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TTYL Acronym: Definition, Meaning, and How to Use It

By Elisha Baba


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Your coworker just ended a message with TTYL, and you aren’t sure what it means. TTYL is an acronym often used in texting and online messaging.

What does TTYL mean?

“TTYL” is an acronym for the words “talk to you later” and it is often used when the texter wants to end a conversation quickly but doesn’t have the time for a proper goodbye. It can also be used as a term of endearment, letting someone know you want to talk to them later.

TTYL is used to shorten text messages, or tweets on the social media platform Twitter. It has become so popular in pop culture, however, that many people speak the letters TTYL in social settings instead of saying the words.

TTYL meaning

How to use TTYL

  • “Someone is at the door TTYL.”
  • “I have another call coming in I’ll TTYL.”
  • “Sure, I’ll TTYL about it”
  • “I love you, TTYL.”
  • TTYL can be used as a response all on its own to show a conversation is at its end.

Using TTYL the right way

As far as acronyms go, there are very few rules for using TTYL and you can use it at any time when a conversation is ending. It can be used for emails, texts, online chatrooms, or in a social media status.

TTYL Variations

As with most acronyms, there are variations of TTYL. Some of the most popular are TTUL and T2UL. They both mean the same thing as TTYL, they just use different letters and numbers for the acronym.

TTFN and TTYT are two similar sign offs used in place of TTYL. TTFN stands for “ta-ta for now” and TTYT stands for “talk to you tomorrow.” TTFN and TTYT are both more common in online chat rooms than in texting or emails.

Should you worry about your child using TTYL?

TTYL is a harmless acronym and there is no reason to worry about your child using it. TTYL is considered appropriate for work and professional situations and can be used by children and adults alike.

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