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20 DIY Christmas Signs That Bring Joy This Holiday Season

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I put together a list of 20 of my favorite DIY Christmas signs. You can easily use these for yourself, outdoor, and indoor decorating. From rustic wood signs and painted signs to porch signs, these innovative ideas will make your winter holidays more delightful.

DIY Christmas Signs

Christmas is upon us and I can’t wait to gather with my family and friends! We typically travel during Christmas, but I still love to decorate my home during this time. This is my favorite season of the year and I hope it’s yours too!

A couple of days ago, I searched around for some DIY Christmas decorations. As I was doing this, I decided to look for some inspirations. I stumbled upon some beautiful Christmas signs and I can’t wait to share them with you! For additional information with your DIY projects, you can check these out on the Etsy store.

From rustic wood signs and painted signs to porch signs, creative for outdoor and indoor decorating, these DIY Christmas signs will bring you joy this holiday season!

Take a look at this beautiful Christmas Signs and start getting ready for the holidays!

1.) “DIY Christmas Sign (and a Fall One Too)”

If you are hosting a pumpkin patch, hayride event, corn maze, or apple-picking event, this DIY Christmas sign would be a great fit! Isn’t it the cutest?

2.) “Sleigh Rides Christmas Sign”

Are you struggling to find something neat to place under your Christmas tree? Or did you just want to make decorating the bottom of your tree a bit easier? If so, then this sleigh rides Christmas sign would be perfect! Ornaments and other Christmas trinkets would go great with this sign also.

3.) “Rudolph Silhouette Christmas Sign Tutorial”

This sign is one of my favorites! I applaud whoever created this sign. They went out of the box and got very creative. I love the fact that this sign is made out of wood. Follow this easy DIY tutorial and you surely won’t be disappointed.

4.) “DIY Winter Woodland Sign”

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! This is also another cool sign that’s made out of wood. This sign is a great fit for the winter. You can sit this sign on your front porch, under your Christmas tree, or on top of a shelf. If you’re looking for something cute and winter-y, you would love this DIY Sign!

5.) “Joy Holiday Porch Sign”

This sign look fairly easy. It looks like it’s pretty fun to make! Follow this DIY sign if you’re looking for something lightweight and simple.

6.) “Glittered Joy Sign”

I’m a very big fan of glitter. I use it to make posters and other DIY crafts. If you love glitter like I do, then you’d enjoy making this sign. You don’t have to use the same color glitter as the tutorial. You can pick you’re own colors and the finishing product will still be beautiful.

7.) “DIY Christmas Sign”

This is the perfect sign to hang on your font door. This isn’t one of those too-hard-to-put-up signs. You just find a nice weighted string/thin rope and follow the tutorial!

8.) “Vintage Noel Pallet Sign”

This would look great over a fireplace! You want to know what would really make this Christmas sign pop? Some Christmas stockings, and other decorations like you see in the image above.

9.) “DIY Santa Snack Sign”

Do you have a neat idea in mind for your children? Are you struggling to find a cool DIY sign for your children (or yourself)? If so, then this Santa snack sign would be a great option for you. It’s fun and not to mention, it’s a pretty neat way to get Santa’s attention when he comes tumbling down your chimney!

10.) “Silhouette Merry Christmas Sign”

When I first saw this sign, it gave me a very nostalgic country feeling. I’m from the country, so I would love this sign! Head over to Artsychicksrule.com to learn how to make this sign.

11.) “Vintage Marquee Sign”

This sign is my absolutely my favorite! I have a Christmas sign at home a little similar to this one, but it’s smaller. This is a vintage marquee sign that lights up. This would look great indoors or outdoors.

12.) “Rustic Wood Sign with Krylon”

This is a nice indoor Christmas sign (you don’t have to place it indoors though). This sign will look great with some nice decorations.

13.) “Light Up Christmas Lawn Sign”

This is a super cute Christmas sign! It almost looks like a stocking in a way. This is also another light-up sign that I think you’d love making. 

14.) “”Movie Sign (Just a Board and Christmas Tree Lights)”

Do you need an idea for a movie event in your backyard? Well, here it is. This may be one of the easiest signs to make. It looks what seems to be a poster board on an easel. If you’re looking for something quick, then follow this DIY tutorial.

15.) “Chevron Reindeer Games Sign Tutorial”

I love the way that the sign is set up in this image! It looks great on this shelf, so I’m pretty sure it’ll look phenomenal on yours.

16.) “Painted Joy Sign”

This sign is a tad bit similar to the other “Joy Holiday Porch Sign”. No worries! It seems easy to make just like the other one!

17.) “DIY Joy String Art Sign”

 If you enjoy embroidery or stringy things altogether, then this would be the perfect DIY craft for you! I personally love the pattern and wooden background.

18.) “DIY Faux Stained Glass Sign”

If you’re looking for something simple-looking, mess-free, and easy to make, then this is the Christmas sign for you. I love the fact that you can even use stencils to make the letters.

19.) “DIY Silhouette + BB Frosch Christmas Signs”

These are also some of my favorites. If you would like to make more than one Christmas sign, then this collection of DIY signs are a great match for you! 

20.) “Hot Cocoa Christmas Sign”

This hot cocoa bar sign would be great for an indoor bar setting! This isn’t just any old Christmas sign. To really make this sign pop, place some mugs, candy canes, and a hot chocolate maker by it. Well, that’s the end of my list of DIY Christmas signs. I really hope you enjoyed them!

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