Easy DIY Cork Pumpkins – Perfect For Fall, Thanksgiving, or Halloween

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Easy DIY Cork Pumpkins – Perfect For Fall, Thanksgiving, or Halloween

Fall is right around the corner and I have something fun to show you guys. When I think of the word “pumpkin” I think of fall. I also wanted to get creative with this year’s fall décor by making these fun Cork Pumpkins. If you have enough wine corks on your hands, this should be super simple to make!

The girls and I put these together and we had so much fun in the process. Fall brings about a sense of newness with the crispy air and endless fun! These Cork Pumpkins make an awesome décor for your home and office and are very budget friendly. The detail on this Cork Pumpkin is also super fun and you can get creative with it.

Easy DIY Cork Pumpkins - Perfect For Fall, Thanksgiving, or Halloween - Get your tutorial here.

Materials Needed for DIY Cork Pumpkins:

    • Corks (The large pumpkin uses 20 corks, the small pumpkin uses 13 corks)
    • Orange Acrylic Paint (Used Waverly Acrylic Paint in Tangerine Color)
    • Green Acrylic Paint (Used Waverly Acrylic Paint in Moss Green Color)
    • Felt to match the green paint
    • Paint brush
    • Scissors
    • Raffia
    • Hot glue & hot glue gun

Materials needed to make Easy DIY Cork Pumpkins

Note: When you make your pumpkins, place the “good” side down and flat on the table. Not all the corks are the same length so this will assure the flat side is on the front of the pumpkin, not the side where the corkscrew went through and most likely left a blemish in the cork.

All of the corks used were natural corks, not synthetic.

Cork Pumpkins Step by Step Tutorial:

Line the corks as shown to make a large or small pumpkin. Make sure the good side is face down on the table at all times. You’ll see the corks are in horizontal rows.

Using hot glue, glue the corks together to make rows. Once the rows are glued, add hot glue to glue the rows together to create the pumpkin shape.

Flip over the pumpkin so the “good” or front side shows. Use orange paint to paint the front of the pumpkin. Let dry between coats and add a second coat if desired.

Attach a stem with hot glue and paint green. Let set to dry.

Using scissors, cut a pumpkin leaf shape out of the felt. Pinch in the center and add a small dot of hot glue. Continue to pinch so the leaf sticks together. 

Affix the leaf onto the pumpkin near the top of the stem.

Tie two pieces of raffia into a bow and attach to the front of the pumpkin, near the stem with hot glue.

Repeat until you have the desired number of pumpkins.

Easy to make Cork Pumpkins

We’re putting ours on our fireplace, where will you put yours?

Pin For Later:

This Easy DIY wine cork pumpkin is the perfect idea for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving crafts or decor. Get the tutorial here.

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