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SMH Acronym: Definition, Meaning, and How to Use It

By Elisha Baba


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You’ve received a text with the letters SMH, and you aren’t sure what to make of it. SMH is an acronym often used in texting and online messaging.

What does SMH mean?

“SMH” is an acronym for the words “shaking my head” and it is often used when the texter wants to convey annoyance or show that they don’t approve of something. It can also be used to show surprise, or to express frustration.

SMH is used to shorten text messages, or tweets on the social media platform Twitter. It has become so popular in recent years, however, that many people speak the letters SMH in social settings as well instead of saying the words.

smh meaning

How to use SMH

  • “She did WHAT? SMH”
  • “You don’t like her new car? Smh.”
  • “You should have known he would do that. Smh.”
  • “You know better than to spend $50 on something you don’t need. Smh.”
  • SMH can be used as a response when you are in a state of disbelief, and you are unsure what to say.

Using SMH the right way

As far as acronyms go, there are very few rules for using SMH and the situations you choose to use it in can be any situation where you are annoyed or disappointed by someone else’s actions.

SMH Variations

As with most acronyms, there are variations of SMH. Some of the most popular are SMHS and JSMH. There is also a less appropriate SMDH variation.

SMHS means “shaking my head sadly” and JSMH means “just shaking my head sadly. They can be used for most of the same situations as SMH. SMDH means “shaking my damn head” and it is usually solely used to express displeasure.

Should you worry about your child using SMH?

SMH is a harmless texting term, and it is unlikely your child will get into trouble while using it. It is important to remain vigilant though, as using the SMH acronym could mean your child is using other acronyms which aren’t appropriate.

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