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SeaWorld Dining Options – Save Time and Money with the All-Day Dining Deal

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Visiting SeaWorld Orlando is a family-friendly trip that families all over the US plan and look forward to. As a parent, it’s important to slow down a bit and understand everything that comes along with planning an amazing family vacation to Sea World. It doesn’t need to be stressful or overwhelming. Start by planning ahead and taking the time to familiarize yourself with everything that Sea World has to offer, including SeaWorld Dining Options. This post is in partnership with Sea World Orlando. My family and I were provided complimentary tickets for a review but all opinions are my own.

Is the All-Day Dining Deal at Sea World Worth It?

One of the most difficult tasks about planning a vacation is trying to coordinate everyone and their varying hunger and thirst schedules. Seriously, kids don’t ever want to eat at the same time! Nor do they want to eat the same thing as one another, either! One aspect about SeaWorld that stands out as a must for visiting families? The option to purchase the All-Day Dining Deal.

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Is there anything easier than paying one price and having the option to eat and drink something each and every hour? It’s almost like having a never-ending, all day long buffet! For one easy and affordable price, you and your family members won’t have to worry about what to eat, where to eat or when to eat. If that’s not a huge stress reliever lifted off your shoulders, right?!

So many amazing choices in All-Day Dining Deal at Sea World

The list of everything is included in the All-Day SeaWorld Dining Deal is extensive. With the purchase of a wristband for each member of your family, every person will get unlimited visits to certain restaurants once per hour. Just by showing your wristband to the cashier or server, you’ll have the options for an entree, side item, and beverage. If you wanted to eat an entire meal every hour, you could! (and why not…it’s a vacation after all!)

Restaurants and onsite locations that accept the All-Day Disney Deal include Captain Pete’s Island Treats, The Spice Mill, Seafire Grill, Voyager’s Smokehouse, Expedition Cafe, Seaport Pizza and Mango Joes. This list may change and have additions so always verify with Sea World before purchasing!

Helpful Tips for SeaWorld Dining Deal

Looking for some helpful tips on how to understand and navigate the All-Day Dining Deal? These should help you get started!

  • You can purchase the All-Day Dining Deal online or at the park, although purchasing online will give you the best rate.
  • All-Day Dining Deal is not valid at Sharks Underwater Grill, Dine with Shamu, or any Character Dining.
  • Keep in mind that if everyone in your family wants to eat on the All-Day Dining Deal, everyone needs to purchase their own. Sharing and ordering food to go is not allowed.

All-Day Dining Deal wristbands absolutely have to be worn and shown each time food is ordered.

Saving Money with the All-Day Dining Deal at SeaWorld Orlando

It’s no surprise that purchasing the All-Day Dining Deal could actually save you money. Prices, which are subject to change, are as follows:

  • Adults, 10 and older – starts at $34.99
  • Children, ages 3 through 9 – starts at $19.99

Think about how long you and your family are going to spend at SeaWorld. With drinks anywhere from $6 and up, and food even higher, those food costs for your family can add up really fast! If you are going to spend a whole day there exploring everything that Sea World has to offer, it’s easy to imagine a child in your family spending more than $19.99 in food and drink, right?


Why not take the worry and stress away and go ahead and just purchase the All-Day Dining Deal? It’s such a nice feeling to know that you and anyone in your family can eat one time, every hour for the duration of your time at Sea World. No worry of waiting till everyone is hungry, or trying to find a place that has something for everyone…with the All-Day Dining Deal, everyone in your family can eat what they want, when they want.

sea world all day dining

If you are looking for an easy solution to feed and quench the thirst of your entire crew during your visit, the All-Day SeaWorld Dining Deal is your best option. With so many amazing restaurants and food items to choose from, it’s safe to say that you and your family may actually take a taste test through Sea World!

SeaWorld Cares

While you are at Sea World, don’t forget to have fun and explore everything that there is as well! One thing that is important to recognize about Sea World is that they work really hard in making certain that they are providing top-notch care for their animals. They have an animal hospital there at the park to be able to care for any and all issues that may happen. In addition to that, they have some of the best veterinarians and animal experts on staff to help care for their animals, as well as the thousands of other animals that they have rescued.  In fact, many animals that they rescue and nurture back to health are then returned back to their natural habitats. 

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