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DIY Brick Fire Pits – 15 Inspiring Backyard Ideas

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Gathering around a fire and sharing some quality conversations and company is one of the best times that you could ever ask for!

DIY Brick Fire Pits

However, it goes without saying that in order to do this, you are going to need to have a fire pit. After all, without a fire pit, there is no fire (at least no safe fire, as we don’t suggest that you go setting various yard debris on fire all willy-nilly).

The good news is that if you do not currently have a fire pit, it’s pretty easy to go about getting one. How, do you ask? Well, you can make your very own DIY fire pit, of course! In this article, we will provide you with our favorite fire pit solutions that are made entirely of brick.

Head’s up: before you begin to design the fire pit of your dreams you’ll want to make sure that fire pits are allowed in your particular municipality. Many cities and suburbs may have ordinances that prevent the use of personal fire pits.

How To Build A Brick  Fire Pit – 15 Inspirational Ideas.

1. Simple Brick Firepit

Here is an easy-to-follow brick fire pit idea that comes from FamilyHandman.com. It will require an intermediate level of skills, but it will not cost you much at all as the supplies are simple and can be found at any average hardware store. It helps that this thorough guide lays out all of the materials that you will and takes you through the step-by-step process that you can follow. It even contains tips from an experienced bricklayer, which is a nice plus.

2.Stone or Brick Fire Pit

How to Build a Stone Fire Pit

This tutorial from the DIY Network shows you how you can make a fire pit out of concrete blocks, but you could just as easily use bricks. What you will use will really just depend on whichever material is more plentiful in your particular area. It shows you how you can carefully interlay stones (or bricks) on top of mortar to create a sturdy and professional-grade fire pit. Check it out!

3.Decorative Brick Fire Pit

If you are looking for a fire pit that will not only add a practical activity to your backyard but also will add a touch of decoration, look no further than this beautiful fire pit. Not only does the layered brick approach look trendy, but it also makes for a pretty practical fire pit, too. The fire pit offers one side that is taller than the other, which means that you can choose to sit behind the tall side of the fire pit if the wind is otherwise. Likewise, if you are trying to warm up, you could seat yourself before the shorter side of the fire pit.

4.Half Wall Fire Pit

This fire pit takes the “half wall” approach to a whole other level. And okay, technically this one is made from concrete blocks, but you can just as easily make it out of bricks too —it just completely depends on which material you have around. If you have enough bricks to make the wall a bit thicker, it can also serve as a bench for guests.

5.In The Hole Fire Pit

Not all fire pits have to be built from the ground up — you also have the option of digging a hole in the ground and using it for a fire pit. In some ways, it’s actually easier to build a fire pit by digging a hole in the ground first. Get the idea over at Tuff Guard Hose.

6.Shortcut Fire Pit

Sometimes you have the need for a fire pit and you don’t have a ton of time to make one. This DIY tutorial from Bitter Root DIY shows you how you can build a very simple brick fire pit with materials that only amount to $50 in total. Affordable and easy — what more could you ask for from a do-it-yourself fire pit?

7.Round Fire Pit

This round fire fit is also made of stone, but you can achieve the same look by using bricks instead. The idea is to create a rounded pit and then make it higher on one side than the other. The position that is shown in this photograph is a bit strange (it appears to be on the side of a house), but we are sure that you can take this great idea and build it at the back of your yard. This placement will be a lot safer and less likely to cause a fire.

8.Large Brick Mosaic

If you are the kind of person to take a regular outdoor project and turn it into a piece of art, then do we ever have a fire pit for you! This beautiful brick fire pit from Country Farm Lifestyles will take a considerable about of space, though, so you will need to have a backyard that is large enough to pull it off. You will also need to have a bit of skill in bricklaying in order to pull off the intricate pattern that is enacted here. If you have never tried bricklaying before, today might be a good day to start!

9.“Stonehenge” Brick Fire Pit

We can’t think of any other way to describe this particular fire pit than to call it a “Stonehenge” pit — the way that the bricks are arranged vertically just reminds us of the famous English attraction. Aside from its appearance, this fire pit is very easy to make and does a good job of keeping smoke fumes away from your eyes.

10.Hanging Brick Fire Pit

This is not so much a fire pit as it is an open fire to hang a basket over, but we figured it’s worth inclusion on this list as it does the very same thing! To pull this particular fire pit off you will also need to enlist the help of stone, but we appreciate how the pit itself is lined so neatly with bricks.

11.Red Brick Fire Pit

Do you have a lot of red bricks laying around that you are wondering what to do with? You can turn them into a fire pit! Not only do red bricks make a good fire pit structurally, but they also have a unique look and will add a pop of color to your backyard. This step-by-step guide from hunker will show you how you can make a user-friendly fire pit out of only red bricks and a bit of adhesive mortar.

12.Brick Patio With Built-In Fire Pit

This next one is for all of you with fancy backyards! This beautiful brick patio setup features a fire pit in the middle which makes it great for entertaining. To pull this off, you might need the help of a professional —which means that it’s not totally DIY. But maybe you have a professional friend who can help you pull it off!

13.Leftover Brick Fire Pit

What if you want to make a fire pit out of bricks, but the bricks that have laying around aren’t exactly aesthetically pleasing? Luckily there is a solution that involves the use of heavy mortar. You can find instructions on how to make a fire pit from leftover bricks here.

14.Brick Rocket Stove

This is more of a grill than it is a fire pit, but if you were looking for a fire pit in the first place so that you can cook meals outside, then you might actually be looking for something that is more like this. This so-called “rocket stove” from Instructables can be easily made from bricks and offers a perfectly contained cooking environment that is ideal for hot dogs or marshmallows.

15.Deep Brick Fire Pit

Here is an option for anyone who wants to build a fire pit that is a bit deeper than all of the other options that we have included on this list. You will need to have quite a few bricks in order to pull it off, but it’s sure to keep your fire contained and thriving.

So there you have it — a number of fire pits to make on your next long weekend. Who would have thought that it was even possible to make a fire pit all by yourself? Enjoy the marshmallows and spooky stories.

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