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20+ Magical Unicorn Inspired Crafts, Snacks & DIY!

By Elisha Baba


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Calling all you Unicorn lovers out there! Feast your eyes on these adorable Unicorn Crafts, Snacks & DIY. Think about all the options that you can use with these Unicorn inspired ideas. Awesome Unicorn birthday snacks or even perfect props for those fun family Spring photos. Let’s be honest…unicorns go with just about anything, right? Have fun with these awesome crafts, snacks, and DIY ideas. Unicorns are simply magical and these ideas would be perfect for that Unicorn birthday party.

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25 Unicorn Crafts and Snacks

Unicorns have become increasingly popular lately because there’s simply so much to love about them. They’re adorable and beautiful imaginary creatures that encourage us to let our imagination run wild. Life is simply so much more magical when unicorns are involved. Whether you’re obsessed with unicorns or you know someone else who loves these cute and majestic creatures, you’ll love the creative and fun ideas on this list composed of 25 unicorn crafts and snacks.


1.   Unicorn Fizzy Bath Salts

Who wouldn’t love a colorful and relaxing bath? This DIY unicorn fizzy bath salts idea from Lydi Out Loud is a perfect gift idea because it’s thoughtful and adorable. The step-by-step guide will walk you through the entire process of making this DIY unicorn project. This project even comes with a free printable label.


2.   Unicorn Popcorn

Are you planning a unicorn themed party? This unicorn popcorn from Life Love Liz will have everyone at the party raving about the adorable snack that fits perfectly with the party’s theme. All you need to have everyone at the party talking is some popped popcorn, pink food spray, pink and blue candy melts, coconut oil or shortening, and pink and blue sprinkles. This recipe is too easy not to make for your next party.


3.   3D Unicorn Paper Craft

It seems like unicorns have grown increasingly popular over the last few years, especially with younger children. This unicorn kids’ craft from Easy Peasy and Fun is a really simple project that kids will love. There’s a free printable template that you can print from the comfort of your own home before following the detailed guide. Your kids will feel like they’re on cloud nine when they’re making this adorable 3D craft.


4.   Unicorn Floats

These super cute and colorful unicorn floats from The Bewitchin Kitchen only involve two ingredients: sorbet and club soda. That’s because the sorbet is already super sweet and sugary — and we all know how kids act when they’ve had too much sugar.


5.   Unicorn Poke Cake

Kids will absolutely love this bright and colorful unicorn-themed poke cake from Lip Gloss and Crayons because it’s delicious and festive. You could pair this vibrant cake with a colorful sorbet to create the perfect dessert. Why not use this cake recipe for your child’s next birthday party?


6.   Unicorn Fluff

This unicorn fluff recipe from Sugar Spice and Glitter is great because kids can make this all by themselves! It’s an easy-to-follow recipe that’s not only simple but also delicious. While this unicorn fluff looks really cute, your children could also customize this recipe by simply changing the colors of the sprinkles and dye. Using one package of vanilla instant pudding mix and two cups cold milk, you’ll whip until thick and then divide into three separate containers to add food coloring and mini marshmallows. Scoop each colorful dip into a large serving bowl and top with a variety of unicorn-inspired sprinkles before serving with some fruit for dipping.


7.   Unicorn Slime

Just like unicorns seemingly gained popularity overnight, so did homemade slime. Kids have become obsessed with creating their own slime, and your kids will surely enjoy making this shimmer unicorn slime from Burlap and Blue. It’s super easy to make this slime as it only requires four ingredients. Your kids will love their new homemade sparkly slime, and you’ll love how easy it was to entertain your kids for a few hours.


8.   Unicorn Sensory Bag

These unicorn sensory bags from The Chaos and the Clutter are absolutely adorable. This innovative idea is meant to entertain your children during the crafting time and long afterward as they play and fidget with their new sensory bag. The unicorn theme is super cute, but if you love this idea, you could customize this idea and make different themed sensory bags for holidays and special occasions.


9.   Unicorn Eggs

If Easter is coming your way, then these cute little unicorn eggs from Our Wabi Sabi Life will certainly make your kids’ day. The idea is to make these unicorn eggs ahead of time and have your child place them in or near their baskets for the  Easter bunny to magically hatch the eggs into real unicorns. This craft may also take a little more time than dipping an egg in food coloring, but sometimes it’s fun to simply enjoy the process. The outcome is totally worth it seeing the surprise on your little one’s face.


10. Unicorn Kiss Cookies

These meringue cookies from Sugar Spice and Glitter are pretty and delicious. While this design is technically for a unicorn party, this recipe could also work for any event that has a feminine and bright theme. These yummy cookies would also be a great addition to a princess party. They’re quite easy to make and really customizable.


11. Cake Mix Unicorn Cookies

Your kids won’t be able to take their hands off these cake mix unicorn cookies from Saving You Dinero. Who could blame them, considering these cookies are basically like eating cake? These fun and colorful treats will definitely be the favorite food at the party. The adults might also sneak one or two… or three or four.


12. How to Throw the Ultimate Unicorn Party

Do you want to throw a magical unicorn party? This thorough guide from Family Food and Travel includes everything you need to host a truly incredible party. With everything you could possibly think to include for the festivities like party decor, games, favors, and more, you could use this list to get creative and have fun!


