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DIY Anniversary Gifts You Can Make At Home

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An anniversary is a special occasion — so why not give a gift that is unique as the relationship that you are celebrating? Even if you were to find something perfectly appropriate on a store’s shelf, there is only one true way to ensure that you are giving a commemoration gift that is as special as it could be — by making one.

DIY Anniversary Gifts You Can Make At Home

You need not be afraid — we are here with lots of different ideas that you can either follow to a tee or choose to modify. Be prepared to give the best anniversary gift of your life!

1. Copper Anniversary Succulent Planters

Copper Anniversary Succulent Planters


Plants may not strike you as a gift that is characteristic of an anniversary, but this is the perfect DIY gift idea for the one you love the most! Why, do you ask? One, because a plant is the perfect way to brighten up any room. Two is because some people just have a preference for practical gifts over gifts that are more sentimental in nature. If this describes your SO, they will be delighted to receive a set of beautiful succulent planters that you made with your very own hands!

2. Anniversary Date Cake

Anniversary Date Cake

If you have a significant other that loves sweets, there would be no anniversary gift more delightful than a cake that is baked from scratch! While a cake on its own is a wonderful gift to satisfy the palate, you can make it special by designing it to look like a calendar with a heart on the date of your anniversary!

3. Scrabble Craft

Scrabble Craft

If you are your sweetheart spend many a late night playing board games with one another, then this craft is for you. Commemorate the love of your favourite hobby while at the same time showing your love for that special someone in your life by following this craft idea. Just make sure that you use spare tiles, and not the actual tiles from your favorite game!

4. Printable Love Coupons

Printable Love Coupons

Coupons are a great part about going to the movie theater or local grocery store, so why can’t we make them a part of our personal lives, too? You can make this idea a reality with presenting your partner with a set of “love coupons”. The best part? You don’t need to be able to draw at all, since these coupons are printable.

5. ABCs of Life and Love

ABCs of Life and Love

Remember those “ABC” books from childhood that would show you an animal or item for every letter in the alphabet? While you have long grown out of these, you can bring the concept back to make an adorable anniversary gift that gives you an opportunity to put together a list of reasons why you love your partner for every single letter in the alphabet.

6. Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is Where the Heart Is

Have you ever heard the phrase “home is where the heart is”? If you feel like your partner is what truly makes your house feel like a home, then show them how you feel with this innovative craft that shows a heart on top of the location of your home on a map.

7. “Everyone Loves You” book

Although an anniversary is about the two people that make up a couple, one of the best ways that you can show your husband or wife just how loveable they are is by showing them just how much everybody else around them loves them! We love this idea from Marriage Laboratory that shows you how to back an “everyone loves you” book that includes anecdotes and photos from your loved one’s family and friends that is sure to bring a smile (or even a tear) to their face.

8. Cuddle Kit for Two

Cuddle Kit for Two

One of the best parts about being a relationship is having somebody to cuddle with on a regular basis. Celebrate the fact that you have found your cuddle partner by making a “cuddle kit for two”, as shown here at the Dating Divas, which includes the likes of champagne and fancy socks.

9. Pun Chocolate Collection

If you have a partner who loves puns, here is your chance to finally give them a taste of their own medicine. Or, at least, a taste of chocolate and candy! This gift idea entails putting together a basket of your partner’s favorite sweet treats and writing puns on each one. This tutorial will give you quite a few ideas of the kind of puns that you can make in this sweet kit, but of course you could add any puns that you think of!

10. Wedding Photo Silhouette

Wedding Photo Silhouette

If you are celebrating a wedding anniversary, here is a great way of reimagining your beautiful wedding photos. This tutorial from a Crafted Passion will show you how you can make a personalized silhouette cut-out of you and your partner that is a stunning tribute to your wedding photos.

11. Candle With Initial Carving

Candle With Initial Carving

If your partner has an interest in candles, you can give them their own personalized scented accessory by carving their initials into a candle. It’s not as hard as it looks, and the results can be quite striking.

12. Year of Date Nights in a Jar

Year of Date Nights in a Jar

One of the most important things that you can do as a couple is spending some quality time together. However, anyone who has been in a relationship for a long time knows that it can be difficult to find refreshing and interesting ideas to keep one another entertained. By giving your partner a jar full of date nights, you won’t ever have to worry about deciding what to do again!

13. Lottery Tickets in a Mug

Lottery Tickets in a Mug

Lottery tickets are an underrated gift. After all, you never know if you might be giving your loved one a winning ticket that can change their life! We also love the possibility for puns that lottery tickets deliver. If you are looking for a gift that works well in a pinch, take a bunch of lottery tickets in a container and add a note that says “I won the lottery when I met you!” or another similar message.

14. Homemade Shadow Box

Homemade Shadow Box

If you are running out of unique types of home decor to put up in your home, a shadow box can be a great idea. Somewhere between a framed picture and a shelf, a shadow box is a place where you can keep small trinkets and items that are important to you to remind your partner of your love. Find an example here.

15. “I Love You Because”

“I Love You Because”

The idea behind this gift isn’t anything new — it’s a list of reasons why you love your partner — but its execution is unique and adorable! We love the way that it involves using miniature envelopes that you can fill with a reason that you love your partner. You could put one envelope for either how many years or months that you have known them.

16. Anniversary Scrapbook

Anniversary Scrapbook

While you are considering homemade gifts for you and your partner, don’t forget about the possibility of a scrapbook! There are amazing things that you can pull off with even limited resources or experience, and it is a keepsake that your partner can keep nearby for years to come.

17. Thanks for Walking Into My Life

Thanks for Walking Into My Life

This gift idea has more store-bought elements to it than the other items on this list, but we felt it was worthwhile to include since it is a simple idea that takes very little time to pull together! If your partner is in the market for a new pair of shoes, why not buy them a pair and provide a note that says “thank you for walking into my life”? Sweet and clever!

18. “Open When” Jar

“Open When” Jar

We all wish that we could be there for our partners when they are feeling alone or sad — but unfortunately we are not always able to be. Give your partner the next best thing as an anniversary gift in the form of tiny notes and stories that they can open when they are feeling alone or blue. Get the idea here.

No matter what you put together for an anniversary gift, your partner is sure to be surprised and delighted — after all, the most important thing about the gift itself is that it comes from you! If you cannot find an example above that would fit the personality of you or your partner, see if you can modify one of the above examples to be more true to your relationship. The most important thing of all is authenticity!

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