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Professional Bull Riding: 8 Reasons You Should Attend A PBR Event

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My family and I attended a Professional Bull Riding event for the very first time.  I may not have had my cowgirl boots on or wore a cowgirl hat but that was  okay! We fit right in anyways.  My family and I had so much fun and will definitely go again.  We are new fans to professional bull riding. If you have never been to a PBR event, here are 8 good reasons why you should!

1. The clown in the center of the arena is always so entertaining, so funny, and makes you laugh throughout. My girls loved him.

2. The special effects, music, and pyrotechnics that open each event are truly exciting!

3. You can drink beer while you watch 🙂

4.  I’m not going to lie, there are some pretty darn cute cowboys riding these bulls. (Check out my recent interview with professional cowboy Kasey Hayes.)

5.  There is that nerve racking thrill of watching the cowboys stay on the bull for 8 seconds without being able to touch anything with their free hand.

6.  The rules of professional bull riding are fairly simple to follow (unlike football)

7.  I highly admire the love & passion these cowboys have for this sport even though there are high risks of injuries.

8.  Last but most important, the welfare of PBR animals are a HIGH priority . Please refer to the PBR page for more details on how the animals are treated in preparation for these events before, during, and after.

For the next PBR event in your area and to purchase tickets, visit PBR Website:

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