fewer trips back and forth between the trees and it. Get the idea from the Wood Grain Cottage.

2.Tall Firewood Storage

This tutorial is in Finnish, but it’s well worth it to put the words through a quick Google Translate. You’ll see on the other end that this is a unique and space-conscious wood storage method that counts on vertical space, not horizontal. It also provides coverage that will protect your wood from precipitation (remember what we said above about soggy firewood — nobody wants that).

3.Easy Backyard Storage Shed

If you were already busy envisioning what your firewood storage would look like, you probably had something like this classic firewood storage shed from My Outdoor Plans in mind. Simple, straightforward, and practical, this type of shed is the most popular way to store firewood, and with good reason. We recommend following this tutorial if you want a timeless way to store your firewood that will age gracefully with your property.

4.Fireplace Bench

If you have a communal fire in your backyard, we would be willing to guess that you also have seating of some kind for your guests. If you are a true DIYer, you know that there is no such thing as a structure that has simply one purpose — we are always expecting our furniture to provide at least two uses for us. In the case of this bench, the uses are a) to seat people near the fire and b) to provide storage space for firewood. We think the idea of storing firewood underneath the bench is simply genius — not only does it look cool but it also means that you never have to reach for when you need to add a bit of kindling to the fire. Get the idea here at Instructables.

5.Pallet Firewood Storage

Yes — of course, we are offering a firewood storage option that is crafted from pallets. Don’t knock it before you try it, though! Some may find that this pallet firewood storage idea from the aptly-named Easy Pallet Ideas is a little bit too hodge podge for their liking, but if you live in a down-to-earth farm you may not mind at all. No matter what your thoughts are, you can’t deny that it provides an affordable and functional way to store firewood.

6.Simple Cinder Blocks

Here is another tutorial that will need the help of your handy dandy Google translate but again, it’s worth it. We figure there must just be something about European weather that makes firepits particularly enticing! In any case, the cool, modern, and sleek design of this cinder block firewood storage is definitely worth considering for your outdoor space.

7.Kee Klemp Fittings Firewood Storage

What is kee klemp? We’re happy you asked. Kee Klemp fittings are a way to connect pipes that negate the need for welding. While they are designed to use for plumbing purposes, they can also serve as building materials. That being said, we don’t know if we would have ever thought of using kee klemp for a firewood storage facility, so we are happy that we came across this tutorial from Simplified Building. Minimalistic and strong, this has everything that you need to properly store your wood.

8.Long Log Holder

This idea from Home Road is designed to hold logs, but what are logs if not just fancy firewood pieces? In order to efficiently store firewood, you do not need to have a lot of space. This is especially true if you cut your own logs and can therefore control the shapes that they come in. This long log holder is great for stacking and can fit discreetly along the side of a house or shed. You can customize it by adding a cover.

9.Copper Pipe Firewood Holder

Hold my firewood, but make it fancy too! If these sound like words that would come out of your mouth, then you need to turn your attention to the copper pipe firewood holder that comes courtesy of This Old House. Beautiful and well-made, this is a firewood holder that is sure to stand the test of time. Plus, there is no denying its unique design. You will just need to go to the trouble of finding yourself some copper pipe — your local hardware store should be able to help you out with that.

10.Counter With Firewood Storage

Remember what we said earlier about wanting our furniture to serve at least two purposes? Well, we can count two purposes that this storage cart from Bower Power Blog does really well. The first one is that it provides a countertop for outdoor activities like barbecuing. The second is that it provides storage space underneath for — you guessed it — firewood. This is the perfect solution for anyone with a fire pit that is contained within a very small entertaining space.

11.Short Bench With Wood Storage

This alternative wooden bench with firewood storages comes straight from the hardware experts themselves, Lowe’s. We love the way that this bench is aesthetically pleasing enough to fit in with any outdoor patio or entertaining area. Of course, the added bonus is that it provides an area for all of your firewood.

12.Metal Log Holder

Okay, so this is an example of a firewood holder that you can buy instead of build, forgive us for including it on this list. We have a hunch that the most talented of DIYers among us could definitely pull off replicating this beast of a log storage device. If you live on a farm, you may be able to find some scraps hanging around that you can mold into a metal reciprocal — it doesn’t necessarily have to look pretty as long as it works!

13.V-Shaped Log Holder

We think that this V-shaped log holder is genius. Instead of building a log storage area that has four sides, you let gravity do all of the work by loading wood within a v-shaped storage reciprocal. The best part? All you will need to pull this off is a concrete block and a few pieces of wood. Check it out here.

Not only does storing your firewood effectively allow you to feel more at peace in your backyard, but it is also sure to motivate you to have more bonfires — now that you know where your supplies are. What’s not to love about getting organized?

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