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20 DIY Crochet Cat Toys

By Elisha Baba


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Do you have a feline friend you just love to spoil? When you take the time to make your cat a toy by hand, it’s a little more meaningful than simply buying one at the local pet store that was likely made in a factory. If you crochet a toy for your cat, you can choose an option that fits their special personality. This list contains a variety of toy types and designs that are extremely customizable and fun to create. Here’s a list of crochet cat toy projects that both you and your furry friend will love.

20 Adorable crochet cat toys

1. Toilet Paper Roll Crocheted Cat Toy

You definitely don’t want to skip over this option just because of the way it sounds! This toy from Dabbles and Babbles is actually really adorable. This project is great if you’re looking for something that’s quick and easy to make, and you can tailor the design however you’d like. Your cat will become obsessed with the bell attached at the bottom, making your little one’s happiness quite literally music to your ears.

2. Kitty Squid

This kitty squid toy from A Gamer’s Wife is just too cute! It’s a really enjoyable project to make because of the quirky design. The little tentacles at the bottom of the toy will capture your cat’s attention for hours, and there’s also a string on the top of the toy that allows you to join in on the fun. The best part about this toy is that it has a refillable catnip pocket that your cat is sure to love!

3. Big Ball Cat Toy

Image Credit: The Crochet Crowd

The idea of making a crochet ball toy for your cat probably isn’t new to you, but this project from Ravelry is great because it’s slightly different than your average crochet ball. This toy will measure just over three inches in diameter, so it’s quite large. It’s a simple crochet project that will make the perfect toy for a large cat, but it could also be fun to watch a small kitten attempt to play with it.

4. Catnip Fish Toy

I love this simple crochet fish toy idea from Mama that Makes, not only because it’s a quick project your cat will really love, but because she created this craft with shelter cats in mind. These cute little fish are designed to be made in bulk, so why not make a few extra and take them to your local shelter.

5. Catnip Mouse Toy

This catnip mouse toy from Nicely Created for You is a classic crochet design that any cat will love. Your cat will naturally be obsessed with the hunt of this toy because it’s designed to look like a mouse and it’s filled with catnip. It is sure to become your fur baby’s new favorite toy.

6. Seasick Fish

How clever is this cat toy from Gnat on a Windshield? This unique idea will be a really fun crochet project because it’s probably unlike anything you have made before, and your cat will love playing with all of the loose ends of it.

7. Taco Toy

Tacos are always a good idea. This tiny taco from Ravelry is such a fun option if you decide to fill the toy with catnip and watch your little buddy look like they’re devouring dollar tacos on Taco Tuesday. If you really like this little taco design, why not make yourself one and use it as a keychain? There is always room for customization when crafting!

8. Spider Toy

If you’re looking for an interactive toy so you can enjoy playtime along with your cat, this spider crochet toy from Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diaryis perfect for you. It’s a super simple design that won’t take long, but your cat will want to play with it all day long!

9. Crochet Cat Nest

This cat nest from Eilen Tein technically isn’t a toy, but it was just too adorable not to include on the list. If you decide to take the extra time to crochet this project, we know your cat will love having this cozy space because you’ll have basically made them a private room in your home. This craft idea is the best option for you if you’d like to take some time to really make an amazing crochet project that your kitty will appreciate forever.

10. Mini Donuts

Your furry friend will love this delicious looking mini donut design from Ravelry! The crochet idea is simple and fun to make, and you’ll enjoy watching your cat play with the cute little donuts you just created. Choose your favorite color and add unique sprinkles to really make this project your own.

11. Bouncing Jellyfish Toy

Are you looking for a toy that will keep your cat busy? This bouncing jellyfish toy from Maz Kwok is great because your cat won’t feel like they’re playing by themselves! The bouncing toy hanging from the doorknob will respond to any move your cat makes. It’s important to note that this crochet design is a bit advanced, so we wouldn’t recommend this project to the novice crochetier.

12. Roly Poly Toy

This adorable roly-poly toy from Puchitomato is designed to give your kitten a little friend to play with. Follow the step-by-step tutorial before customizing the toy’s adorable face to look however you’d like. This project is meant to get your creative juices flowing, so get creative and give your cat a cute best friend.

13. Kitty Tent

If you have an indoor cat that loves the outdoors and likes its own space, this tent design from Ravelry will allow you to bring the great outdoors to your feline friend. They can curl up in their little tent and have the best of both worlds. This little kitty tent would also simply look adorable in your home because it’s such a unique crochet project.

14. Cat Sack Hideaway

This cat sack hideaway from DIY Magazine gives your little one a special place where they can hide away from the world. It’s a super cute and colorful design that you’ll love to make, and your cat will love cozying up or rolling around inside of it. This project is great because it acts as both a toy and a place to rest.

15. Cat Candy

This design from All Free Knitting is considered to be candy for your cat because of the catnip inside, and the cute candy design is just a plus! This is an easy project to make, so it’s a great option if you’re wanting to crochet a small project in bulk for any reason.

16. Wine Cork Cat Toys

Who doesn’t want to drink wine while playing with their cat? These wine cork cat toys from KB Crochet are super cute. Pop open a bottle of wine, take the cork out, and crochet a pretty design that your cat will love to play with. Don’t forget the little loose ends that cats are sure to enjoy!

17. Goldfish Cat Toy

Your cat will naturally become obsessed with this crochet goldfish idea from Lion Brand. It’s an enjoyable project because of its three-dimensional shape and fun design. You’ll love the process of crocheting this cute fish that looks like it belongs in a cartoon, and your cat will love the finished product.

18. Door Hanger Bouncy Toy

This bouncy door hanger crochet design project from Lion Brand is much easier than the earlier, slightly more advanced cat toy. So if you’re an experienced crocheter who likes a little bit more of a challenge, I’d advise you to choose the previous option. But if you’re new to the world of crochet, this project is for you. Both toys will make your cat happy because you can’t really go wrong with a handmade door hanger bouncy toy.

19. Fish Bone Toy

This fishbone project from Knit Hacker will make the perfect handmade toy. Not only is a fish skeleton a really unique design, but it’s also fun to crochet! This idea is sure to entice your cat and keep them busy for hours.

20. Catnip Friends

Finishing off the list are these cute little crochet catnip friends from Ravelry. This project will keep your cat from getting bored and give them a fun buddy, filled with their favorite scent, to play with. While you will spend only an afternoon crocheting, your fur baby will have forever enjoying the fruits of your labor. You could even replace the catnip with a rattle or keep the little friend for yourself as a keychain!

I was surprised by how many fun crochet cat toy options there are available. Hopefully, you can find a crochet project on this list that you’ll enjoy making and your cat will love playing with. If you’re looking for a crochet project that will be a long-lasting source of comfort and happiness for your kitten, we hope you’ll try some of the unique ideas listed. As always, feel free to customize any of these projects to really make the craft your own. Happy crafting!

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