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Bathroom Sink Ideas that are Both Functional and Stylish

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When you think about it, the bathroom is a contender for the most important room in the house. Not only do bathrooms have the power to increase (or decrease) a structure’s property value, but they are a part of our home that all visitors end up seeing at some point. Why, then, do bathroom renovations often get pushed aside?

Bathroom Sink Ideas

For one thing, renovating a bathroom is not the most exciting of projects, at least not when compared to changing up the look of a master bedroom (picking out bedding is so fun) or a kitchen (we’re all about finding fun backsplashes). That being said, we’re here to bring you some fun options for sprucing up the appearance of your bathroom that might change your opinion on bathroom renos.

In this article, you’ll find bathroom sink ideas that apply to small, medium, and large bathroom spaces. To suit a wide variety of tastes, we’ve done our best to choose examples from all sorts of styles, from farmhouse to contemporary. Many of these ideas are even DIY-friendly, which is excellent news if you want to save a buck or two. Let’s dive in and have a look.

Beautiful Bathroom Sink Ideas

Wooden Cover for Utility Sink

Sometimes, if you are renovating a bathroom in the basement or an ancient house, you will have only a simple utility sink to work with. While it may be tempting just to pull out the entire sink and place it in the garbage, we encourage you to determine instead whether or not you can just simply spruce up your utility sink with a cover. We love the rustic look of this wooden cover that also happens to be inexpensive and easy to create on your own.

Glass Bowl Sink

Glass bowl sinks had a bit of a renaissance in the early 2000s-2010s, and while it may seem like that was just a trend that faded, we are inclined to disagree. A see-through glass sink is still a great way to add a touch of instant class to your bathroom. It is also ideal for smaller bathrooms that don’t have room for an entire sink or a double vanity; sink a glass sink can be placed on a thin, minimal podium. Here’s an example.

Modern Sink With Towel Holder

Have you ever used the bathroom at somebody’s house for the first time and been left with wet hands and nary a towel in sight? Don’t be that person for your friends and family. Instead, make sure that they have a towel at their disposal at all times with this trendy modern sink that has a towel holder built right into it.

Vintage Blue Vanity

The modern style is just not for everyone, and that’s okay. If vintage is more your bag, there are sink options for you too. If you’re feeling up for a little bit of DIY magic, you can turn an old vintage dresser into the perfect sink setup. If you are not comfortable hooking the sink up yourself, you can always enlist the help of a plumber who can ensure that your pipes are hooked up correctly. This vintage sink option shows you how to use glass bowls on top of an old dresser as a double sink setup.

Heavy Stone Sink

Heavy stone has become a more common fixture in households in recent years. Heavy stone sinks are not only durable but practically impossible to destroy. If you commit to taking good care of your heavy stone sink, there’s an excellent chance that you could have it around for life. If you are a fan of “buy it for life” products, then it might be worth the extra investment to get your hands on a heavy stone sink. Here is an example of how a heavy stone sink can look in a bathroom.

Natural Wood With Cabinets

Natural wood is usually associated with the kitchen, but it can also be used in the bathroom. If you’re environmentally conscious, it is probably worthwhile to look into natural wood. Not only does it take a low amount of energy to produce, but it is also a recyclable, renewal material. You will have to keep in mind some things when deciding to use natural wood in high-moisture areas, but if you choose to take the leap, the results can be downright beautiful.

90s Marble Sink Makeover

Do you remember that marble sink pattern that seemed to be everywhere in the 1990s? Even if you didn’t live around them during the 1990s themselves, the chances are that you have seen them around anyway, as many marble sinks have somehow stood the test of time and continue to hang out in bathrooms to this day. Fortunately, it is easy to rid your bathroom of its marble sink look—so easy in fact that it’s possible to do it yourself. Here’s a how-to guide.

Bedroom Dresser Turned Vanity

Earlier, we showed you how to turn a vintage dresser into a bathroom sink. While that example focused on using a sink that sits on the countertop, this is an example of how you can cut out a hole for a sink in a dresser, leading to a more natural look that resembles a sink more than a sink dresser. It is the perfect DIY project if you have a low dresser hanging out in your attic waiting for some love.

Design Bowl Sink

There’s a lot of reasons to have a bowl sink. Not only are they undeniably stylish, but they can also free up countertop space and help prevent splashing. If you are building your bowl sink using a dresser or custom countertop, the possibilities for bowl types are practically endless. Here is an example of a vintage ceramic bowl that functions well as a bathroom sink. It’s essential to look at out-of-the-box options for inspiration because you never know when you will spot the perfect bowl sink at a thrift store or estate sale.

Wallpaper Butterfly Background

Sometimes the solution for sprucing up your bathroom sink area isn’t the sink itself but is instead the area around the sink. Wallpaper is becoming a more and more popular option in bathrooms, and there is no denying how wonderful an accent wall made of wallpaper looks behind a bathroom sink. See how it’s done here with this wallpaper decorated with butterflies and delicate tree branches and flowers.

Royal Blue Vanity

While there is no rule book for bathroom colors, some colors are more often associated with a bathroom than others. We’re talking about soft hues, like light pinks, yellows, and blues. However, you can make a splash with your bathroom sink area by opting for a royal blue vanity. You don’t have to be a royal to use this color, but it will undoubtedly make you feel like royalty.

Small Bathroom Modern Sink

Let’s face it—not all of us have large bathrooms. While it’s normal for a large North American or Australian house to have multiple bathrooms with a lot of space, many people all over the world live in small apartments where space is at a premium. If you don’t have room for a bathroom vanity, don’t try to fit one into your small space. It will just look cramped. Instead, opt for a sleek and small porcelain sink set-up, such as the one seen here.

Modern Glossy Sink

If you ask for modern, modern is what you’ll get. Another option for small bathroom spaces, this glass and metal bathroom sink may be tiny, but it does the job. It’s a great way to take your bathroom into the 21st (or even 22nd) century.

Redoing your bathroom can be a pain, but whatever you do, don’t neglect your bathroom sink area. After all, you can’t expect to have a bathroom that you love without a game plan for your sink. We hope that some of the above ideas will inspire you to take your hand-washing area from dull and drab to exciting and beautiful.

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