24 Prehistoric Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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If you’re looking for some super cute and adorable dinosaur themed birthday party ideas, you’re going to love these! Having an entire day to celebrate your child and their love of dinosaurs is always a winning combination. 

24 Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Ideas

When it comes to birthday themes, there are always a ton of various ones to choose from. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choices, just think how the kiddos are probably feeling, too.

One way to cut out all the clutter and choose a dinosaur-themed quickly and easily is to pair it up with a book that they’re certain to love. 

Favorite Dinosaur Book

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We’ve recently partnered with Gameon23rd to help promote their new book, Mr. Fossil’s Dino Farm and our grandsons are in love with it! When they come over and visit, it’s literally the first thing that they run and grab off our shelf. Of course, our opinions are our own.

Mr. Fossil's Dino Farm Book

In fact, they love it so much that we’ve ordered a couple more to give to them on their own birthdays so that they can have copies at their house.

Mr. Fossil's Dino Farm Book

Once I did that, it got me thinking about how simple and easy it would be to transition into having an amazing dinosaur-themed birthday party, too! 

Combining a great dinosaur book with a birthday party theme is such a simple and easy idea to pull off. Get them excited by introducing the book and then watch their wheels start turning as the planning mode begins. 

Dinosaur Themed Activities Perfect for Any Party

Every good birthday party needs some fun and engaging activities, right? You’ll love the ease of each and everyone while the kids will love how fun they are! 

Dinosaur Themed Activities

1. Dinosaur Printable Pack for Kids

2. Dinosaur Coloring Activity Placemat

3. Dino Dig Birthday Party Activity

4. Dinosaur Bean Bag Toss

5. Hilarious TREX Game

6. Frozen Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur Themed Crafts

Don’t forget about the crafts. While running around and opening presents needs to be on the radar, having a calm yet fun craft to do is always a great idea. With this wide variety of choices below, you could even have a couple of different crafting stations for the kids to enjoy. 

dinosaur themed crafts

7. Easy DIY Party Dinosaurs

8. DIY Dinosaur Hat

9. Dino Drool Clear Slime

10. Rainbow Dinosaur Paper Plate Craft

11. Pop Up Dinosaur Juniors

12. Salt Dough Dinosaur Bones

13. Shadow Puppet Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Themed Party Food Ideas

It just makes sense that once you choose a dinosaur party theme, you need to have an abundance of dinosaur themed party food. From sweets to treats, you literally have everything that you need from the delicious food items below.

Dinosaur Themed Party Food Ideas

14. Jurassic World Inspired Dinosaur Treats

15. Paleontology Cupcakes

16. Dino DNA Jurassic Amber

17. Dinosaur Egg Cake Balls

18. Dinosaur Pizza

19. Fossil Cookies

20. Dinosaur Rawr Pasta Salad

21. Edible Sensory Dinosaur Dig

22. Dino Fruit Skewers

23. Jurassic Park Dinosaur Cookies

Celebrating the First Birthday in Dinosaur Style

Do you have a little one who is getting ready to celebrate their first birthday? Check out the party idea below that gives you all the details about throwing a dinosaur party to remember! 

24. First Birthday Party

 Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Stress-Free Party Tips to Remember

While planning a birthday party can be a lot of fun, it can come with a long list of stresses as well. Keep in mind these simple tips to keep the day fun, lighthearted and stress-free.

  • Remember that the day is all about celebrating

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, stop and remember that the day is focusing on the birth of your child. That alone is the reason that everyone is there and that’s all that you really need to concentrate on.

Anything else that is on your mind or stressing you out can be dealt with at a later point in time. Slow down, cut the cake and grab yourself a piece. After all the work that you’ve put into the party, you totally deserve it! 

  • It’s not going to be perfect

While the sentence may sound a bit depressing, it’s meant to build you up to know that you need to just go with the flow. There’s certain to be something forgotten or something to go wrong and that’s just all part of the day.

These simple tips can help to keep the focus on the birthday child and their dinosaur-themed party. Once you realize that all the preparation and planning that you’ve done is stunning just the way it is, you’ll find that you can relax and join in on the party fun! 

Do you have any fun dinosaur-themed party ideas to share?


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