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The Rock Ranch – Enjoy A Full Day of Good Family Fun

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The Rock Ranch – Enjoy A Full Day of Good Family Fun

My family and I were very excited when we received the invite to go spend a day at The Rock Ranch! The Rock Ranch, founded by the late S. Truett Cathy of Chick-Fil-A, is a beautiful 1,500-acre ranch located one hour from Atlanta in The Rock, Georgia. It’s a place where families can come to enjoy good family fun! The Rock Ranch, is dedicated to “Growing Healthy Families” but also accommodates school field trips and business team building. I was hosted for the day at The Rock Ranch to help facilitate this review, but as always all opinions are my own.

The drive out to the ranch from outside Atlanta is filled with sprawling fields of crops. When you arrive, you will be greeted with a big farm feeling of being in the country.

The children were in awe as we entered the property and they could see the playgrounds, zip line, and train running around the farm they couldn’t get out of the car quick enough!

Be prepared to spend a full day of family fun at The Rock Ranch. They have so many activities for the kids like zip lining, paddle boats, fishing, rock climbing, and so much more! After purchasing your tickets, you will receive wrist bands for the activities offered. If you want to grab a quick bite, they serve things like pizza, hot dogs, chicken tenders, or grilled sandwich.. We quickly ate our lunch in the picnic area so we could start our fun filled day!

The Cow-A-Bunga Zip Line

The cow-a-bunga zip line was the first activity we chose to do! We had the choice of taking the short zip line over the cornfields or the longer zip line over the lake. After some consideration since it was the first time zip lining for a few of us we decided to take the long route.

We were all smiles as we geared up and climbed the tall tower to the top. After everyone was strapped up securely, there was no hesitation. It is an exhilarating experiencing flying through the air and over the lake. One’s my kids will never forget!

Paddle Boats

After overcoming our fears with zip lining we decided to relax and ride the paddle boats on the lake we flew over. We all put on our bright orange life jackets and climbed into our boats and away we paddled across the lake.

Paddle Boat at The Rock Ranch

Cane Pole Fishing

I have fished many times before but I have never fished with a cane pole and a slice of hot dog! It didn’t take long for the children to cast their line and get a bite from the fish in the large lake.

And you will catch a lot of fish!

Cane Pole Fishing at The Rock Ranch


The Rock Ranch has a beautiful personally crafted and hand painted carousel with unlimited rides circling round and round. This unique feature at the ranch was an attraction children will spend the most time at. They enjoyed spinning in the seat as they rode the carousel over and over.

Peddle Car Racing

The race was on after we all selected which bike we were going to win with. On your mark, get set, Go! We all paddled hard around the track and over the mini bridge to the finish line. Everyone walked away feeling like a winner.

Pony Rides

They had the sweetest mini ponies at The Rock Ranch. This was my youngest daughter’s favorite farm feature. She genuinely loved petting and riding each of the ponies and even asked if we could get her a pony of her own! Of course, we can’t get a pony but we can visit The Rock Ranch, and ride the ponies as often as she wishes!

Rock Climbing

It was time to conquer our fears again as we geared up and conquered the rock wall. We had a blast trying to make it to the top to ring the “I conquered the wall” bell!

Locomotive Train Ride

The locomotive train is a mini train that mimics the real thing. It takes families on a scenic tour of the Rock Ranch through a covered bridge, around the carousel, through tiny town, and back to the station.

Tiny Town

The tiny town is just as they named it a cute “Tiny Town” made just for children. They have cute little air conditioned shops for children to go into and explore. The cute little town has a school, church, jail, and many more building for the tiny children to explore.

Petting Zoo

There are ponies, goats, cows and many more animals to interact with at The Rock Ranch. We fell in love with the donkey that would not let us pass without calling out to us eager to be pet behind the ears. We also met the oldest farm cat who relaxes outside of the Fresh Market at the ranch.

Fresh Farm Produce And Market

The Rock Ranch has a cute farmers market where they sell all of the fresh produced grown on the farm. They have corn, tomatoes, and many more fresh vegetables, along with strawberries, plump blueberries, jellies, and local honey. They offer grass-fed/grain finished, steroid free all natural beef!

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream at The Rock Ranch

You can’t leave the farm without trying some of their famous strawberry ice cream. We visited the market during our tractor ride around the farm and tried some of the most amazing Strawberry ice cream! It was just as amazing as they said it would be!

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Conestoga Wagon Camping

If you feel like camping like a pioneer, then you may want to consider Conestoga Wagon Camping at The Rock Ranch. Experience what it was like living like a pioneer for a night or two. It is a unique camping experience that your whole family will enjoy.

The Rock Ranch Events

The Rock Ranch offers many public events for guest of all ages. Enjoy spending a day outdoors during the spring at the Strawberry Festival, summer during Celebrate America, Fall at National Pumpkin Destruction Day, or winter during Country Christmas Nights. Check out the calendar of events for more details!

Location of The Rock Ranch:

5020 Barnesville Highway, The Rock, GA 30285

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