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DIY Kayak Rack – Cheap and Easy to Build

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They say that there are two phases that you go through every time that you buy a kayak. The first is elation, and the second is freaking out about how in the world you are going to store said kayak.

DIY Kayak Rack

We are here to tell you that not only is it possible to store your kayak in your own home, but it is actually easier to do than you might think. In this article, we will present you with a variety of DIY kayak storage solutions. We will try to include a mixture of sizes and materials so that you can find the one that works for you.

Driftwood Kayak Rack

If you’re going to make your own kayak rack, you might as well go to the extreme level and only allow yourself to use recycled wood or natural wood (i.e. driftwood) for the project. That’s the philosophy, at least, behind the all-natural kayak rack tutorial from Old Town Home. While it may take you a large amount of time to put together the proper drift wood materials, you will find that the end result is surprisingly sturdy, not to mention stylish (the style is especially fitting if you have a beach home).

Small PVC Rack

PVC pipes are one of the best DIY materials out there. Sturdy and inexpensive, they can be used to create a variety of projects such as—you guessed it—kayak stands. This particular kayak stand from BD Harva is made through carefully cutting PVC pipes and, honestly, not much else. This is good news for you, as it means that it won’t be a difficult task to follow this tutorial and put the kayaks together. This stand is portable and compact, which makes sense when you consider the fact that it was designed for use on an apartment balcony. The most important thing with storing kayaks is that they be lifted off the ground, and this stand does exactly that.

Trailer Kayak Rack

If you travel with your kayaks, then you are going to want to consider creating this DIY kayak trailer from Hiking Earth. Unlike a regular DIY kayak stand which will allow you to store your kayaks on your home’s yard or in your garage, this DIY storage stand is designed to live on wheels that means you can take off with your kayaks at only a moment’s notice. It will take a little bit more effort and it will take a bit more money than some of the other solutions on this list, but it will also guarantee that you will never struggle to fit your kayaks on your car’s roof again.

Suspended Storage

For those of us with limited storage space, storing kayaks on the ground is literally not an option. If this describes you, then you might want to look into suspended storage options. Not only will a suspended storage situation save you space, as we mentioned, but they can actually often be less expensive to make than other storage solutions. This is an in-depth look at how you can store your kayaks in the ceiling of your garage by taking matters into your own hands by creating your own storage solutions.

PVC Kayak Stand

Here is another example of a PVC kayak stand in action! Like we mentioned before, PVC is a really versatile material that comes in handy when you are making awkward-sized pieces such as a kayak stand. Also, environmentalists rejoice: PVC pipe is actually rather gentle on the environment as a substance, as it takes less energy to create than comparable materials. You can get PVC pipe at your local hardware store.

Metal Boat Rack

If you would like to explore other materials outside of PVC pipe, then here is an example of another type of kayak stand that you can make. This series of photos will show you how you make a simple boat rack out of both wood and thin metal pipes. Sometimes you will want to choose these exact materials because it is what you already have on hand, or sometimes they will just go better overall with your design aesthetic.

Wooden Budget Rack

Here is another example for a wooden rack—and one that can be done on a budget to boot. Working with wood can be intimidating if you have never done it before, but it’s really just a matter of having the right tools and enough space to work on a wood project. If you are new to woodworking and would still like to attempt to make a wooden kayak rack, then you can take a crack at it by following the easy steps that are laid out in this tutorial from Ryobi Nation.

Truck Back Kayak Rack

Here is an example of a kayak rack that is designed to fit on the back of a pickup truck. This not only makes your kayaks easy to transport, but it also makes it twice as easy to make a stand in the first place because the base is already made for you, in the form of your truck. Get the details at Maker Forums.

Simple Garage Storage

Here is another simple solution that is suited to work in the garage. Even if you do not own a garage, you may be able to replicate this storage solution in a shed or basement. You can find the directions through this YouTube tutorial.

Wall Mount

If you have a small house or an apartment, then a wall mount may be the best way for you to store your kayak. This one is a wall mount that is designed for use outside, so if you live in a sunny climate then you may want to consider using it.

Quick Kayak Rack

Here is another kayak rack that is great for outdoor use, especially if you have multiple kayaks. Versatile and simple, it can easily be tucked behind a shed or a garage to store multiple kayaks. If you are worried about precipitation such as rain or snow, you can always cover your kayaks with a tarp. Get the full details from My Outdoor Plans.

Nomadic Kayak Stands


This is one of the most portable options on this list, which is probably why it gets the name of “nomadic kayak stands”. In fact, it’s pretty impressive that these small kayak stands from Microship can be used to hold up a kayak at all, but that’s just gravity. You will need to use two stands per kayak, but it’s still an easy set-up.

Easy Wooden DIY Rack

Here is another example of a kayak rack made out of wood that is quite easy to pull off. You’ll need a corner of garage to keep it in, but it can hold up to two kayaks which saves more space than what you would use if you had two separate kayak stands. Get the look here.

Three Kayak Stand


This DIY stand from HowToSpecialist.com is great because it shows you how you can make space for three kayaks with one simple stand. This guide is a lot more technical than the average DIY guide that you can find online, meaning that it includes measurements and other specifications that will guarantee a quality end result.

Kayak Stand With Roof

A lot of the entries on this list involve storage solutions for your kayaks that are designed to last the winter, but what if you want your kayaks to be stored in a place that allows them to have easy access, so you can take them out on the water if you’d like? Here is an example of a stand that can show you exactly how to make that. Bonus: this stand comes complete with a roof!

There is a lot of work involved with keeping up with a kayaking hobby, but for many kayak enthusiasts it is more than worth it. In order to preserve your kayaks so that you can enjoy them for many years to come, it is important that you take good care of your kayak. One of the most important things that you can do is keep your kayak stored off of the ground. Any of these stands that we went over will accomplish this task—which one are you going to attempt to create?

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