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How To Find A Good Standard Towel Bar Height

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There are small things in your house that can make a big difference. These things seem like they don’t matter but when you take all of these little things and put them together then you can make a huge difference.

Standard Towel Bar Height

One small thing that seems to matter is the towel bar. A towel bar set at an awkward height can really bring down your bathroom and make the whole room look strange. But a well-placed towel bar can be amazing. 

What Is The Standard Towel Bar Height?

What Is The Standard Towel Bar Height

The standard towel bar height is the most common and most efficient height for a towel bar. The standard towel bar height is around 48 inches or four feet from the floor. This is what you will see most often. 

What makes a standard towel bar height is the height of most adults and the length of most towels. You definitely need a towel bar that is a good height for most people to reach out safely and grab their towel. 

But even more than that, you need a towel bar that won’t let your towel touch the ground. Because the floor has so much bacteria on it and the towel will be all over your body. So not letting the towel touch the ground is a priority.

Are There Different Towel Bar Heights?

Are There Different Towel Bar Heights

The short answer is that yes, there are different towel bar heights. It really depends on your family’s needs and the type of towel bar you have. If you have kids, a shorter towel bar is better. But what about different types of towel bars? 

Bathroom Shelf With Towel Bar

A bathroom shelf with a towel bar is a great investment. It offers a place to ut soaps, sprays, and more while also giving a place for your towel to go. You can even use the entire thing just for towels, stacked and hung. 

More often than not, the towel bar hangs directly below the shelves. When this is the case, you can continue on as normal and hang the towel bar at around 48-inches above the floor, leaving the shelves above. 

Towel Ring

Hanging a towel ring can be a little tricky. If you hang it with the top of the ring at 48-inches you could end up with your towels on the floor. That’s why you measure from the bottom of the towel ring instead. 

So make a mark on your wall at 48-inches or however high you want the towel to hang and then measure the ring. If the ring is eight inches, for example, you want the mount it 56-inches above the floor. 

Above Vanity Bar

There are other types of towel bars that aren’t made to be 48-inches above the ground because the floor level isn’t relative to the towel bar. These towel bars go above a sink or vanity and need to take that into account.

But you don’t want to put the bar four feet above the vanity or you won’t be able t reach it. Instead, fold the handtowels in half and measure them. Then, add at least two inches. That’s how high above the vanity to hang the bar. 

Kids Bathroom

For kid’s bathrooms, you want to go a little lower. But you still don’t want the towels to touch the ground. To take care of this, you need to do one simple thing. Get smaller towels! Kids don’t neat bath sheets anyway.

So fold the towel in half and measure it. Then, add at least six inches, though a little more is better. Because kids can be sloppy and the towel may end up hung crooked, so it is better to give them room for mistakes. 

Double Towel Bar

Double towel bars can also be tricky. But it is still best to give at least six inches above the ground for the end of the towel to hang. Then, add at least two inches or so between the bottom of the next towel and the bar. 

If you want the towels to overlap, then you can hang the first one quite normally. Because a few extra inches higher than normal won’t affect the second towel bar, so focus on the bottom one and the higher one will follow suit.

Towel Bars To Add To Your Bathroom

If you are looking for a towel bar to add to your bathroom then maybe you should try shopping at Wayfair. There are quite a few amazing towel bars available on Wayfair and we’ve found some of the best ones. 

Note: Amazon is also a great option for towel bars but Wayfair wins this time with their diversity and higher-end options. 

AC-BTR01-1 Bathroom Swivel 9.6” Wall Mounted Towel Bar

The swivel towel bar may be the most versatile towel bar in existence. You can hang four towels on this bar, or maybe even more, depending on how big the towels are. Just make sure you mount it correctly.

It needs to have a stable stud and the lowest bar needs to be not much lower than the recommended four feet above the floor. You can experiment and find the right height for your family that is still sanitary. 

BH3818CH Genta 18″ Towel Bar

If your main priority is finding a simple, practical, and attractive towel bar, this is a very safe option. It comes in three colors so there will definitely be a color to suit you. Each metal finish is exquisite. 

The towel bar is designed to be contemporary but it can suit any design style because it is just that versatile. Make sure the other metals and hardware you have in your bathroom match it and you will notice the cohesiveness.

WT62334 16″ Wall Mounted Towel Bar

There’s a reason that wooden accessories aren’t often seen in the bathroom. That’s because wood absorbs moisture and rots, or even molds. But there is a secret to getting around this and this towel bar proves it.

The secret is teak wood. This towel bar is made out of teak, which is a wood that is highly resistant to moisture. Just as the people who create teak shower floor that can come in and out each day! This is another genius move. 

GT09764707 304 Stainless Steel Towel Bar

Need a simple towel bar that can also hold multiple towels? This flamingo option never fails. It is simple, sturdy, and delicate. It also comes in three colors, including black in case you don’t want a metal look.

Other options are silver and gold, of course, because most people are happy with one of these colors. This bar can be mounted with the lowest bar around 48-inches off the ground, with a few inches for preference. 

Rebrilliant No-Mount Towel Bar

Most towel bars are mounted on the wall, but this towel bar defies all odds by going over a cabinet door. So if you have a vanity in your bathroom or want a towel bar for your kitchen, this is a great choice. 

The bar works best for hand towels but it can also work for small bath towels if the cabinet is tall enough. The cabinet will need a door and it needs to be stable enough to hold the bar without breaking.

DN6822BN Sage Double 24″ Towel Bar

This just might be the prettiest double towel bar that you’ve ever seen. Not only is the design gorgeous but the longer you look at it, the cooler it becomes. It makes the best use of the double towel bar design.

Because the second bar comes out instead of going up or down, it can be hung at the same height you would hang a single towel. Yet it holds twice as many towels. This is a unique and genius design. 

CTHDB 9″ Curved Wall Mounted Towel Bar

If you want a unique bar for hand towels then this option will surely suit you just fine. You will need to have an industrial or even farmhouse interior design for your bathroom for it to work because this is a pipe towel bar.

The hook makes sure that the towel stays on while the heaviness of the bar adds an entirely new look. This is a very rustic look so if you want something sleek and contemporary, it may not be your best option.

Choosing The Right Towel Bar

Choosing the right towel bar can be difficult. But once you realize that the only person you need to please is yourself, it becomes easier. Just make sure the height is good for your family ad the towel bar suits your style.

After that, it’s easy! Just hang the bar in a way that doesn’t let the towel touch the ground. Make sure to replace the towels often as people tend to let moisture build up and bacteria grow on the towel. 

Prevent this from happening by ensuring that you wash the towels every few days and keep other towels in an area with ventilation. If you do this, then your towels can stand out and the towel bar can shine. 

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