13. DIY Unicorn Horn Headband

These adorable unicorn horn headbands from Creative Green Living are great because they’re easy to make thanks to the free printable pattern included in the guide. You’ll enjoy making these cute headbands, and your kids will love wearing them even more! These unicorn headbands make really great additions to a unicorn costume or as fun party favors for your upcoming magical party.


14. Unicorn Horn Muddy Buddies

This creative recipe idea from The Typical Mom will make a really delicious and festive dessert. These muddy buddies look just like a unicorn’s horn — how cute is that? Instead of using the regular ingredient of Chex mix, beagles are used because they perfectly resemble a unicorn horn. This is a really fun and different take on the average muddy buddy recipe.


15. Unicorn Slushie

Are you planning a unicorn party but don’t know how to incorporate the adults into the festivities? This unicorn slushie Spaceships and Laser Beams is a really fun way to get the adults involved because…. well, alcohol. Adding some of your favorite liquor into these unicorn slushies is something that most adults will love. You could also make mocktails for the kids.


16. Unicorn Sundae

These low-calorie unicorn sundaes from Cutefetti are incredibly adorable. This cute and fluffy unicorn sundae dessert belongs at every unicorn party and is really easy to make. You only need two pints of vanilla bean ice cream, neon food coloring, teal, pink and purple light whipped topping, marshmallow bits, and pastel sprinkles or sugar crystals to create six servings of beautiful layers of ice cream.


17. Unicorn Planter

This unicorn planter from Easy Peasy Fun is amazing because it’s not only cute and can be used for many different occasions, but it’s also functional. Simply take a plant you already have and easily create a decoration for your upcoming unicorn party, or go out and buy an adorable succulent plant to gift this planter to your favorite unicorn lover (it’s okay if you’re gifting to yourself, no judgment here).


18. DIY Unicorn Gift Bags

After your unicorn party is all said and done, you can hand out these cute DIY unicorn gift bags from Mum in the Madhouse. You know we love free printables, so it should come as no surprise that there are free printables included to ensure you make the perfect little unicorn gift bags. This is a fun craft that you’ll enjoy, but why not get the kids involved as well?


19. Printable Unicorn Math Game

I absolutely love the opportunity to use games for educational purposes, and this free printable is great because your child can learn to count with their unicorn friends!  Life Over C’s gives us a fun way to stimulate your child’s creative thinking skills and analytical thinking skills through their printable unicorn math game. It’s a win-win!


20. Unicorn Ice Cream

This no-churn unicorn ice cream recipe from Spaceships and Laser Beams is a fun and easy dessert that everyone is sure to love. All you’ll need is one box of yellow cake mix, one cup water, half a cup of oil, four egg whites, neon food coloring, two cups cold whipping cream, and one can of sweetened condensed milk. The ice cream flavor is birthday cake which makes this colorful treat perfect for any unicorn themed birthday party! But, we all know birthday cake ice cream is welcomed on any occasion.


21. DIY Unicorn Dream Catcher

This unicorn dream catcher from Dear Creatives is a really meaningful craft that you can create with your child, so they can feel protected as they have magical dreams. The step-by-step guide is super thorough and easy to follow. Your child will love the new decoration that will be added above the bed. If you really love this idea, you could always incorporate the dream catcher as a decoration for a unicorn themed party. This would also make a great present for anyone who loves unicorns.


22. Unicorn Jars

Sometimes it feels so difficult to find the perfect centerpieces for the tables at your upcoming party, but these unicorn jars from Cutefetti are simply fabulous and will have all eyes on your table decor. Everyone at the party will be asking about them because they’re so eye-catching.


23. Unicorn Poop Chocolate Bark

Apparently, kids are just loving the idea of unicorn poop these days. While this concept may be a little strange, The Typical Mom decided to take the weird trend and create a delicious unicorn poop chocolate bark treat. The added horns and eyes make this dessert just too adorable!


24.  Healthy Unicorn Frappuccino

This unicorn frappuccino from In the Kids Kitchen is a guilt-free dessert that you and the kids will love making and enjoying afterward. You’ll feel like an amazing parent, not only because your kid will adore this delicious and colorful beverage, but also because it’s extremely healthy. What makes this unicorn drink unique is that it changes color while you make it, it’s made with real fruit, it’s a good source of protein and calcium, it has lower sugar than coffee-shop frappes, and it has no artificial dyes or flavorings. The kids won’t even taste the difference!


25. Watercolor Salt Painting Unicorn Craft for Kids

This fun unicorn crafting project from Sweet T Makes Three is perfect for young children who just love all things magical and mystical. The free printable will allow you to print out a cute unicorn silhouette, and then you can let the good times roll as your kids enjoy this unique salt painting project.


It’s really fun when your children are at the age that they can still enjoy imaginary creatures like unicorns. But unicorns are beautiful mystical creatures that everyone can appreciate. Hopefully, you’re able to find a few ideas off this list that you could incorporate into your next majestic bash. While these snacks and crafts are unicorn themed, it doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to throw a party to enjoy a little bit of magic. Let your imagination fly and participate in creating these fun unicorn crafts and snacks whenever you want! 

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